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The Pope Francis I Family

Pope Francis I family

Pope Francis I Family Tree

Pope Francis I stands second from the left and seen with is 2 brothers, 2 sisters and parents, Mario and Regina Bergoglio.
The Pope Francis I family tree includes his parents, Mario and Regina Bergoglio and 2 sisters and 2 brothers. The Bergoglio family ancestry derives from the countries of Italy and Germany, but Pope Francis was born in the latin country of Immigrants, Argentina, in 1936.

When the white smoke flowed from the Vatican, the College of Cardinals officially voted the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, as the next Pope of the Catholic Church.

He chose the name Pope Francis I or Franscisco I in Latin, which is the name of a Saint dedicated to the poor and the name of his Italian great grandfather. Making history, Pope Francis is the first pope to be a member of the Society of Jesus and born in the Latin world. As the son of an Italian immigrant man working on the railroad, Pope Frances I has compassion for the poor, but understands how to govern a large empire to greatness.
Pope Francis I has a worldly character. His father was born in the Italian area of Turin, but immigrated to Argentina where he and his wife raised their five children. Pope Francis studied in Germany with the hopes of becoming a chemist, but gave his life to Christ when he became a Jesuit. Pope Francis was ordained as a priest on Dec. 13, 1969, just short of his 33rd birthday. His religious legacy includes describing gay marriage as an attack on God's plan and striking down priests in Argentina that refused to baptize the babies of unwed mothers. His wish for the Catholic church is to downsize it so it is poor and works for the poor in the Catholic realm.

What Is New With Pope Francis :Pope Francis is making a bold move by forming a Global panel to strategize how to reform the Vatican. Historians say such a move has not been played for 10 centuries. Good luck to the Pope!

Pope Francis Family Tree
Father - Mario José Bergoglio
Mario Jose Bergoglio is the father of Pope Francis and an Italian immigrant who left Italy for Argentina in the 1920s. He met and married his wife, Regina in December 1935. Together they raised a family of 7 while he supported the household as railway worker. In 1864, his grandfather, Francesco or Francis, purchased a farmhouse located in Bricco Marmorito, Italy that overlooks the Italian Alps.

Mother - Regina María Sívori
Regina Maria is the mother of Pope Francis and worked as a housewife raising her family of 5 children. She married Pope Francis's father on December 13, 1935 in Argentina.

Maternal Grandparents
Grandfather - Francisco Sivori Sturla

Grandmother - Maria Gogna de Sivori

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