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The Adele Adkins Family Tree

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The Adele Adkins Family
The singer, known to every simply as Adele, was born in London England to two young and free spirited parents. Her family realized Adele's capabilities as a rock star very early, but struggles held Adele back for a bit, but actually trained her voice in more powerful ways.

Setting aside her dreams of becoming an artist with a paint brush, Adele's mother Penny Adkins set out on her own as a single mom to raise her special daughter. Adele’s mother successfully clothed, fed and inspired her daughter to reach her dreams every step of the way. By the age of 14, Adele finally entered a successful program for young musical talents.

Who are the rest of the Adele Adkins family that shaped this remarkable child into a the star known around the world for hits like Into the Deep.
What is new for Adele : Adele graced the stage at the Oscars giving the only musical performance of the night. What an honor.

Adele Biography
Adele Lavine Blue Adkins (b. May 5, 1988 [London, England])
Parents : [father - Mark Evans] and [mother - Penny Adkins] Born in Tottenham, North London in 1988, Adele Laurie Blue Adkins was welcomed into the world by two young parents, Mark Evans and Penny Adkins. A self proclaimed welsh womanizer, Adele’s father left her and her mother with no financial support to move back to Wales and the security of his own parents. Although the family understood Adele’s amazing talent at a young age, her mother could not afford the expensive training available to other young musical hopefuls.

While living in a flat in Brighton, England, Adele joined a neighbor, Shingai Shoniua, the lead singer in the band Noisettes, during her practice sessions. At the age of 14, Adele auditioned to attend a music preparatory school, Brit School in Croyden. At the prestigious school, Adele became classmates with Leona Lewis and Amy Winehouse. Adele advertised her angelic singing voice on Myspace, thus getting noticed and signing with XL Records.

Adele Adkins Family Tree
Adele Mother - Penny Adkins (b. 1970 [London])
Adele credits her success to her mother, Penny. Coming from a rather large family, Penny Adkins left home and was forced to be completely independent of her parents at the age of 18. Perhaps this is why Penny chose to only have one child and always leaves the light on for her daughter to come home to her.

Penny chose to drop out of art school to raise Adele when she became pregnant with her. She never married Adele’s father, Mark Evens. The relationship with Adele’s father did not last long. She was on her own again raising her daughter when Adele was only 2 or 3 year old. She worked many odd jobs from organizing event for adults to furniture making and even a masseuse. When Adele was ten, she finally married and the family moved to a bigger flat in Brighton. At this time, Adele’s mother entered her in music classes for her to learn piano, guitar, and bass. The local café owners remember Adele and her mother enjoying a cup of coffee while Adele crooned with her guitar.

Today, Adele’s mother enjoys the perks of her daughter’s success and is finally working on a career in art selling her colorful floral paintings. Her husband works at a Wickes in London, which is like a Home Depot or Lowes in America. Adele pays tribute to her mother with a tattoo of a penny on her wrist.

Maternal Grandparents :
f: John Adkins (? [?])
m: Doreen Adkins (?)

Adele Father - Mark Evans (b. 1969 [London])
It took a little while for Mark Evans to grow up and earn the right to be called Adele’s father. He left her and her mother when they were both very young. While back in Wales, Mark Evans worked in his father’s café, which is featured in the BBC television comedy, Gavin & Stacey. His father, John, replaced Mark as a male role model for Adele until he died of Bowl Cancer when Adele was 11. Losing his father to cancer, Mark Evans slid into the pits of alcoholism until Adele reached the age of 14. He is very sorry for his lack of fatherliness and dramatic absences from her life during his daughter’s teen years. Mark Evens also fathered Adele’s step brother Cameron.

Paternal Grandparents :
f: John Evans (1942-1999 [?])
      Owner of a cafe shop in Wales. He was really close to his granddaughter until he died of bowl cancer when she was 11.
m: Rose Evans (?)

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