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alex smith family
The Alex Smith Family
Alex Smith with dad, Doug, and mother, Pam.
The Alex Smith family includes a professional NFL quarterback supported by many hard working, charitable, and athletic family members. The family is rooted in Idaho Falls, Idaho where both his parents, Doug and Pam Smith were raised on busy potato farms. Education and the game of football led Pam and Doug outside of the potato fields to Seattle, Washington and then San Diego California. Positive family values promoted Alex and his brothers and sisters high standards for success in football and education.

As the starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, Alex Smith takes the proud family work ethic to the professional football grid iron. Who are the people that shaped the man that is on the road to the Super Bowl in 2012 and married to his own football princess, Elizabeth Smith, a former Los Angeles Raiders cheerleader? The branches of the Alex smith family tree run deep in the state of Idaho and in family football history.

Alex Smith Biography
Alexander Douglas Smith (b. May 7, 1984 [Seattle, Washington])
Parents : [father - Douglas Smith] and [mother - Pam (nee ?) Smith]

Alexander Douglas Smith was born in Seattle, Washington, but raised by upper middle class parents in San Diego California. His doting parents attribute his calm demeanor to a childhood punishment that included standing in a cold shower after a violent toddler temper. Alex Smith calmly holds in his emotions, even after receiving news of being drafted to the San Francisco 49ners in 2005. His mother Pam noted to the media that she had to learn the big news from someone else.

Unsurprisingly, Alex Smith was the star at Helix Charter High School located in La Mesa, California. For starters, Alex smith was the class president and crowned homecoming king. He shared the football field with another future NFL star, Reggie Bush, the running back for the Miami Dolphins. Alex Smith went on to play for the University of Utah. His uncle, John Smith, wanted him to play for Louisville, while his mother pushed him to attend and Ivey League School like Harvard or Princeton. Alex Smith tuned out the wishes of his family and walked down the road he paved for himself.

In 2005, Alex Smith was first round drafts pick for the San Francisco 49ners. He took former Los Angeles Raiders cheerleader, Elizabeth (Barry) Smith as his bride in February 2009 at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. After many years of ups and downs on and off the field, many believe Alex Smith has matured into a seasoned quarterback. In January 2012, the 49ners are headed to the Championship game and maybe soon will be sized for his first Super Bowl ring.

Alex Smith Family Tree
Alex Smith Father - Douglas Smith (b. ? [Idaho])
Alex Smith’s father grew up on an Idaho potato farm in Iona, Idaho. He and his four siblings kept his parents, Luana and Robert Smith, busy playing sports. Doug Smith attended and played football for Weber State University in Utah alongside his brother John Smith. Doug Smith supported his family as a football coach for schools in Idaho and Seattle. Along the way he earned his PhD and then acquired the position as Executive Director for Helix Charter High School in San Diego, California. In 2009, four teachers from Helix High School were convicted of sex crimes. The school board worked out a deal to maintain their charter, but Dr. Douglas Smith had to resign. The public believed this was an unjust punishment for Doug Smith, but thank him for stepping down to keep the school’s charter intact.

Alex Paternal Grandparents :
f: Robert J. Smith (? [Idaho])
      Robert Smith served in the Navy stationed in San Diego before returning to Idaho Falls to operate a potato farm.
m: Luana Blance (nee Ritchie) Smith (1927 [ID] - Nov 2011 [ID])
      Beloved housewife raising 5 successful children on a potato farm in Idaho.

Alex Smith Mother - Pamela (nee ?) Smith (b. ?)
Alex Smith’s mother grew up on a potato farm in Idaho where she credits her work ethics and desire to help disadvantaged children. After marrying in their home state of Idaho, her and her husband Douglas followed his football coaching career to Seattle and then San Diego. Pamela worked in the Social Security Administration until she acquired the job of deputy director for health and human services. Teaming with her football star son, Alex, she helps children leaving the assistance of the foster care system to find homes and jobs through the Alex Smith Foundation.

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