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The April Ross Family
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April Ross family
The April Ross Family
April Ross with husband Brad Keen on wedding day in 2010 and sister, Amy.
The April Ross family of Newport Beach, California passionately support their star of Beach Volleyball looking to unseat fellow beach volleyball players Misty May-Treanor and Keri Walsh in the London 2012 Olympics. Ironically, April Ross attended the same high school as Misty May, but a number of years later. April marches on with the love of her late mother, Margie Ross, and very supportive father, Dr. Glenn A. Ross. April Ross had the talent to play, but her father, Glenn Ross, urged he to try out for the team in Middle School.

The volleyball prodigy blossomed through many years in Junior Olympics and Club volleyball earning her the prestigious award of Gatorades Player of the Year, shared by professional sports greats like Peyton Manning and Emmitt Smith of the NFL as well as NBA basketball star, Kobe Bryant.
In 2012, April Ross and her beach volleyball partner, Jennifer Kessy, will compete for the gold medal in the finals against champions Misty May and Keri Walsh Olympic gold at the London Summer Olympics. You can cheer on too by making some olympic crafts like this easy to make olympic rings necklace kids can make. Do you like volleyball gifts for your coach or youself?

April Ross Biography
April Elizabeth Ross (b. June 20, 1981 [Costa Mesa, California])
Parents : [father - Glen Ross] and [mother - Marjorie Ross]

The April Ross biography begins with her birth in Newport Beach, California to parents Marjorie Ross and Glenn Ross. April Rossís parents raised her and her sister, Amy, in the same home that their mother Margie grew up. April Ross was attracted to the sport of volleyball at a young age watching experienced players at the local sports club. At the urge of her father, Glen, April tried out for the middle school team.

April became the sports jewel of Harbor High School, the same school that graduated two time Olympic gold medalist for beach volleyball, Misty May. April graduated high school as a national star after winning the prestigious Gatorade Player of the year award. She progressed to playing indoor volleyball for University of Southern California (USC).

She was successful, but craved her freedom to determine her own fate on the court and training style which led her to playing in beach volleyball tournaments. April played with multiple partners before finding a successful bond with Jennifer Kessy. The two girls have rolled over many opponents in the Olympics with the goal of standing off against the reigning Olympic champions, Misty May and Keri Walsh.

April Ross Family Tree
April Ross Mother - Marjorie "Margie" Gail (nee Terwilliger) Ross
  (b. B. 1953 [California] d. Aug. 30, 2001 [California] )

The mother of April Ross passed away of Breast cancer in 2001 after a long nine year fight. April keeps her mother with her on the court by pounding her chest once for her mother and secondly for God when a big break happens. Margie Ross worked as a teacher aide for the Kaiser Primary Center. Her family is deeply rooted in the Newport Beach area. Her father, Robert Terwilliger, was a warden for the Newport Fish and Game commission. April and her sister share the same childhood as her mother, growing up in her family home and taking family vacations to Yosemite every summer.

April Ross Father - Dr. Glen A. Ross, DC (b. ca 1953 [California])
As an athlete, April Ross, suffered many injuries, but thankfully was raised by a Dad working as a chiropractor. While his children were young, Glen Ross worked for Back to Basics, but later branched out to form his own practice in Anaheim, California.

April Ross sister - Amy Ross (b. ca 1983 [California])

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