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The Ashton Eaton Family
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ashton eaton family
The Ashton Eaton Family
Ashton Eaton with his mother, Roslyn Eaton.
A decathlete competes in 10 track and field events over the course of 2 days. Many athletes take decades to train their bodies to compete at the Olympic level, but Ashton Eaton defies all odds and is a favorite to win the gold in the 2012 London Olympics.

The Ashton Eaton family tree contains a long line of versatile and strong athletes from his father, Terrance Wilson and grandfather, James Eaton both playing football. Ashton Easton competed in the decathlon at the 2012 London Olympics alongside his equally impressive USA team mate, Trey Hardee. To give us a taste of what was to come; Ashton Eaton broke Dan OíBrianís world record in the decathlon set by Dan Obrien during the 1996 Olympics. Ashton Eaton and Trey Hardee brought home the gold and silver in the decatholon to the USA!
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Ashton Eaton Biography
Ashton James Eaton (b. January 21, 1988 [Portland, Oregon])
Parents : [father - Terrance Wilson] and [mother - Roslyn Eaton ]

Ashton Eaton is the only son of Rosley Eaton and Terrance Wilson. While moving around Oregon while growing with his mom, Ashton lived in La Pine and Bend Oregon. The Oregon mountains are home to many other Olympic decathletes such as Dan Obrien and Dave Johnson. During his teenage years, Ashton excelled in Tae Kwon Do, Football, baseball and soccer, but his love was always with Track and Field. After not receive acceptances from Division I schools for football, his Track coach suggested that Ashton compete In decathlons for the University of Oregon. The 6 foot 1, 185 pound athlete excelled and now has his sights set on winning on the world stage at the 2012 London Olympics.

Ashton Eaton Family
Ashton Eaton Mother : Roslyn C. Eaton (b. May 19, 1965 [California])
An Oregon native, Rosley Eaton fell in love with Ashton Eatonís father and gave birth to him in January of 1988. After two years of living with Ashtonís father, Terrance Wilson, Rosley her and Ashton moved out and chose to raise Ashton with her parents in La Pine, Oregon. Rosley professes to be a hard nose mother expecting her son to follow a high ethical standard. She let him pursue his desires in sports until he settled on being a decathlete which was benefited by his broad range of athletic choices.

Roslynís father, James Eaton, played running back for the Michigan State University football team.

Ashton Eaton Father : Terrance Wilson (b. ? [?])
Parents : [father - ?] and [mother - ?]

Ashtonís father, Terrance Wilson, never married Ashtonís mother. When Ashton turned 2, the couple separated. In the absence of his father, Ashtonís main role model was his material grandfather. Terrance Wilson had more children including one ten years older than Ashton who a decorated Sargent is serving his country in the US Marine Corps.

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