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ashton kutcher family tree
Ashton Kutcher Family Tree
  The Ashton Kutcher biography and family tree takes us from a smart kid of divorce from Iowa to the King of Twitter and new lead character of the most popular long running TV sitcom, Two and a Half Men. Who are the characters in the Ashton Kutcher family tree that gave him the genes and foundation for this mega success as an actor, producer, and social networking personality. His ancestors are of Irish catholic decent from his Ashton Kutcher's mother's family line with some American Indian and Bohemian deriving from the Kutcher family tree.

Ashton Kutcher Biography
Born as Christopher Ashton Kutcher along with his fraternal twin Michael on February 7, 1978 to parents Larry and Diane Kutcher in Grand Rapids, Iowa. Doctors diagnosed Michael Kutcher with cerebral palsy which was the start of many health challenges throughout his childhood. The parents eventually divorced. Diane moved her daughter, Tausha, and her her two twin boys to Homestead, Iowa where she married her second husband, Mark Portwood.

Ashton developed his attractive features and personality while playing football and acting in school plays. He went on to major in Biochemical Engineering at the University of Iowa. While working in a burger joint, a talent scout discovered him and prompted Ashton Kutcher to enter an Iowa state modeling competition, of which he won.

This opportunity prompted Ashton to quit college and move to New York City in pursuit of a modeling career where he modeled for such big name designers as Calvin Klein. Shifting his focus to acting, Ashton Kutcher landed the role of a lifetime, playing Michael Kelso on That 70s Show. His involvement on the show opened up more doors. He dated countless high profile actresses on his rise to the top as an A list actor starting with January Jones, the star of Mad Men, in 1998. Eventually he met his future wife Demi Moore, who is 15 years older and married Demi in 2005.

Once That 70s show fizzled, Ashton turned to producing a hit MTV show titled Punk'd, which is an updated version of candid camera that places celebrities in precarious situations and films their reactions. Ashton embraced Twitter. His success with the social networking website prompted Oprah Winfrey to deem Ashton Kutcher, The King Of Twitter. In 2011, Ashton agreed to replace Charlie Sheen in the hit sit com Two and a Half Men. This is a great fit because Ashton can relive his days as Michael Kelso, but show his audience what Michael Kelso would look and act after he is all grown up and successful. Chuck Lorre is a genius writer and will dream a magnificent for Ashton to transition into the part!

Ashton Kutcher Family Tree
Ashton Kutcher Father - Larry Kutcher

Born in Cedar Rapids Iowa on March 30, 1949. While supporting the Kutcher family, Larry Kutcher worked as a factor worker for General Mills.

Ashton Kutcher Mother - Diane (nee Finnegan) Kutcher Portwood

Born on April 10, 1952 in Iowa. She raised her three kids, Tausha, Ashton, and Michael in the Roman Catholic faith. After divorcing her children's father, Diane married Mark Portwood in 1996.

Ashton Kutcher Sister - Tausha M Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher Twin Brother - Michael Kutcher

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