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The Barack Obama Family
2006 Christmas Card Picture
The Barack Obama family made American history in 2008 when Barack, Michelle, Malia and Sasha became the very first African American family to enter the White House. As a young family, Barack, Michele and their daughters Malia and Sasha toured the world, planted the White House vegetable garden and made their marks on the basketball courts during the first term in office.

Jumping into their second term as the first family, The Barack Obama family wasted no time making historic memories: On January 21, Barack Obama took the oath of office with his right hand on the Martin Luther King Jr. family Bible. Sasha and Malia Obama digitized the occasion by taking pictures on their cell phones bringing a touch of the new world to the family history event.

What is occurring in 2013 with President Obama And Family : Barack Obama is under fire now for the ever failing Affordable Care Act due to the website not forming the best doorway for its market. Congress is working on a new bill to fix the problems worrying the American people that could shut the door to the Act that defines the Barack Obama presidency.

The Father : Barack Hussein Obama
Barack Hussein Obama , born in Honolulu, Hawaii, comes from a very eclectic multiracial family that includes African royalty and blood connections to past American presidents, such as George W. Bush and Harry S. Truman. Barack experienced life in various parts of the world like Hawaii, Indonesia, and Kansas during his childhood . His maternal grandparents helped his mother raise him from the age of ten until adulthood in Wichita, Kansas.

Barack's academic achievements include degrees from major ivy league schools such as Columbia University and Harvard Law School. In the working world, Barack Obama practiced corporate law, but left that field to become a community organizer in the hope of directly affecting the working class people in the neighborhoods he most identified with from his childhood. Taking the next step, Barack Obama sought public office, which eventually earned him a seat in the United States Senate. One of Barack Obama's most notable qualities is his charisma and exceptional public speaking skills. Uncovering Obama's family tree, it is not difficult to see the christmatic connection he shares with his own father and maternal grandfather as well as the pioneering spirit of his mother.

Stanley Ann Dunham (Barack Obama's mother)
November 29, 1942 - November 7, 1995

Known as Ann, Stanley Ann Dunham led a very adventurous life traveling the world as a pioneer against social norms. One of her friends described Ann Dunham as "the original feminist, always patient, but quietly passionate in her arguments." After living in Kansas, Seattle Washington, and different locations, in Texas, her parents moved her to Hawaii where she attended Hawaii State University and met her first husband, a Kenyan enrolled as a foreign student.
The Dunham Family
Ann, Stanley, & Madelyn

The international union welcomed the first son for each of them naming him after his father, Barack Hussein Obama . After a short marriage of two years, Ann Dunham divorced her African husband. Ann later married an oil manager, named Lolo Suetoro , who moved Ann and Barack to his homeland of Indonesia. During their brief marriage, Ann and Lolo produced a daughter named Maya. After her second and last marriage ended, Ann lived her final days in Wichita, Kansas until she died of ovarian cancer in 1995.

Maternal Grandparents - Madelyn Lee Payne and Frasier Dunham
Madelyn Lee Payne was born in the oil boomtown of Augusta, Kansas. Under protest from her strict Methodist parents, Madelyn secretly married her lifelong partner, Stanley Armour Dunham during her senior year of high school, but did not announce the marriage until her graduation day.

After serving the Army in World War II, Stanley made good use of his charming demeanor and found his calling as a furniture salesman. Stanley Dunham's mother, Ruth Lucille Armour, was born in Illinois, became pregnant and married to her husband, Ralph Waldo Emerson Dunham at the young age of 15. By the age of 18, she mothered two children and was living in in Wichita, Kansas -- far away from her family in Illinois. Sadly, Ruth Amour committed suicide at the age of 29, when Stanley Armour was only 10 years old.

One could wonder how Stanley was affected by his mother's untimely death. Always wanting to start over in a new place, Stanley's welcomed repeated opportunities to uproot his family and work in new furniture stores in vast parts of the United States. The family lived in Seattle, Washington, multiple towns in Texas and later crossed the Pacific Ocean to make a life in Honolulu, Hawaii. Stanley died on February 8, 1992, with his body buried in Punch Bowel Cemetery in Honolulu, Hawaii. Today Madelyn resides in Wichita, Kansas.

Barack Hussein Obama , Sr. - Father
Barack Obama's father was born into a Muslim family in the Nyanza Province of Kenya with a stern father. He comes from a long line of tribal leaders from the Luo tribe.

The country of Kenya provided for Barack to attend the University of Hawaii with the promise that he would return to his homeland and improve the conditions of his people. As a parent's much laid plans come awry when a child lives his life, Barack fell in love with a white American woman, named Stanley Ann Dunham. Barack Obama, Sr.'s son reports in his book a story about how his father used the power of his words respond to a white man, who negatively commented about Obama's skin color. Obama's eloquent choice of words prompted the white man to pay for all of Obama and his friend's drinks that day.

Barack left his wife and small child to obtain a PH.D. in economics at Harvard University, then returned to Kenya in hopes of fulfilling his destiny. He later married another American woman, named Ruth. Together they raised two sons. Barack did not have much more to do with his first son, Barack , except through the occasional letter. Disappointed by not fulfilling his destiny as a great leader, Barack fell into hard times and became an alcoholic. He died in a car accident in 1992. His son Barack did not visit his father's homeland of Kenya until after his death.

Paternal Grandparents - Husseign and Akumu Onyango Obama
Hussein Onyango Obama was born in 1895 and lived until 1979 as a very successful farmer, who practiced the muslim religion. Hussein Obama took many wives and fathered a variety of children. His most known wives were Helima, Akuma, and Sarah. Helima bore no children. Akuma mothered Sarah, Barack, and Auma, but she left the family when Onyango moved the family to another part of Kenya. The third wife, Sarah, assumed the rule of primary caregiver of Barack and his sisters after Akuma left the family. Barack refers to Sarah as granny, but she is actually is step grandmother. In her 80s, Sarah still lives today in a humble shack on the family farm. Onyango was the fifth son to Obama and Nyaoke of Kenya.

As a custom in Kenya, men took many wives, sometimes through arranged marriages and fathered a large number of children. In Sarah's time, family patriarch were very abusive in order to keep the wives and children in line. According to Barack Obama's own tales in his book, his Kenyan family was ruled in this way.

Tracing the line back further, you will find that Obama was the descendant of the Luo tribal king. This is royal connection is very interesting, since Barack Obama of Chicago, Illinois has a good chance of being named the ruler of the free world or the 44th President of the United States of America.

The Mother : Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama
Born in Chicago, Illinois to a working class African American parents, Michelle Obama raised herself from the shackles of her race to become a prominent lawyer and valuable asset to her husband's political ambitions. Michelle Robinson's childhood home can be described as a one bedroom / one bath two family flat. After graduating with honors at the Whitney Young Magnet School in 1981, she majored in Sociology at Princeton University. Aspiring to another Ivy League institution, Michelle Robinson earned a law degree at Harvard Law School.

Michelle Robinson Obama's Family
Michelle Robinson's parents raised their two children, Michelle and Craig, with solid family values and a good work ethic. The father, Fraser Robinson found prominence as a swimmer and boxer until he was crippled with multiple sclerosis. Instead of lulling in his misfortune, he woke up early enough each morning to hobble to work on crutches at the city water filtration plant, while also serving as a democratic precinct captain. Marian Robinson found employment as a secretary for Spiegles Catalog Store. Not much is written about Michelle Obama's mother, but much of her father's relatives reside in Georgetown, SC. Michelle reports that her ancestry resonates from slavery in Jamaica. Sadly, Fraser Robinson left this world in 1992 due to complications from kidney surgery.

Brother - Craig Robinson
Craig Robinson paved the way for his sister to attend Princeton by earning a basketball scholarship. Craig Robinson is recognized as the 4th leading scorer in the history of Princeton University basketball program. Craig found employment as a stock broker, but his passion was for coaching basketball. Currently, he is the head men's basketball coach for Brown University.

The Obama Family
Michelle and Barack Obama married in 1991. Together they raise two daughters, Malia Ann Obama , born in 1999, and Natasha (Sasha) in 2001 in their home in Chicago, Illinois. Michelle serves as the alpha parent in the relationship because Barack's political commitments as a United States Senator require him to work from Tuesday to Thursday in Washington DC. Described as a real life Claire Huxtable, many observers commend Michelle's ability to juggle motherhood, a galant career as a lawyer, and wife to a junior United States Senator. In order to do this, she and the kids follow a strict schedule that even allocates time for play. While serving as an executive for the University of Chicago Hospital, her children attend a school connected to the facility.

Before the 2008 Presidential campaign began, the entire Obama family congregated together at the Trinity United Church of Christ each Sunday. In January 2008, Michelle took a leave of absence from her post to open her date book for a more active schedule campaigning for her husband's presidency. In a Newsweek interview, Michelle Obama noted that her husband did not promises her riches, but instead he vowed to give her an interesting life. How much more interesting could a life be to be the matriarch of the first family with African American ancestry to reside at the most famous residence on Pennsylvania Avenue.

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