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peyton manning biography
Peyton Manning Biography
  The Peyton Manning biography begins with is birth into the manning family as the middle son to Archie and Olivia Manning. The family lived in New Oleans while Peyton's father, Archie Manning, played the position of quarterback for the New Orleans Saints. The Manning family traveled with their father when he was traded to the Oilers. Family vacations usually included visiting the Manning grandmother in Drew, Lousiana and Olivia Williams Manning's family in Philadephia, Mississippi.

Peyton Manning Biography
Peyton Manning Born : March 24, 1976 in New Orleans, Louisiana
Parents : Archie Manning and Olivia ( nee Williams) Manning

The three brothers : Cooper, Eli and Peyton grew up as football stars at their private school, Isidore Newman School. During his senior year, Cooper agreed to step down as quarterback, so his sophomore brother Peyton could assume the role for their high school football team. The decision was great for the team because Peyton and his older brother, Cooper rocked the games as a great passing duo completing 23 touchdown passes for the year.

Leaving the safety of his hometown, Peyton star power on the football field grew to new heights. During the mid 1990s, Peyton Manning led the Tennesee Volunteers to successful seasons before jumping into the big leagues in 1998. The Colts selected Peyton Manning as their first overall draft pick in 1998. Peyton Manning broke many records with the Indianapolis Colts including earning a Super Bowl ring in 2007.

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