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will smith biography
Will Smith Biography
  The Will Smith biography begins with his black middle class upbringing in Philadelphia, PA. Raised on solid family values, Will Smith later benefited by making a clean entertainment career in music, television and movies. Partnering for life with Jada Pinkett Smith, the couple raises their famous children Willow, Trey, and Jaden with those same Will Smith family values.

Will Smith Biography
Willard Christopher Smith, Jr. Born : September 25, 1968 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Parents : Willard Christopher Smith Sr. and Carolyn ( nee Bright) Smith

Will Smith grew up in a traditional middle class household on the western suburb of Philadelphia with a mother, father, and siblings Pam, Harry, and Ellen. At an early age, Will Smith pursued his passion of music by learning the piano, performing as a rap artist at birthday parties, and dancing for great-grandmother's enjoyment. Although his parents divorced when he was thirteen, which prompted him and his siblings to move in with their maternal grandmother. The family still remained close because the proximity of the two homes were in the same neighborhood.

His mother's desire to keep her kids grounded with an education and father's wish to instill a solid work ethic did not stifle the glow of his star at an early age. Although he earned a scholarship to MIT, Will made a deal with his parents to allow him to put his college education on hold for one year while he persued his rap music dreams. Within the year, his collaboration with childhood friend, Jazzy Jeff awarded him with a Grammy before the one year deadline occurred. Will listened to his maternal grandmother about cleaning up his music lyrics which eventually set him apart from other rappers.

Early Career :
After absorbing his new found fame, Will Smith set his sights on dominating another performing arts medium, television, with his role as the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire. Before the ink dried on his last paycheck, Will Smith donned the role of in the hit movie, Independence Day. When the media broadcated the box office totals, Will Smith's proud father telephoned him and changed his tune from working hard to get something because he noted that his son was too lucky for non profane words.

Will inherited his maths skills from his father which allows him to group events into patterns. Before tackling the movie industry, Will sat down with his agent and determined that top box office hits systematically included action films with alien. Therefore it was a no brainer for Will Smith to accept movie roles with Independence Day and Men in Black.

Way before his career started to peak with his rap career, Will Smith met and married fashion design student, Sheree Zampino in 1992. Together they share a son, Willard Christopher Smith III, or better known as Trey. Sheree did not enjoy sharing her husband with show business, so in 1995 their marriage ended. Like his own father, Will Smith remains in his son's life.

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