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The Brad Pitt Family

brad pitt family

The Brad Pitt Family
Brad Pitt with Angelina Jolie and children.
 The Brad Pitt family began with his childhood in the midwestern United States to becoming the most famous multicultural family today. After reportedly falling in love on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, mega media darlings, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolia, quickly have become the 21th century Hollywood's version of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. Both carry spectacular acting careers, model as loving parents, and share their enormous fortune with an array of internationally reaching charities.

Brad Pitt's siblings live a much quieter life, than their movie star brother, Brad Pitt. Brother, Doug Pitt, owns a computer repair business and sister, Julie Pitt Neal, is a homemaker.
At home, three lovely adopted children, Maddox Chivan from Cambodia, Pax Thien from Vietnam, and Zahara Marley from Ethiopia, and one biological child, Shiloh Nouvel born in The Cottage Hospital in the African country of Namibia, call the super couple mommy and daddy.

In August 2008, the Jolie-Pitt family welcomed the newest additions to the multicultural family, a set of twins, that increased the family head count to two adults and six children. Angelina and Brad wish to raise their children with influence from different cultures in order to as Angelina stated in a recent interview, give them a mature outlook on the world.

What's new in 2013 for the Brad Pitt family? Star power is a family trait. Brad and Angelina's biological daughter, Vivienne, landed a role as Angelina's character's daughter in her upcoming film, Maleficent. Maleficent is a remake of the Sleeping Beauty tale told through the perspective of Princess Aurora's evil nemesis, Maleficent (played by Angelina Jolie). TMZ reports that the baby starlette is bringing in $3000 a week for her role which is a nice wage for a child actress getting into the business. It helps to have A-list parents!

Brad Pitt Biography
Born :December 18, 1963 in Shawnee, Oklahoma
Parents : Jane Etta (Hillhouse) and William "Bill" Alvin Pitt

 Brad Pitt was born in Shawnee, Oklahoma to Jane Etta (Hillhouse), a high school counselor, and William Alvin Pitt, a trucking company manager. Shortly after Brad was born the family moved to St. Louis, Missouri where the family welcomed the edition of his brother, Douglas (born 1966), and his little sister, Julie, (born in 1969). Shortly after the birth of the baby sister, Julie, the family finally settled in Springfield, Missouri.

In 1982, Brad graduated from Kickapoo High School where Brad was nicknamed, Brad the Pitt Bull. The Pitt family is very close. Although when Brad rocketed to stardom and the freak show of fans began, the family members sold they homes and moved, they all still live in the same neighborhood. The entire family enjoys attending Brad's premieres, fraternizing with other A-List stars, and taking an active role as major Nascar fans.

While not gracing the big screen, Brad Pitt is trying to make the world better one building at a time. Brad started the Make It Right Foundation with the goal of building homes in desolate places like New Orleans using green technology.

Brad Pitt Family
Brad Pitt's brother - Doug Pitt (b. 1966)
Doug Pitt, married Lisa, a high school cheerleader that originally ran in Brad's circle of friends. In 1990, Doug Pitt graduated with a business degree from Southwest Missouri State University.

In 1991, when Brad was releasing his breakout film, Thelma and Louise, Doug Pitt began a successful computer consulting business, called ServiceWorld Computer Center, that originally consulted to Springfield business on how to result networking issues with Microsoft products. In recent years, the consulting firm has expanded its services and customer reach.

Doug Pitt continues to serve as the President of his computer services business, but also takes a very active rule in the local Springfield community. Doug Pitt serves as the Chairman of the Springfield Chamber of commerce and promotes his own pet projects such as, Care to Learn Program, that is partially funded by the Jolie-Pitt Foundation. The Care To Learn Project provides a resource to the Springfield Public School System when they seek necessities like shoes or warm breakfasts in an effort to provide a better environment for every child to learn.

As the self appointed family Gatekeeper, Doug filters request from the public for Brad's generous giving needs. It must be refreshing for Brad to have a younger brother who is just as successful and desires to lives his life ethically, instead of leaching off of his older brother's success.

Doug Pitt jumped into the spotlight when his Virgin Mobile Austrailia commercial went viral on you tube. The commercial was a satire on how quiet and normal the other Pitt brother's life is.

Brad Pitt's Sister - Julie Pitt Neal (Born 1969)
Julie, married Rob Neal, an employee at Doug's computer business, ServiceWorld, and friend to her older brother Doug. Like her parents, Julie wishes to remain out of the media, so many people do not even know Brad has a little sister. Together, Julie and Rob Neal have a son and a set of twin daughters.

Paternal Grandparents :
  Alvin Monroe Pitt (1913 - 1959)
  Elizabeth "Betty" Jean Brown (b. 1922)

Maternal Grandparents :
  Hal Knox Hillhouse (1911 - 1976)
  Clara M. Bell (1910-2003)

Interesting Facts About The Brad Pitt Family
1. Brad Pitt worked his daughter, Shiloh, into a scene of the movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, set to be released in December 2008. This is was a last minute decision due to the fussiness of the current twins playing the role. Brad remedied the situation by replacing the twin babies with his own daughter playing in the onset nursery.
2. Brad Pitt is the sole owner of plan B, a production company, he started with Bill Gray (an executive at Paramont) and Jennifer Anistan (his first wife).
3.In May 2008, Brad and Angelina bought a chateau on the french Riviera worth million. The Chateau Miraval contains 35 bedrooms, a forest, lake and a moat. Johnny Depp and Bono are close neighbours
4. Angelina's many tattoos include the Japanese sign for death, two pointy blac#k American Indian symbols, a dragon, a large black cross, an 'H' on the inside of her wrist, the Tennesee Williams quote, "A prayer for the wild at heart, kept in cages," on her left forearm, the words "Lady Croft" on an arm and the Latin phrase "Quod me nutrit me destruit" ("What nourishes me also destroys me") across her stomach.
5. Angelina openly credits her mother for her inspiration to go into acting. To show her gratitude, Angelina gave her Oscar, Golden Globes, SAG Awards and Critic Choice Award to her mother. As another expression of honor, her mother chose the name Pax for her second adopted son.

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