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Busch Brothers Racing For The Cup From the Beginning As Number 2 and Number 18
 The Busch brothers family includes Kurt and Kyle and their parents Gaye and Thomas Busch. The Many Nascar racing fans describe Busch brothers, Kurt Busch and his younger brother, Kyle, as the hottest set of Nascar outlaws competing in Nascars premier cup racing circuit. Like many Nascar superstars, the Busch brothers come from a family legacy of race car drivers.

Their grandfather, Al, and father, Tom Busch, each drove around dirt tracks as an addictive hobby. Their dreams became a reality, when Kurt and Kyle Busch proudly turned the family hobby into star studded racing careers.
Certainly, the mix of their father's excitement and racing experience with their mother's high expections in appearance and education helped mold the brother's genetic driving advantages into successful careers in racing.

Undeniably, these two brothers have the chance to do is make history as the first brother team, since Terry and Bobby Labonte to each collect a championship trophy in the premier Nascar cup series. Older brother Kurt did it in 2004, now Kyle, while sitting on top of the points race week after week, has a very good chance to snag the coveted Nascar trophy in 2009.

What is new for the Busch Racing Brothers? Kyle Busch was not happy with finish at Sonoma, but is excited about racing in Kentucky this week. Go Kyle!

Kurt Busch Biography
Born : August 5, 1978 in Las Vegas, Nevada
Parents : Thomas and Gaye Busch

Growing up in a suburb of Las Vegas, on the corner of Saharah Avenue and Jones Boulevard, Kurt Busch found his passion making left turns on local dirt tracks like the Bullring Speedway with his racing family. Kurt's father, Tom, noticed Kurt's amazing driving talents when he first competed against his son with co-karts around their culd-a-sac. After only two weeks, the young speed daemon was beating his father hands down. Although Kurt did not meet the age requirement, Tom doctored the applications and entered Kurt in the adult dwarf races at their hometown tracks. Soon, Tom traded Kurt's Dwarf cars in for the more powerful, legend cars.

Kurt's mother, Gaye, prides herself on putting education before racing in her sons' lives. Kurt and his brother, Kyle, were not permitted to race unless they achieved A's and B's in school. In 1996, Kurt graduated with honors from Durango High School. After high school, Kurt attended the University of Arizona, located in Tuscon, with the goal of becoming a pharmacist. Kurt ultimately dreamed of owning chain of drug stores and discovering a drug to help relieve his mother's lifelong arthritis condition.

In 1997, Kurt took a break from college to join the Nascar-sanctioned Featherlite Southwest a stock car racing tour. After gaining popularity in the media, Jack Roush noticed Kurt and invited him to compete for a spot on his Craftsman Truck Racing team. In 2000, Kurt Busch earned praise as a mystifying rookie after winning four races and the second place overall standings position for the Craftsman Truck Series. Against the advice of his colleagues, Roush put Kurt Busch into a Winston Cup car in 2002. After experiencing a lot of moments of maturity, Kurt won the Nextel Cup Championship trophy in 2004. The first person to reach the car in Homestead, Florida was his brother, Kyle.

Kurt's wife : Eva Bryan Busch
Born : April 26, 1977 in Virginia Beach, VA
Parents : Gary and Paula Bryan
After meeting each other on a blind date after the Pocono Race on July 27, 2003, Kurt Busch began a lasting relationship with Eva Bryan. On the July 27, the following year, Kurt proposed to his lovely fiancee in Prague. In keeping with the tradition, the couple were wed on a coastal beach estate in Virginia on July 24, 2006.

Before meeting Kurt, Eva lived in Virginia Beach, Virginia where she earned a degree from Old Dominion University and was employed by First Virginia Bank as a customer service representative. Now, Eva serves as the Vice President of her talented spouse's racing company.

Kyle Busch Biography
Born : May 2, 1985 in Las Vegas, Nevada
Parents : Thomas and Gaye Busch

Blazing down the path that Kyle Busch's elder male relatives laid before him, he has his sights set on joining his brother as a champion of the premier Nascar Cup series. While only six years old, Kyle started assisting his father and brother with the weekly rituals of preparing for Kurt Busch early racing teams. At the age of ten, Kyle proved his vast knowledge of cars and assumed the role of crew chief for Kurt's legend's racing team. At the age of 13, Kyle started following his brother's lead and began racing Dwarf cars and then Legend cars competitively. In a 2006 Sports Illustrated article, Kurt Busch acknowledges that his brother extensive knowledge of cars gives him an overwhelming advantage because he can offer quality suggestions for adjustments from the perspective of the driver.

Kyle hit the big time at the age of 16 when he began driving for Roush Fenway Racing in the Nascar Craftsman Truck series. After earning a spot in the top ten, his plans for continuing his winning streak were temporarily derailed when Nascar imposed a rule that drivers competing in any of the top three national series racing events must be 18 years or older.

Not letting this setback bring him down, Kyle focused on preparing himself to reenter the Nascar spotlight better than ever. Kyle attended summer school sessions that allowed him to graduate from Durango High School one full year early. During his final year of school, Kyle competed racing events hosted by the American Speed Association (ASA). Then in 2003, Kyle Busch joined Hendrick Motersports as a driver for the Nationwide series, where his driving abilities earned him a second place overall finish at the ripe old age of 19 years old.

Quickly moving up the ladder, Kyle Busch started his Nascar Cup career with exceptional racing teammates, such as Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson. His ambition and hard work paid off because he won the coveted title of Rookie of the Year for the Spring Cup series in 2003. During the 2007/2008 season as the Number 18 driver for Joe Gibbs Racing, Kyle Busch continues to compete at the top of the leader boards for both the Cup and Nationwide series.

Interesting Facts About Busch Racing Brothers - Kurt & Kyle
1. The Allisons, Waltrips, Wallaces, Labontes, and Burtons are the only other set of brothers who drove in the Nascar Cup Series. Terry (in 1884 and 1996) and Bobby Labonte (in 2000) were the only brothers to each win Nascar Cup Championship Trophies.
2. In the sports 56 year history, On September 4, 2006, Kyle Busch became the younger driver to ever win a Nascar Cup race.
3.When Kurt Busch won the Fall 2002 Martinsville race, the grandfather clock delivered to him as his prize took on new meaning because he lost his grandfather during week building up to his winning race. Kurt jokes in the media that he named the clock, Al, in honor of his beloved grandfather.
4. Working the numbers - During the 2008/2009 season Kurt Busch took the seat of the Miller Lite Dodge number 2 car, who previously was driven by Rusty Wallace, the brother of two other race car drivers, Kenny and Mike Wallace. Kyle Busch currently drives the number 18 Interstate Batteries car, who previously was driven by Bobby Labonte, the brother of Terry Labonte. Rusty Wallace won a championship, as well as Bobby Labonte, the second half of a two brother championship grouping.

Meet The Busch Parents - Tom and Gaye
Kurt Busch With Mom Gaye
Kurt With Mom, Gaye, Holding 2004 Nextel Cup Championship Trophy
  The Busch racing brothers were definitely shaped by their loving parents. Tom served as each son's first driver's education teacher. In the early years, Tom would meticulously review a videotapes of his sons' races late into the night after each event, pointing out things like successful driving lines. Serving as caring parent, Gaye promoted the Busch brother's education and did not permit rebellious teenage antics such as wearing earrings, growing long hair, and inking their bodies with tattoos. The daily parental lessons promoting the desire to focus and have pride in what they do, helped the Busch brothers reach fame in racing much earlier than other superstars in the sport.

The Father - Thomas Busch - Born ?

Like Kurt and Kyle, Tom Busch grew up watching and learning about racing from his father in his hometown of Chicago Illinois. During the post-war era,Tom Busch moved with his new bride, Gaye to Las Vegas, Nevada to continue his hobby competing in the late model races held in Arizona, California, and Nevada. Tom supported his racing family by working as a mechanic and later worked as a salesman of Dwarf cars. Dwarf cars for the Dwarf Car Company, Inc based in Pheonix, Arizona. Originally built as a toy car, Dwarf cars are 5/8 scale replicas of 1930s and 1940s cars. Later, racing events included Dwarf cars, of which Tom Busch is a 1993 champion Dwarf car driver.

After realizing that his oldest son, Kurt, had an undeniable talent for racing, he took him under his wing. In the mid 1990s, Tom built a 15 car garage to house the cars he and his sons raced to mulitple champions as they progressed their way to the Nascar stages. In 2002, Tom moved his wife, Gaye, the boys and their grandmother to farm country in Mooresville, North Carolina. Tom spends most of his free time toying around the farm on his new mechanical love, a 1964 John Deere tractor.

The Mother - Gaye Busch - Born ?

Gaye Busch moved with her husband, Tom to Las Vegas, Nevada in 1972. She kept her famous racing sons focused on their schoolwork, but avidly supported her husband and sons in their racing endeavors. Even while she was pregnant with Kurt, Gaye completed her duties as an officiator over weekend dirt track races. For 30 years, Gaye worked for the Clark County Public School system. Athough she is a city girl at heart, this racing mom migrated to the racing mecca of Moorsville, North Carolina in order to be part of her family. Today, she keeps busy helping to run her son's charitable foundations and scoring son, Kyle's, races.

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