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chelsy davy family tree
Chelsy Davy Family - Chelsy and Mother and Father
  Chelsy Davy sparked the attention of Prince Harry of Britain, nicknamed the party prince. Chelsy appears to be a very complex young lady that is the descendent of a host of people with the genes for success. Both sides of the Chelsy Davy family tree contain wealthy business and land owners as well as beauty queen good looks. Back in the day, Chelsy Davy's mother turned her father Charles Davy's head as Miss Rhodesia. Will Prince Harry of England ask his grandmother, the head of the Queen Elizabeth II family tree , to make Chelsy Davy a genuine royal princess.

Chelsy Davy Biography
Chelsy Davy - (October 13, 1985)
As the beautiful daughter of a millionaire safari owner in South Africa who betwixt a British prince, the sky is the limit for the Chelsy Davy Biography. After growing up in the middle of the African jungle, the princess in training earned an Economics degree from the University of Cape Town in 2006. Chelsy Davy aspires to be an attorney, but not without leaving her schedule open to spontaneous travel or partying the night away with Prince Harry. The intelligent blonde beauty completed an accelerated program, LLB Law Course at the University of Leads. She spent some time in London interning for Farrer & Company, a prestigious British Law Firm.

Although Chelsy proves to be well educated and aspires to a professional career, she continues to be portrayed in the press as Prince Harry's partying girlfriend.

Chelsy Davy Family Tree
Chelsy Davy Father - Charles Davy - Born 1952 in South Africa

Charles Davy was born in South Africa in 1952 when many white settlers understood how ripe the African lands were for farming and tourism business opportunities. While in prep school Charles met Robert Mugabe, the son of the future revolutionary leader in Zimbabwe that would later unleash chaos on the white settlements in the area. Charles later met and married Miss Rhodesia, Beverley Donald.

Together they raised Chelsy and her brother Shaun while operating a successful Safari Business called the Lemco Safari Area. The family lost much of their land during the aftermath of the Bush wars. Charles Davy was very smart in developing business relationships with American investors. This American backing enabled him to maintain control of some of his property and thus thrive while other wealth white landowners, including Beverly Davy's family, watched their properties go up in flames. Chelsy Davy Paternal Grandparents - Athony "Tony" Davy

During the 1950s, Anthony "Tony" Davy managed a thriving hotel in Zimbabwe called Kyle Hotel. Tony Davy was able to give his children, including Charles Davy, a prep school and then university education.

Chelsy Davy Mother - Beverly (nee Donald) Davy - Born

Beverly Davy was the only daughter to parents Fay and George Donald. The couple bought their rolling acres of safari land in 1958 called Yeadon. Beverly could hear lions roar at night and watch elephants clomp by during the day in this wonderland. Her parents employed numerous families to farm acres of tobacco fields. Beverly Donald Davy won the title of Miss Rhodesia and earned an income off of her extreme blond beauty features as a model. Many men from the area wished for her company after her face splash across many coco-cola advertisements. Charles Davy won her heart and they married.

Chelsy Davy - Maternal Grandparents - George and Fay Donald

Chelsy Davy's grandparents prospered as business owners, but local politics exploded and the couple was left penniless in their elder years. George Donald was revered as an upstanding citizen serving on the local Zimbabwe Council and the Tobacco Board and even piloted the police around. Chelsy's maternal grandfather turned his farm into a small town complete with a school for the children of his workers. After the recent Bush wars, the couple were in their 70s and told to evacuate their farm, later to return to find the buildings completely ransacked and fields destroyed.

Completely, disgusted Beverly's two brothers Ian and ? left South Africa to raise their families in Australia. Her mother Fay is living out her final days in a nursing home while her father died of Parkinson absolutely penniless. They longed for grow old and die on their blessed property, but were denied that right by he Mugabe Regime while seeking revenge on white land owners.

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