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Chris Christie Family
Chris, wife Mary Pat (Foster) Christie, and Children (Patrick, Andrew, Bridget, and Sarah)
The Governor Chris Christie family from New Jersey includes his wife, Mary Pat and children, Patrick, Andrew, Bridget, and Sarah. Christopher Christie of New Jersey can trace his father's, Wilbur Christie, Irish ancestors all the way to back to Ireland. An Italian-American, his mother, Sondra Christie is from a family line coming from Italy.

What is the appeal of Chris Christie? Unlike John McCain, Christie appears to be a true maverick as Governor of the State of New Jersey. He hammered out budget cutting measures and stood up to corrupt labor union leaders. If we learn about the Chris Christie family including his accomplished wife, Mary Pat Christie, we uncover why Christopher James Christie is so successful as a public figure. He is a potential contendor for the Presidency, but continues to fight against views that he is not physically healthy enough to be President.
What is New For Chris Christie : The destruction of New Jersey by hurricane Sandy tossed Governor Chris Christie into the national spotlight. After the fire that destroyed the New Jersey boardwalk yet again, he has even more challenges ahead of him. Praying for the New Jersey boardwalk vendors today!

Chris Christie Biography
Christopher James "Chris" Christie (born. September 6, 1962)
Born Christopher James "Chris" Christie to Sondra and Bill Christie in Newark, NJ on September 6, 1962. The Christie family included three children : Chris, his brother Todd and sister Dawn Christie Clark. His parents Sondra and Bill Christie moved Christopher and his siblings from Newark, NJ to Livingston, NJ for better opportunities. His brother Todd describe Chris as always being the boss in any situation with his followers always being persuaded by his straight forward no nonsense demeanor.

While in high school, Chris Christie began his political career serving as the student body President for 3 out of 4 years. He extended his love for public service to the University of Delaware where he followed in the footsteps of President Lincoln by working towards a degree in Law. At the University of Delaware he met his soul mate and future mother of his own branch of the family tree, Mary Pat Foster.

Chris Christie eventually transformed his legal career into a stint as the Attorney General of New Jersey. Eventually, Christie won the votes of the entire state of New Jersey becoming their governor in .2009. While serving as the governor of New Jersey, Christie commandeered many drastic budget cutting initiatives that balanced the New Jersey budget in a tough economic environment. He also championed initiatives to stop corruption within labor unions.

Chris Christie Family Tree
Father - Wilbur James "Bill" Christie Biography (b. 1933)
Bill Christie raised his three children, Christopher, Todd, and Dawn as a CPA working for BNY Capital Markets Inc. based out of New York City. Retired now, Bill Christie spends his retirement funds constributing to members of the Republican party in their electoral pursuits.

Paternal Grandparents
f: James Christopher Christie (b. 1898)
      f : Hugh Henry Christie (18) (worked in steel mill & tool shop)
            f : James Christie (b. 1848) (currier/born in Scottland)
            m : Rosanna Christie (b. 1851)
      m : Bridget L. Smith (1875/7)
m: Carrie Christie ()

Chris Christie Mother - Sondra A. (nee Grasso) Christie (1932-2003)
Sondra Christie was raised by a single mother in New Jersey after her parents divorced. Her family is believed to be connected to organized crime. One of her sister's was married to a capo in the Genovece family of New Jersey, Tino "The Greek" Fiumara, The police tried to link him to many murders, but only managed to convict him of racketeering. Fiumara died of cancer in September 2010. Sondra Christie's family tree is difficult to define, since the shady members are not well documented. In her obituary, only a brother, Tom Grasso is even mentioned, but it is reported that she is the eldest of many children raised by her mother.

Chris Christie Brother - Todd Christie ()
Chris Christie's relationship with his brother, Todd, may remind you of the Kennedy brother, Jack and Bobby. Like Bobby Kenedy, Todd Christie supports his brother in every step of his political career. Todd ran his brother's three year campaign for Student Body President in high school papering the school with political posters, built a volunteer force at the University of Delaware pushing for his brother to be elected on a college campus. Todd continues to advocate his brother now that he is a tough fish in even bigger ponds, such as the state of New Jersey and possibly the United States of America.

Chris Christie Wife - Mary Pat (nee Foster) Christie (1963)
Supportive wife to Chris Christie and first lady of New Jersey, Mary Pat Christie is the example of a wife, mother, and business woman having it all. She is the devoted mother of the 4 Christie children : Andrew (1993), Sarah (1996), Patrick (2000), Bridget (2003). After the fall of the Twin Towers on 911, Mary Pat left the workforce to be a stay at home mom. A few years ago she reentered the workforce to be employed part-time for Cantor Fitzgerald overseeing a bond department.

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