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The Christina Aguilera Family

christina aguliera family

christina aguilera Family
  The Christina Aguilera Family includes her mother Shelly, father Fausto, sister Rachel and now son Max. Christina was raised by an abusive active military father and a mother who taught Spanish. As a petite girl with a big voice, Christina Aguilera, sang away her childhood troubles to her grandmother, Delcie Fidler.

Christina In The News : Appearing on NBC's The Voice, Christina is mentoring up and coming singers with her celebrity team. This season, Christina lost some weight and underwent a makeover. She is the image of what we remember her from the hight of her career.
More of Christina's Family History : Digging deeper into the pop princess's ancestry, we uncovered that she has a very artistic maternal great grandfather. During the Great Depression of the 1930s, he helped feed his family by painting murals of country scenes on barns. While Christina Aguileras mothers family tree comes from Ireland, her father's family line hails from Ecuador.

Christina Aguilera Biography
The Christina Aguilera biography is exceptional even for a young pop star. Born in Staten Island New York to a military father and Spanish teacher mother, she lived her first few years in a very controlling and rocky environment. At the age of 7, her mother Shelly officially divorced her father and moved Christina and her sister, Rachel in with her parents, Delcie and Lowell Fidler. The humorous and loving nature of Christina's grandparents helped her shine and define her vocal talent.

At the age of 12, Christina was introduced to the world as a cast member on The New Mickey Mouse Club, alongside other developing talents like Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. Growing into a young lady and banking on the Disney magic, Christina introduced her debut album in 1999. As Christina Aguilera matured into a young lady, she became more racy with her videos and outfits. Eventually, she became a wife a and mother after marrying Jordon Bratman and sharing their son, Max. Unfortunately, Christina ended her marriage to Jordan Bratman in October 2010.

Christina Aguliera Family Tree
Christina Aguilera's Father - Fausto Wagner Xavier Aguilera
Born in 1949 in the Ecuador, Fausto moved to the United States and began his service to the United States Army were he met Christina's mother, when stationed near Staten Island, NY. Reported to be a physically and emotionally oppressive husband and father, Fausto lost connection to his wife and daughters when Christina was seven years old. Fausto travels all over the United States with the military.

Christina Aguilera's Mother - Shelly Loraine Fidler
Born on March 23, 1960, Shelly Fidler is a devoted mother to her three girls, Shelly Fidler's occupation is as a Spanish teacher. Shelly also has a musical talent as a violinist.

Maternal Grandmother - Delci Mabel Dunfee Fidler
Born in 1920 and died in 2006. According to her obituary, this matriarch brought plenty of laughter to the Fidler Family.

Great Grandmother - Bertha Mae Allen Dunfee
May 9, 1892 - Sept 30, 1958

Great Grandfather - Primrose Calvin Dunfee
May 31, 1889 - Nov 29, 1963
Worked as a coal miner, but also found work as a painter, painting country scenes on the sides of barns. He used homemade paints mixed with wild berries and such.

Maternal Grandfather - Lowell Marley Fidler
Born in Weston, West Virginia in 1924 and married his bride, Delci on November 24, 1942. Lowell Fidler served in the army in WWII. He worked in St. Joseph's Steel Mill in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he and his wife happily raised their family.

Great Grandfather - Pluma V. Fidler
Born in 1903 in West Virginia and had three sons, Junior C Fidler, Avon L Fidler, and Lowell M. Fidler (the youngest).

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