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christmas around the world
Christmas Traditions In Other Countries Around the Wold
Now that you have learned from what countries your ancestors originated, why not learn about how they celebrate special occasions, like Christmas? The Christmas holiday inspires vastly different traditions in the different countries and regions of the world.

Even when some countries do not practice the Christian religions, they still enjoy Christmas a commercialized holiday. For example, different countries adopt mythical characters that resemble the American Santa Claus, who deliver presents to children, young and old. Even more interesting, we discovered that traditions such as the first Christmas card and Illuminating artificial Christmas trees started in specific countries like England and Germany.
Our ancestors brought these traditions to America where Christmas is a mixture of many different customs. Enjoy reading about how the people represented branches of our family trees speckled around the world celebrate Christmas.

Christmas Traditions By Country
Christmas in England :

The first Christmas card :
The act of sending greeting cards at Christmas time began during the Victorian era in England. John Callcott Horsley designed the first the first Christmas card in 1843 by John Callcott Horsley as a personal favor to Sir Henry Cole, the first director of the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Red birds on Christmas cards :
Postmen in England wore a red uniform, which prompted the nickname, Robins. The robin mail carriers traditionally delivered the mail in England on Christmas day. Therefore, some Christmas card images included a red robin delivering mail to a mailbox.

Christmas in Japan :
Since only 1% of the Japanese people are Christian, the celebration of Christmas is normally a commercialized holiday. Most Japanese citizens partake of a sponge cake decorated with whip cream and strawberries aptly called a Christmas cake.

Christmas in Italy :
Shepherds travel down from the mountains and serenade the Italian people with bagpipe music.

La Befana : The female version of Santa
According to Italian Christmas legend, three wiseman asked the la befana three times to join them on their journey to witness the birth of Jesus. Once la befana decided to join them, it was too late. La Befana has been searching for the baby Jesus ever since. During the Feast of Epiphany on January 6, La Befana flies on a broom to the homes of little children and fills stockings with delicious treats.

Christmas in Mexico : Feliz Navidad:
Mexicans begin celebrating Christmas on December 16 and gather for candlelight processions and parties for the next nine days called Las Posadas. The nativity scene serves as the focal point for most Christmas decorations in Mexico. Throughout the festivities, young children take part in small Nativity plays in towns throughout Mexico leading up to Christmas day.

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