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The Clint Eastwood Family
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clint eastwood family
The Clint Eastwood Family
Daughter, Francesca, Clint, daughter Morgan and wife, Dina Ruiz.
Still going strong, The Clint Eastwood family was once very private, but now opens its doors to cameras for new reality series, Mrs. Eastwood and Company. We see the life style of the Eastwood clan from the viewpoint of Clint Eastwood’s second wife, Dina Ruiz Eastwood and Clint Eastwood's youngest children, Francesca and Morgan Eastwood. How did the Clint Eastwood family continue to be such a media sensation with the success of a library full of Clint Eastwood movies like Dirty Hairy and todays films Grand Torino and Million Dollar Baby? In 2012, Clint Eastwood shows his political side as the as special guest speaker at the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.

The hollywood veteran grew up during the depression learning how to be resilient in such sports like swimming and learning how to assimilate into new surrounds since his father had to find work relocating the family up and down the East coast.
Who are the family members of Clint Eastwood that shaped who he would become? What family legacy has Clint Eastwood formed with his daughters after making a name for him in the public eye?

Clint Eastwood Biography
Clinton Eastwood Jr. (b. May 31, 1930 [San Franscisco, CA])
Parents : [father - Clinton Eastwood, Sr.] and [mother - Margaret Ruth Eastwood ]

Clint Eastwood was born into a hardworking middle class family in San Francisco. Even at birth, he turned heads being that he was an 11 pound 6 ounce baby boy. His father Clinton Eastwood, Sr. moved the family many times finding work during the depression. Like his father, Clint found a passion in swimming which also saved him when he was aboard a wrecking ship and had to swim 3 miles to safety. After being a multi-athlete in different high schools, Clint worked as a life guard for the military for 2 years until he found his career in acting. Clint Eastwood’s first noticeable role was as a supporting character in the 1959 television show, Rawhide. Leaping into films, Clint starred in The Man With No Name , later The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly, and Dirty Harry where he spoke his trademark line, Go ahead. Make my day..

In Clint Eastwood’s personal life, Clint married his first wife, Maggie Johnson, a swimsuit model and the mother to his two eldest children, Kyle and Alison Eastwood. While married to Maggie, he partnered with Roxanne Tunis and had Kimber Tunis. After divorcing Maggie, Clint fathered two children, Scott and Kathryn Reeves with their mother, Jacelyn Reeves. In the 1990s, Clint had an affair with his co-star in Unforgiven which produced another daughter, Francesca Fisher-Eastwood. In 1996, Clint married for the second time with Dina Ruiz Eastwood who gave him his last child, Morgan Eastwood.

Clint Eastwood Family
Clint Eastwood Father : Clinton Eastwood, Sr. (b. June 11, 1906 [California] - d. July 22, 1970)
Parents : [father - ?] and [mother - ?]

Clint Eastwood’s father was a born leader. He was the captain of his high school football team and a member of the swim team. He passed along his love of swimming to his son. During the depression he relocated his family many times employed as a migrant worker.

Clint Eastwood Mother : Margaret Ruth (nee Runner) Eastwood (b. 1909 [California] - d. 2006)
Parents : [father - Waldo Errel Runner] and [mother - Virginia May McLanahan]
Clint Eastwood’s mother Margaret forms the English side of his family tree. The runner genes give him his longevity. Both Margaret and her father, Waldo Runner, lived well into their 90s. Margaret found jobs working in factories, but dreamed of becoming a ballet dancer.

Clint Eastwood Wife : Dina Ruiz Eastwood (b. 1954 [California])
Dina Eastwood met her husband, Clint Eastwood, while working as a TV news anchor. She attended San Francisco State University majoring in Radio and TV. Dina Ruiz boasts a very unique family tree. Dina’s father is a product of family members with African American, Japanese, and Native Hawaiian nationalities. Her mother’s family genealogy is more European by way of Ireland, England, and Germany. Her surname, Ruiz, comes from being adopted by Portuguese and Puerto Rican parents.

Dina retired from reporting the news when she gave birth in 1997 to her daughter, Morgan. Since then she has appeared as a co-host on Candid Camera and now manages a South African band, Overtone. In the effort to promote the band, Dina agreed to share her family experiences with daughter Morgan and step daughter, Francesca, on their new reality show, Mrs. Eastwood and Company Hopefully we will catch a glimpse of her very famous and well-loved husband, Clint Eastwood!

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