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The Condoleezza Rice Family Family
Condoleezza with mother, Angelena as a child, then with parents.
At the 2012 Republican National Convention, Condoleezza Rice reentered the political spotlight after a much needed brief 4 year hiatus from representing the United States as the Secretary of State. During her break, Condoleezza Rice traced her family history back to pre-Civil War times while producing the family tree series, Finding Your Roots and writing her memoir, Condoleezza Rice: A Memoir of My Extraordinary, Ordinary Family and Me.

Today, the Condoleezza Rice family proudly watches their most famous and accomplished family member be a role model for other young girls wanting to make a difference in their country.
Condeleezza Rice is the daughter and granddaughter to a long line of very progressive people. Mixed within her family tree are priveleged pre civil war land owners and enslaved servants that all held themselves to higher standards no matter their social situation.

Condoleezza Rice Biography
Condoleezza Rice (b.Nov 14, 1954 [Birmingham, Alabma])
Parents : [father - John W. Rice] and [mother - Angelena (nee Ray) Rice] Condoleezza Rice has led a very accomplished career as a support staff member to prominent politicians, such as President George W. Bush, and a mover and a shaker in the world of academia. As the daughter to two black American established in the world of education, Condoleezza began piano, figure skating and learning French at the age of 3.

After realizing she could not make a living playing piano, Condoleezza focused her academic energies in the world of politics. As a political science professor teaching at Stanford University, she eventually moved into the position of Provost for the University. As Provost, Condoleezza was responsible for a 1.5 million budget and the careers of 1400 faculty members. Always looking for the next leadership challenge, Condoleezza made a connection with George W. Bush and worked her way into the Republican political spotlight first as a Security affairs cabinet member and in the end becoming the 66th Secretary of State.

Condoleezza Rice Family Tree
Condoleezza Rice Mother - Angelena (nee Ray) Rice
  (b. B. ? [Alabama] )

Angelena was known as a very musically talented young woman, but with a bull of a personality. She earned a degree from Miles College near her home in Birmingham, Alabama. She taught science and music at Fairfield Industrial High School.

Maternal Grandparents :
f: Albert Robinson Ray III
      In 1904, Albert Ray fled Union Springs after defending his sister during an altercation. Albert Ray ended up in Birmingham during a huge industrial boom for the city after the Civil War Reconstruction era. He worked in the wheeler’s mine into his twenties and after marrying Mattie Lula Parham. The Albert built a fine home for his wife and five children. He progressed from mining to owning his own blacksmithing business and later tried his hand at construction.
m: Mattie Lula Parham
      Mattie Parham married Albert Ray and shares 5 children with him, Ablert, Mattie, Angelena (Condoleezza’s mother), Alto and Genoa. A lover of music, Mattie became classically trained in piano from St. Marks Academy in Birmingham. She earned an income providing piano lessons for a quarter per session. Condoleezza certainly took after her grandmother in regards to musical talents.

Condoleezza Rice Father - John Wesley Rice, Jr. (b. ? [Alabama] - ?)
John Rice was a very active and charismatic man. He taught gym class and coached both basketball and football at Fairfield High. On Sundays, you would find him in the pulpit preaching at the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Birmingham. Leadership skills were very prominent in his family, even dating back to slave times.

Paternal Grandparents :
f: John Wesley Rice, Sr. (b. ?)
      John Wesley Rice graduated from Stillman College after setting his mind to getting an education during times when most black men did not have a clue how to do it. He landed his first congregation in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but eventually the Presbyterian Church leaders learned of his amazing leadership abilities and gave him the duty of laying the foundation for schools and churches all over the United States. In 1951, he passed the torch on to his son, who assumed the role as pastor of his last congregation in Birmingham, Alabama.

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