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Dale Earnhardt with children : Dale Jr., Kelley, and Kerry
  The Dale Earnhardt family attracts fame and fortune on and off the race tracks from Ralph Earnhardts time behind the wheel to his son and grandchildren and the founders of DEI and JR Motorsports. Today, four generations of Earnhardts have circled the oval and dirt tracks while entertaining millions of race car fans who proudly wear their t-shirts every weekend. As a genius mechanic, race car driver and businessman -- the patriarch of the Earnhardt family, Ralph Earhardt began the Earnhardt racing family legacy in his garage.

Then his son, Dale Earnhardt took the family racing legacy to NASCAR and turned the family racing business into Dale Earnhardt Incorporated. His son, Dale Jr, Kerry and daughter Kelley had a taste of the racing bug too with their own racing careers, but Dale Jr continued on. Years after Dale Earnhardt's death at Daytona, Dale Jr, with the help of his sister Kelley, branched off from DEI to grow his own racing company, JR Motorsports.
Dale Jr. Racing this week : Dale Jr. and his Chevy #88 race team are ready for Darlington tonight. The racing boys have to get their fun in before Mother's Day tomorrow .. Go Dale Jr.!

Although Kerry did not find much success on the track, he still spawned the fourth generation Earnhardt race car driver with his son, Jeffery Earnhardt. The excitement of the Earnhardt racing family tree continues on through the generations. While the family businesses have taken on monumental success, it is still interesting to learn how it all started by climbing down the family tree to the original patriarch, Ralph Dale Earnhardt and his lovely wife, Martha.

Dale Earnhardt Family Tree and Biography
Ralph Earnhardt Biography - (February 29, 1928 - September 26, 1973)
Ralph Dale Earnhardt supported his family building cars for him and others to race in his home car garage. His business and mechanic skills are evident with his success. He is known as the first to utilize a tire strategy and how to tweak cars to give them more bite. He is also known as the master of North Caroline dirt tracks and was a champion of major race series of his time.

Martha Earnhardt Biography - Born July 15, 1930 in Concord, North Carolina
Martha is the daughter of William and Cora Coleman. She married her husband Ralph when she was 17 and was present when he started his racing career two years later. She understood that racing was a lucrative way to support the Earnhardt family, but she later wished her children and grandchildren would pursue safer career than racing. While her husband supported the family in the car garage, Martha filled their bellies with her delicious southern cooking. In modern times, Martha Earnhardt joined the mother of Jeff Gordon to publish the cookbook, Pit Stop to Southern Kitchen. Many of Martha's southern recipes were passed down to her by Dale Earnhardts grandmother, Effie.

Dale Earnhardt Biography (April 29, 1951 - 2001)
Dale Earnhardt started racing on local tracks near his home in Kanapolis, North Carolina at the age of 15. Book education was not of importance to him. He dropped out of high school during his Freshman year and supported himself in the family business of racing and fixing cars. He entered the NASCAR ranks in 1979 sponsored by California business man, Roel Osterlund. Earning the nicknames as The Intimidator, Man in Black, and Mr. Chevrolet, Dale Earnhardt went onto win 7 Winston Cup Championships with only Richard Petty tieing him for that honor. Even after his death at the 2001 Daytona 500, the Black Number 3 will always be connected with Dale Earnhardt. His third wife, Theresa continues with his racing company Dale Earhardt Inc. Dale Earnhardt passed his racing genes on to his eldest three children, Kerry, Kelley and Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr Biography - Born
Dale Jr was born in Kanapolis, North Carolina to the famed Dale Earnhardt and his second wife, Brenda Lorraine Gee. Unlike his dad, Dale Jr. finished high school and acquired a 2 year automotive degree. Starting at the bottom, Dale Jr earned only ,000 a year as a mechanic for his father's car dealership. Although known as a party boy, Dale Jr. proved himself on the track as a progressive driver holding his father's aggressive driving genetics.

Eventually he drove for DEI earning much success and the nickname Little E. As a sponsors dream, Dale Jr opened his NASCAR career with other up and coming drivers like Jimmy Johnson and Kevin Harvick. He quickly became the face of Wrangler and Budweiser. After his father's death in 2001, Dale JR set his sights on owning his own racing organization. Since his step mother, Theresa, was not interested in giving up control of DEI, he left his father's former company and started his own, JR Motorsports with the help of his sister, Kelley, cousin and long time crew chief, Tony Eury Jr.

Kerry Earnhardt Biography -?
Kerry Earnhardt tried his hand at racing, but his career was short lived. He found his calling in designing homes with his wife, Rene Earnhardt. The couple designed 22 homes included in the Earnhardt Home Collection and have won archtitectural awards for their talents.

Kelley King Earnhardt Biography - Born August 28, 1972
Kelley is the unsung hero of the Earnhardt family racing dynasty. While obtaining a business degree at University of North Carolina Charlotte, she raced the oval tracks in the Late Model series. Kelley Earnhardts family members boast about her aggressiveness on the track that even earned her respective wins against her younger brother Dale Jr. and cousin, Tony Eury Jr. Kelley left the drivers seat to find success in racing at the business table and now shares ownership JR Motorsports with Dale Jr., Tony Eury Jr, and Hendrick Motorsports. Her biggest win for JR Motorsports was signing the future of females in racing, Danica Patrick. Kelly Earnhardt often jokes that she is living vicariously through Patrick who is 10 years younger than Kelley Earnhardt.

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