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The Danica Patrick Family Tree

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The Danica Patrick Family
Danica with her parents, Bev and father T.J.
The Danica Patrick family includes Danica's mother, Beverly, father Terry (TJ) and sister, Brook Patrick. Danica Patrick set fire to the racing scene as the It girl of the IRL IndyCar series, but now has jumped to a full-time Nascar Cup ride under car owner, Tony Stewart. The Danica Patrick family supports her at every level of her rise to fame on and off the track. This little firecracker stands at only 5 feet one inch tall and weighs 50lbs less than her fellow drivers, but her skill behind the wheel cannot go unnoticed.

Who are Danica Patrick's ancestors? How can the branches in the Danica Patrick family tree, which hails from Norway and Ireland, tell the story of why this dark haired princess is a force not be reckoned with when the engines are fired and the checkered flag is waved?
For starters, her father is a former snowmobile racer. Unsurprisingly, Danica Patrick's mother Beverly was a trailblazer in her own right acting as the mechanic for a female snow mobile racer when she met Danica Patrick's father, T.J. Patrick. Danica mirrors her entrepreneurial spirit after her parents who supported Danica and her sister, Brook, by owning two small businesses.

This Week's Danica Patrick Racing News : Danica has not had much luck in Pheonix, Vegas, and Bristol after a stellar performance at Daytona. After starting 40th at Fontana, California she finished 26th and holds on to an 29th position in the points. Forbes magazine reported that Danica Patrick is the 7th highest paid Nascar driver at about 12 million in earning. If she can spin around the track and take some flags, she is expected to surprise 5 time top earner Dale Jr. this year. Boogity, boogity, boogity .. Let's go Danica!

Danica Patrick's Racing Family : The fresh faced, Danica Patrick, races for Tony Stewart's racing team of Stewart Haas Racing. After filing for divorce, Danica began a relationship with fellow racer, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Keeping it in the racing family, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. also found his start with Tony Steward, so much so that Tony calls Ricky his son.

Danica Patrick Biography
Danica Sue Patrick (b. Mar 25, 1982 [Beloit, MN])
Parents : [father - Terry Jose (T.J.) Patrick] and [mother - Beverly Ann Patrick] Born in Minnesota, her parents moved Danica and her little sister, Brook to Illinois where she attended Honnonegah Community High School where she played sports like volleyball and softball and showed her school spirit as a cheerleader. Like famous racers, Tony Stewart and Jimmie Johnson, Danica Patrick was raised by a competitive racing father and first won championships with go-Karts.

When Danica Patrick was 16, she quit school and moved to England to compete with the Formula 1 champions. After returning to the United States, Danica earned a coveted seat in the IRL IndyCar series in 2005. She was the 4th female to start in the Indianapolis 500 and finished with the best finish for a woman with a 3rd place finish. This was a huge accomplishment, since less than 30 years prior; women were restricted to only certain parts of the track until lawsuits in the 1970s pushed for a change. In 2005, Danica married her husband, Paul Edward Hospenthal. Together they shared a physical address in Pheonix, Arizona when they are not riding around the country in their mega bus to racing events. In 2012, the couple announced they were divorcing. She is now dating, Ricky Stenhouse Jr., with whom she is competing for the title of Rookie of the Year during the 2013 Sprint Cup season.

Of the track, Danica Patrick quickly built a brand name and acquired major sponsorship deals with Go, Samsonite, and many more. Danica also exercised her acting chops with a guest spot on CSI : New York and a voice role on The Simpsons. In 2010, her friend Dale Earnhardt Jr. explained her to the importance of seeking professional representation to take her brand to the next level, so she fired her parents, who handling her business affairs while she moved up in the racing ranks.

Danica Patrick will made Sprint Cup debut at the Daytona 500 in 2012, but silenced all of her haters by leading some laps and finishing 8th in 2013. Danica will drive the number 10 car for Stewart Haas Racing. The number 10 is very special to her because it was her number on her first Go Kart and the age she was when she began racing. Go Danica .. we wish you well in your 2013 Sprint Cup Sophomore season!

Danica Patrick Family Tree
Danica Patrick Mother - Beverly Ann (nee Flaten ) Patrick (b. May 23, 1958 [MN])
Born in Minnesota, the mother of a female racing phenomena, Bev Patrick was the perfect example of a trailblazer for her daughters, Danica and Brooke. She served as the mechanic for a female snowmobile racer. Then she and her husband went on to start first a glass plate business and then opened up a coffee shop with the Java Hut franchise. She used her creative business sense to help her daughter meet her racing dreams. She wanted her daughters to be well rounded and adventurous, so I suppose she met her goal.

Maternal Grandparents :
f: Alber Flaten (b. Sept 28, 1933 [MN] - d. May 10, 1973)
m: Audrey Glenda Kvien (b. Oct. 5, 1936 [MN] )

Danica Patrick Father - Terry Jose (TJ) Patrick Jr. ()
Born in Minnesota, but he met his wife while competing in Colorado in a snowmobile race. Together he and his wife raised Danica and her little sister, Brook. As a racer himself, TJ Patrick understood the talent of his daughter, Danica. Together TJ and Danica shared a father daughter bond like no other. Danica even brags that she can sense where her father is standing along the track while she is racing. TJ Patrick was happy that his daughters suggested racing Go Karts when he and his wife had already decided upon purchasing a pontoon boat. Instead of the family finding adventure on the water, they found it cheering the girls on while racing in dirt ovals.

Paternal Grandparents :
f: Terry Jose Patrick (b. Dec 1938 [MN] d. July 1983 [IL])
m: ? (1936 - 2001)
      Danica Patrick's grandmother died in 2001 of COPD or otherwise known as emphysema at the age of 65. Danica says in interviews that she was a very cool grandma that even paid her and her sister, Brook to pull weeds as kids. In 2001, Danica was focused on racing in England and regrets not spending quality time with her grandmother before she died. In her grandmother’s memory, Danica promotes DRIVE5COPD to help raise awareness for the deadly and rehabilitating disease.

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