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Donald Trump Family Of New York

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The Donald Trump Family

Right : Ivana and Eric
Left : Donald Trump Jr., Donald Trump, and Ivanka
  The Donald Trump family includes the three kids to his first marriage with Ivana Trump, Ivanka, Eric and Donald Trump Jr. The popular All-American business family makes a statement on their hit television show, The Celebrity Apprentice. The current Trump family patriarch, Donald Trump, begins his biography by descending from a long list of successful business entrepreneurs. Together the Trump dynasty shares the Trump surname and over time built the Trump family empire, now called the Trump Organization. Donald Trump's father, Fred Trump, used a strong German work ethic lay the foundation for the Trump family tree to earn world class business success as United States real estate developers. The home of the Trump family empire is in the Trump Tower located on 5th Avenue.

What is new for the Trump Family : In March 2013, Donald Trump premiered the newest season of The Celebrity Apprentice and invited back many memorable contestants. Donald and Ivana Trump's Daughter, Ivanka Trump, stars on the show and is expecting her second child this fall. Ivanka's addition to the Trump family will give Donald Trump a total of six grandchildren.
After Donald Trump's grandfather emigrated from Austria in the late 1890s, he realized the American dream and started a restaurant which allowed him to invest in real estate. Continuing this Trump family success, Frederich Trump formed the Trump Organization.

Now, as the fourth child of five in the Frederic (Fred) Trump family, Donald Trump has expanded the operations of the Trump Organization to include casinos in Atlantic City and other entertainment vehicles. The Trump family name is its own brand. In recent times, The Donald uses his media savvy to promote the hit reality show on NBC, The Celebrity Apprentice, where he puts very dramatic famous people into business situations to test their abilities. To top it off, Donald Trump toyed with the idea of running for president in 2012, but now he is supporting the Newt Gingrich family does to live in the White House. The political showman plans to host an upcoming Republican debate as well.

Passing on the Trump legacy to his children, Donald proudly oversees the successful business careers of his three eldest children, Donald Trump Jr, Ivanka, and Eric. Ivanka Trump is now pregnant with the next generation of the Trump clan. The Trump family extends their reach into entertainment with the hit NBC show, The Apprentice.

This Week With Trump Family On Celebrity Apprentice : This week, Donald Trump fired Marilu Henner, a great business woman on the celebrity addition. He is still spatting with Jon Stewart. When will that ever end? .. Who is next to be fired on the Apprentice?

Donald Trump Biography
Born - June 14, 1946 in Queens, New York
The life story of Donald Trump is filled with hard work, family legacy, and an innovative entrepreneur spirit. During his early years, Donald Trump's parents understood that they needed to direct his high energy personality toward positive endeavors, so they enrolled him in military school. At the boarding school he learned discipline and thrived socially and academically. After achieving his degrees in economics from Fordham University and Wharton School of Business at University of Pennsylvania, Donald jumped into the family real estate business with the Trump Organization.

Quickly making his mark, Donald Trump moved into Manhattan and developed relationships with the upper class that helped him earn higher paying real estate contracts. Later, he married Ivana Trump, a former fashion model. Donald not only made Ivana the mother of his children, but also named her a vice president in the Trump Organization in charge of design. Together, they built their family home, Trump Tower, a 200 million dollar phenomena building that attracts celebrities to live in its world class luxury residential units.

Once Donald Trump realized his dream of tackling the New York City real estate market, he set his sites on new territories in Atlantic City. In 1977, the New Jersey legislature legalized gambling. Therefore Donald Partnered with Harrahs and opened the first of his many monumental casinos.

Success was not without its problems for Donald Trump. After surviving a highly publicized divorce from Ivana Trump, he felt into mega debt losing billion dollars. He dug his way out of debt to become bigger and better. Later he married Marla Maples and fathered a fourth child, Tiffany Trump, in 1993. After that marriage ended, he met and married Melania Trump who gave him his fifth child, Barron Trump, in 2006.

In modern times, Donald works closely with his three older children, Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric. Each acquired a business education like dear old Dad and proudly prove that a marriage filled with money and power and scandal can produce well rounded and successful children. Now his eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump, tweets that she is pregnant and is making Donald Trump a grandfather.

Donald Trump Family Tree And Genealogy
Donald Trump Father - Frederick Christ Trump
Born in Woodham, NY on October 11, 1905

Paternal Grandfather - Frederic Trump
Fred Trump started the Trump family fortune by operating the Actic Restaurant and Hotel, located in Bennett, British Columbia during the Klondike Gold Rush.

Paternal Grandmother - Elizabeth Christ Trump
Born in October 10, 1880 in Austria. Her future husband, Fred Trump left their homeland when she was 5, but she kept in touch with him over the years and their love transcended the ocean to eventually becoming married.

Donald Trump Mother - Mary Anne MacLeod
Born in Stromway, Scottland in May 10, 1912 to parents Anna Maria and Christ Christ.

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