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Drita Selmani D'avanzo Family

drita davanzo family
Drita D'avanzo s Family
Daughters Aleeya and Gizelle with the proud Mommy, Drita
  The Drita D'avanzo family begins its family history in Albania, but has known through the mafia family world with the rocky marriage between Drita and Lee D'avanzo in Staten Island, New York. After joining the cast of VH1's Mob Wives, Drita D'avanzo moved her family business from the dark world of the mafia to the bright lights of cosmetics, rap music, and reality television personalityhood. Drita definitely stands out from the rest of the explosive cast with her own sense of style in the gym and out to lunch with the girls.
Drita or formerly Drita Selmani left her straight laced Albanian family to marry a man of the streets, Lee D'avanzo. During most of their marriage, Lee has been incarcerated leaving Drita to support him from her Staten Island home where she raises their two children, Aleeya and Gizelle. Never to be a victim, Drita is divorcing her bad boy husband and leading her family in a positive direction. Now Lee D'avanzo is out of prison and welcomed into Drita's home.

What is happening with Drita on Mob Wives : The new season 3 Drita is more at peace by trying to resolve the conflicts between her cast members and put her family back together. Get out of here .. Lee is home from prison! He does not want to be a character on the show. Drita showed how her make up magic transformed a model into a starlette. She also joined Renee Graziano to a self defense class that was so Drita.

Drita D'avanzo Biography
Drita Selmani D'avanzo
Drita D'avanzo was born Drita Selmani on February 6, 1976 in the projects of Staten Island, New York to her parents, Nezir and Kadima Selmani. Her father, Ness Selmani, believed in raising kids to be strong athletes. We see Drita and Carla working out in the gym on the show, but the love for living a fit life began in Drita's childhood. Ness Selmani expected Drita to run miles around local parks and build her core with many many sit ups. Drita's fierce personality and physical appearance made her a bit scary to her classmates. It wasn't until she became a Mom that her personality softened to what we see more of on the Mob Wives television program.

Drita met her future, hubby, Lee D'avanzo while rooming with another Mob Wife, Karen Gravano. Karen originally dated Lee, but when she hit town for Arizona, Drita struck up a romance with Lee. In 2000, the couple married when they learned they were expecting their first child, Aleeya. Three weeks after the wedding, Lee entered jail for his first of two trips to the big house during their marriage. Lee is not the typical husband. He has been convicted of drug dealing and bank robberies and is suspected of being the leader of the farm teams owned by the Bonanno and Columbo crime families. While released from prison, the couple rekindled their marriage and Drita became pregnant with their second child, Gizelle. Gizelle has never met her father, since he has been back in jail ever since. Drita kept their marital bond until she learned of her husband's infidelities from a former mistress she ran into at a hair salon.

Drita is growing by leaps and finally has her husband, Lee D'avanzo, home from jail. Defining her own style Drita played around with different cosmetic combinations. With her new found fame, she promotes a line of cosmetics called Just Me with the color choices named after her daughters that she wears to each of her appearances. Playing into her love for staying fit, Drita is producing a workout video for her fans. If you want to catch up with Drita on a daily basis, check out her Facebook Fan page. When comparing fan pages, she is the most popular of the Mob Wives by far!

Drita D'avanzo Family Tree
Drita D'avanzo Father
Born in December 7, 1950, Nezir Selmani grew in what is was then Yugoslavia. Unlike Lee DeVanzo, his beloved daughter's choice in husband and father to his beautiful granddaughters, Aleeya and Gizelle, Ness leads a straight laced life in the world of soccer. Back in Yugoslavia, Ness graduated from Prishtina University in 1972. After graduation Ness moved to America and settled in Staten Island where many Selmani family members also live. Somewhere along the line, Ness married Drita's mother, Kadima Selmani. The couple greeted Drita's brother in 1974, then young Drita arrived in 1976. Ness found work as a soccer coach in many athletic clubs while raising his children in the projects. This devoted father coached his children to be the best soccer players too. Drita even was awarded the coveted Pegasus Award as well as being invited to play soccer for the National team.

In 1994, his work ethic and devotion to the sport of soccer led him to the position as Head women's Soccer Coach for Fordham University located in the Bronx, New York. Ness may have wished that his move up in the world would have come sooner before watching with sadness at her daughter finding a life in a criminal family. Now he should be proud of Drita because she has cashed in her chips and now leads a great career using what he taught her as a legitimate business woman, workout enthusiastic and celebrity.

Drita D'avanzo Mother
Kadima Selmani was born on May 15, 1953. Although her husband turned away their daughter due to her choice of marriage, this strong mother stuck by Drita. Not much is written about Kadima, but I am betting that Drita earned her strength from her father and her unconditional love for her daughters from her mother.

Drita D'avanzo Brother
Drita's brother was born two years before Drita in 1974. He played soccer and invited his skillfull little sister to play on his teams as well. Drita always expresses greatfulness for her brother standing by her as her best friend through thick and thin.

Lee D'avanzo
Lee D'avanzo was married to Drita for 14 years, but was incarcerated for 11 years of their marriage. After Drita learned of an affair Lee had while filming Mob Wives, Drita threatened to end their marriage. After some soul searching Drita invited Lee back into her home when he returned home from his latest stint in prison. Drita and Lee share two beautiful daughters, Aleeya and Gizelle. Lee comes from a long line of men that supported their family with mafia like careers. Lee's grandfather father Leo D'avanzo worked a gambling and loan sharking activities from a Brooklyn, NY bar called Vincent's Restaurant. His father Lewis also was allegedly involved in criminal activities while he and his wife Lois raised Lee and his siblings. Sadly, Lee's father did not live to see Lee become a man.

Lewis D'avanzo shares lineage with former New York mayor, Rudy Guiliani. Leo D'avanzo is brother to Helen D'avanzo Guiliani who married Harold Guiliani and gave birth to Rudy Guiliani. Lois DaVanza stated that her family were invited to the former Mayor wedding years ago, but lost touch after that, since Guiliani needed to distance himself from his family mafia ties. As time goes on teh sins of the father are wiped clean, so now the children of all of the Mafia Wives can seek a better life above the law.

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