The Royal Family Tree of England :
Family of Queen Elizabeth II

english royal family tree

Royal Family of England
Seated : William, Charles, Queen Elizabeth II, Phillip, Camilla, Harry
Standing (Row 1) : Timothy Lawrence ,Royal Princess Anne, Zara Phillips, Beatrice,Andrew,Eugenie, Prince Edward, Sophie
Standing (Row 2) : Peter Phillips, Autumn Phillips
  The Royal Family of England : With royal excitement, Queen Elizabeth II greets the newest heir to the English throne. Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton become the parents Prince George of England on July 22, 2013. On his first day in this world, the new prince leapfrogged his Uncle Harry in line to the English throne. Queen Elizabeth II leads the British royals with son, Prince Charles, ready to take his place as king, starting with representing his mother in Sri Lanki this Fall.
The epitome of regal, Queen Elizabeth II is the 32nd great granddaughter to King Alfred noted as being the first effective King of England with his time on the English royal throne lasting from 871-899. The traditions of the British royal family have evolved with the times over the past 2 centuries, even during times of war between the Yorks and Lancasters.

Throughout English royalhistory, the British monarchy slowly lost its power as the absolute governous over the people of England. First came the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215, then under the direction of Oliver Cromwell in 1649, Charles I was tried in the courts and executed; thus transforming England into a Republic. In 1660, the executed king's son, Charles II was asked to return to the throne but with much limited powers. Currently the House of Windsor sits on the British throne and is labeled as a consitutional monarchy which means it does not take part in the governing matters of the people. The modern monarchy mostly serves as a social representative for the Commonwealth of Nations. Queen Elizabeth II, as the Queen of England, also heads the Anglican church, started by Henry VIII of the Tudor Dynasty.

Over Queen Elizabeth II's more than 60 years of rule, she has tried to maintain the stability of the monarchy even after much scandal stained by the divorces of most of her children, including Charles, Edward, and Anne. In 2013, she showed signs of slightly slowing down when she was hospitalized for a stomach bug. Proudly the British royal family including Queen Elizabeth's children and grandchildren stood in Westminster Abbey with men in tuxedos and ladies wearing inventive wedding hats to witness the marriage of Dutchess Kate Middleton to Duke William, the 3rd in line to the British royal throne. The British Monarchy is more of a proud tradition the people of England and the millions of followers around the world love to watch in its glory.

British Monarch Family Names
The British monarchy has been ruled by 9 royal family names going all the way back to William the Conqueror who first ruled what is now England from 1066-1087. These British royal surnames include Windsor, Saxe-Loburg-Gotha, Hanover, Stuart, Tudor, York, Lancaster, Plantagenet and Normandy. The changes in royal surnames occurred when no male heir was available to sit on the throne, so the ruling Queen married married a dignitary from another family, such as the case with the marriage of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Another instance of changing royal surnames is when another warring family won a battle with the current King, as was the case when King Richard I.

The houses of Lancaster and York feuded during the War of the Roses. The War of the Roses assumes its name because the house of Lancaster is represented by a red rose, while the house of York sports a white rose. Henry VII of Lancaster killed the current King of England, Richard III of York in the Battle of Bosworth in 1485. Henry VII assumed the throne and wished to instill peace among the warring factions in England. He married Elizabeth of York and decreed his royal family dynasty would be called Tudor represented by a rose of both red and white colors.

King Henry IV's eldest son worked his entire life to keep the family line going. After numerous wives that he either divorced or put to death by treason he only fathered three children, a weak son, Edward and two daughters Mary and Elizabeth. Edward assumed the throne but he did not live past 15. Mary I first became the first Queen of England for a mere 9 days. Elizabeth the first ruled as the last Tudor Queen. Many more Queens ruled England with grace and duty including Queen Mary II, Queen Anne, Queen Victoria, and Queen Elizabeth II.

The royal family has a very interesting surname history. Queen Elizabeth II pronounced on April 9, 1952 that the British royal family descending from her should be known as coming from the House of Windsor. The Queen of England made this decree two months after she took her seat on the throne of England in 1952. When Queen Elizabeth II became Queen of England she was married to Phillip Mountbatten, the Duke of Edinburgh. At the royal coronation, her name was H.R.H. Prince Elizabeth, Duchess of Edinburgh. Therefore, the surname of her children, grandchildren should have used the Mountbatten surname, the English equivalent to Battenburg. More interestingly the surname, Battenbrug, was renounced by the her Grandfather, George V, in 1917. If The Queen had not change the royal surname to Mountbatten-Windsor, all of the titular pleasantries would not have been extended to her children and grandchildren. The surname, Mountbatten-Windsor is also known as the first hyphenated royal surname.

English Royal Family Trees
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