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Making a family tree cannot be done by one family historian. Others family members must help gather information not found in genealogy records such as share stories and provide old family photos. Making a basic family tree is not always an interesting concept to some people, but if you use some creative ideas to add special twists to your family tree you will find more family members open to help you make a popular family tree.

Family Tree Making Tips and Ideas
1. Interview family members to fill in gaps not found in written resources like how married family members met, how family members shared important events and holidays, and who were the family heroes. In person family interviews work best because using email or the telephone to gather family history orally can be uncomfortable for older elders on your family interview list.
More Tips and Questions for Interviewing a Relative

2. When researching online genealogy databases keep a log to help site your visits in order to track reliability of information provided and determine when to return to the genealogy research resource to retrieve updated family tree information. Online resources are not as fully researched as resources sited with printed materials, so logging the location of your online genealogy research locations helps eliminate bogus family tree data.

3. Composing a family tree cookbook is a great way to incorporate coveted family recipes for future decendants. Chefs and food lovers in your family will enjoy adding background about a family member and adding the family member's prize recipes for other family members. Be careful to only offer the family tree cookbooks only to family members because some people do not wish to share their coveted family recipes outside of the family circle.

4. The best time to learn valuable family history and take group family pictures is during family reunions. While chatting with family members, other family members may provoke other family members to remember cute stories. Take every opportunity to take a family picture at renunions because they will be cherished when some family members are not with you anymore.

5. Include medical history data in your families trees to help with future genetic testing for proven inheritable diseases like heart disease and breast cancer. This edition to your family tree will make your family tree publication valuable to more family members. If you present this idea, you may find that more family members will help you research your family tree.
How to Make A Medical Family Tree

6. Find other family historians that connect their family trees to your family tree. Do this by adding information about pedigree ancestors to websites like ours. Make My Family Tree .com offers two options for promoting your family tree website to other genealogists. (1) Add an ancestor legend story or (2) submit a photo of your family home. Each directory offers the chance to post your family tree link for others to find your family tree website.

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