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  American history had a rocky start with its black citizens. Black family ancestors immigrated to America from such places as Africa, Caribbean and the Middle East. Some entered American soil as slaves and started family lines under such conditions and would be proud of what their offspring have aspired to become. In modern times, we have a black president and role models in business, and entertainment. Who are these famous black people and how did their black family history help shape their lives to become famous and well respected by society? We have researched black family trees of some very famous black people making a difference in our world.

Famous Black People of African American Family Trees
  • The inspiring Oprah Winfrey family tree describes how a little girl with many challenges rises to the top to be the of America.

  • The inspiring Barack Obama family tree describes how a child of a single parent in Hawaii aspired to be the first black President of the United States.

  • The scandalous Beyonce family tree explains how a young girl from Texas worked really hard to be one of the most prominent Grammy award winning singers and actresses of her time.

  • The stoic Will Smith family tells us how a young kid from Philadelphia launched to stardom as a successful rapper and movie star of such films as Independence Day and the Men In Black series.

  • The intriguing Nicki Minaj family tree tells the story of a young girl from Trinidad who lived a rough childhood to escape into the world as a prestigious young rapper.

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