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genealogy vacation
Genealogy Vacation and Travel Planning
  Planning a genealogy vacation is key because there is only so much family tree research you can do from your home computer. A lot of the genealogy records still only exist in hard copy form at local libraries and public buildings.

Why not learn about your family tree on a family vacation and travel to the home of your ancestors to learn even more about them? This fun family vacation idea is called a genealogy vacation. You can rent a vacation rental homes in many areas of the country.

It is definitely a more genine experience to see where your ancestors came from than to just look up records about them. Some genealogy vacations may lead you overseas, so you can also experience their culture. The more research you do ahead of time to prepare and plan for your genealogy trip the better. Here are some tips for how to plan you genealogy vacation.

How To Plan A Genealogy Vacation Trip
1. Choose your genealogy vacation destination :
Pinpoint locations on a genealogy maps that have a large number of relatives living nearby that you can talk to or research. You may want to go directly to those towns or find a beach or recreational area nearby and do short road trips every other day. You may also want to plan your trip around a family reunion, so you can attract and meet more relatives at the same time. If no reunions are scheduled, one family member may be willing to host a picnic in your honor.

2. Locate landmarks of interest to your genealogy research:
Make a map of the area and locate places of genealogical interest such as libraries, municipal buildings, cemeteries, churches, and family homes. Libraries may contain local newspaper articles you can only view there. Type in your family surnames into their search tools and locate local stories about your family members. Even if your ancestors no long live in the family homes, you may want to visit if only to drive by and take photographs from the road. The homes of your ancestors can tell you a lot about how they lived. The cemetery research is like walking into an outdoor library with exact dates of death and gravestone markings telling a tale by the tombstone symbols etched on them.

3. Protect your originals by keeping them at home.:
Take photocopies of your genealogy documents, such as family tree charts. When you collect old photograph, you may want to learn photo genealogy tips.

4. Store your genealogy information separately.:
When packing for your genealogy vacation, pack your clothes and food separately from your genealogy information. You may want to invest in a filing case to easily sort your new photographs and documents that you collect on this trip. Remember this is your vacation, so things can get hectic when you have fun.

5. Schedule Your Time Wisely:
Plan what you will do on each day of your genealogy trip. Don't cram too much into one trip. Remember that when you visit living relatives, they will want to spend time with you and not just be your historical record keeper.

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