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Renee Graziano Family

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The Graziano Family
Renee with son AJ Pagan, sister Jennifer and her son and Hector "Junor" Pagan
The Graziano family of Staten Island, New York is headed by Anthony Graziano and now carried on by his proud daughters, Lana, Renee, and Jennifer. Anthony Graziano made his income on the streets of New York through his lifelong connections with organized crime. The younger two Graziano sisters, Renee and Jennifer Graziano, are rewriting the history books with their dramatic reality TV show about the lifestyle on VH1 called Mob Wives. The Graziano sisters are finding a way to profit from their mafia family experiences and connections and trading their wicked ways for legitimate businesses.
So what are these deep mafia connections? Well the story starts with the success of their father as a consigliore in the Bonanno crime family and hopefully will end with Renee’s son, AJ, learning by example that a life in prison chosen by his father and grandfather is less appealing than a career that society mutually accepts.

In season 2, Renee opened her family home to the impact of her ex-husband Junior ratting on her own father. The twisted emotions caused by Junior's choice to lessen his sentence by turning in his father in law made the realism of modern mafia life very vivid.

What is happening with Renee Graziano on Mob Wives Season 3 : Renee is spreading her drama during her treatment program. She replaced her usual target, Carla, with a blond lady that spoke up against her. The arrival of Hurricane Sandy shows her coming home to cry on her son's shoulder. I really hope she can get it together and that her treatment helps her be more rational with how she expresses her emotions.

Graziano Sisters - Renee and Jennifer
Renee Graziano Biography (b. Apr 19 1968)
Parents : Anthony and Veronica Graziano

Renee grew up as the middle child of three daughters to Anthony and Veronica Graziano. According to her older sister, Lana, Renee and her younger sister, Jennifer, experienced all of the riches after their father progressed to the top of his career. By the age of 7, she paraded around town in the signature mafia princess fur coat and ate at fancy restaurants while always given the VIP treatment. Always attracted the “lifestyle”, Renee married Hector “Junior” Pagan. Throughout their rocky on and off marriage, Hector found himself in jail or in the arms of various mistresses. Their bond is held through their mutual love of their son, Anthony John “AJ” Pagan. The mob life is not always glamorous. As we have seen on the VH1 episodes, at any time the police can take your main bread winner away, including the houses, cars, and bank accounts. Renee Graziano has learned to acquire her own income. For starters, she worked as an assistant wardrobe stylist for such rappers as 50 Cent. Renee Graziano has also started a greeting card company for loved ones to send personalized greeting cards to their loved ones behind bars, called Jail Mail.

Jennifer Graziano Biography (b. 1971?)
Parents : Anthony and Veronica Graziano

The youngest Graziano daughter and creator of the Mob Wives TV drama inherited her father’s business sense. While a graduate student at New York University, she was alleged to be a drug runner for her brother-in-law, Hector Pagan. She escaped the charges when her father agreed to plead guilty on tax evasion charges in 2001. After acquiring a degree in Psychology from NYU, Jennifer Graziano started JustJenn Productions and davveled in different business adventures until she landed the deal with Harvey Weinstein to produce this Bio drama about the women living in the Costa Nosta life style. Along the way, she married Chris Ludwigsen Paciello, who also has connections with the mafia families.

Lana Graziano-Zanococchio Biography (b. 1/8/1961)
Parents : Anthony and Veronica Graziano

The eldest daughter of Anthony and Veronica Graziano and believed to be the feistiest. Her marriage to John “Porky” Zanococchio abruptly ended when he went to jail for tax evasion along with her father in 2002 as part of a plea deal to keep the women of the family including her sister, Jennifer, mother, Veronica, and Zanococchio’s mother Rosa from prison for their small crimes. In hindsight, Lana reports that her marriage was a sham for Zanococchio to move closer to her father, Anthony Graziano, and propel his own career. Fans of the VH1 drama wonder why Lana is not a featured cast member because she has truly experienced all aspects of being a mafia princess in the Anthony Graziano family. She inherited the propensity for to die for Italian cooking and a dramatic flair that would overshadow her younger sister, Renee. For now, Lana Graziano is penning her own book with the intriguing mafia stories that would make anyone blush.

Graziano Family Tree
Anthony Graziano Biography (b. 1/8/1961)

Anthony Graziano grew up on the tough streets of New York City and quickly developed connections with the Bonanno Crime family. He reported to a judge that he left school after only completing the seventh grade. Together with his wife, Veronica, he raised three little mafia princesses in Staten Island,NY while he privately ran successful money making activities. By 1990 when he was arrested for tax evasion, Anthony Graziano was labeled by the Feds as a Capo. His close friendship with Joseph Massino, the alleged leader of the Bonanno Crime family propelled him to become the new consigliore, the third most important man in a crime family under the boss and underboss. Interestingly enough, Anthony Graziano was brought up on tax evasion charges after accepting financial Christmas gifts at a Bonanno crime family. He also agreed to serve time in turn for saving the women in his family from going to trial and possibly also serving jail time as well. After being released from jail in 2011, Anthony Graziano earned another ticket back to jail after his former son-in-law wore a wire and caught him ordering a crime on tape.

Hector "Junior" Pagan Biography (b. 1/8/1961)

Anthony Graziano grew up on the tough streets of New York City and quickly developed connections with the Bonanno Crime family. He reported to a judge that he left school after only completing the seventh grade. Together with his wife, Veronica, he raised three little mafia princesses in Staten Island,NY while he privately ran successful money making activities. Known as Junior, he has held a long time relationship with Renee Graziano which includes marriage and sharing a son, AJ. Hector Pagan has served time for a variety of crimes including running a very successful marijuana ring in Staten Island, NY. After being charged with armed robbery, Hector chose to become an FBI informant in the summer of 2011. His purpose as an informant was to catch his father-in-law, Anthony Graziano, while ordering a shakedown of someone owing unpaid loan money. Junior popped in and out of Renee and AJ’s lives during season 1, but is expected play a major part in the action playing out in season 2.

Anthony John "AJ" Pagan Biography (b. 4/23/1994)

AJ, Renee Graziano’s beloved only son appears throughout the Mob Wives tapings. His calm and cool demeanor foils Renee’s explosive reactions to the stresses in her life. AJ is the product of Renee promoting a clean future for her son. He brings hope to the family that he will earn a college education and lead an admirable career in engineering.

Veronica Graziano Biography (b. 5/14/1945)

The beautifual Italian matriarch of the Graziano family. She fullfills her role as supportive mother and role model to her daughters. In 2001, Veronica was linked to some of the family crimes, but her husband saved her from a trial and possible jail time by pleading guilty to some of his own crimes on the books. Most likely, she was an innocent bystander that was only linked by paperwork. Why would a beloved wife of a major crime boss want to take part in petty crimes. Really?

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