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herman cain family
Herman Cain Family
Herman and His Wife, Gloria Cain
  Bringing the Herman Cain family to the White House brings inspiration to the American people that someone coming from poor America and even a family history rooted in slavery can succeed in today's USA. However after Cain's speech in December 2011, that dream is suspended and has opened the door for the Newt Gingrich family to propel their GOP campaign. Herman Cain was raised by two hardworking parents who escaped a family legacy of sharecropping to provide a planned future for their two sons, Herman and his brother, Thurman Cain.

Although the University of Georgia did not accept him, Herman Cain went on to graduate with honors from Morehouse College. His business career started with the Coca Cola company, obtained through a family connection. After moving into the restaunt business, Herman Cain rocketed up the business ladder until he sat as CEO of Godfather Pizza. At home, his lovely wife of 40 years, Gloria Cain, kept the house and raised their beloved children, Melanie and Vincent. Now Gloria Cain stands by her man as the election campaign uncovers multiple sexual harrassments accusations presented by Herman Cain's former employees.
How did the descendent of Tennessee slaves reach the stars and now is the front runner in the GOP primaries for the 2012 Presidential election? How did his parents raise him to be the man he became, and proving everyone wrong? We answer these questions and more by telling the Herman Cain biography and family history story.

Herman Cain Biography
Herman Cain (born. December 13, 1945)
In 1945, Herman Cain was born in Memphis, Tennessee, but his progressive parents moved him and his brother, Thurman Cain to Atlanta, Georgia where he grew up. Although the Cain family did not have a lot, they were very grateful for what they did have and held onto the dream that the Cain brothers would graduate college and enjoy professional careers. In 1963, Herman graduated second of his class at Samuel Howard Archer High School where he attended classes with Gladys Night. Herman obtained a business degree from Morehouse College.

Herman's career is astounding leading him from an entry level position at Coca Cola bottling company, then moving on to a managerial position at Pillsbury Company. Herman takes pride in his success turning one region of Burger King into a monumental success after the region previously suffered disastrous results. His reputation for turning a fledgling business into a remarkable success earned Herman Cain the position as President and CEO of Grandfather Pizza.

Herman Cain has never served public office, but he did attempt to win the Republican nomination for US Senate representing the state of Georgia in 2004. He lost, but now his message is gaining ground in the republican party with his 999 tax reform plan and proven reputation as a businessman. The Republican party is chomping at the bit to not allow President Obama to secure a second term as the President of the United States. Many believe Herman Cain could be the most formidable opponent to President Obama in the 2012 Presidential Election. We shall see!

Herman Cain Family Tree
Father - Luther Cain Jr Biography (b. 3/16/1925 - d. 1982)
Herman's Cain's father was born and raised on a farm in Tennessee where his family earned a living as sharecroppers after being freed from slavery. Luther Cain Jr. understood there was a better life waiting for him and his future family far away from the sharecropping life style. He married Herman Cain's mother, Lenora and moved her and their two sons to the city of Atlanta, Georgia. Life was still hard because he worked three jobs as a chaeffer, cutting men's hair, and providing janitorial serivices, while his wife cleaned homes, to support their small family.

His shining moment was when he surprised his wife and sons with a home he bought with cash after secretly saving little by little over the years. Luther's hard worked helped his son break into the businessworld. The son of the head of the Coca Cola company employed Luther Cain Jr. as his personal driver. This connection allowed Herman Cain to acquire his first professional job after college.

Paternal Grandparents
f: Luther Cain Sr. (b. 1895 - 1960)
      f : Henry Cain (1855-1920) (Tennessee)
            f : Washington Cain (Kane) (b. 1827 in MS - 1889 TN)
            m : Pheobe or Jane Cain (?)
      m : Susan Cain (?)
m: Linni Cain (May) (?)

Herman Cain Mother - Lenora (nee Davis) Cain (1925-2005)
While her husband instilled an entreprenurial spirit in their children, Lenora Cain tried to keep them grounded. When Herman wanted to make the move from Pillsbury to starting out at the bottom of the Burger King chain, simply making burgers, she had to ask why. Needlesstosay, Herman Cain stuck to his own intuition and switched his focus to earning his way into the Burger King managerial program.

Herman Cain Brother - Thurman Cain ()

Herman Cain Wife - Gloria (nee Etchinson) Cain (1946)
In his book, This is Herman Cain, Herman states he met Gloria while she was a freshman at Morris Brown College and he a sophomore at Morehouse College. Herman was attracted to Gloria's beauty, but connected to her intelligence. The couple married in June 23, 1968. While Herman reached his dreams with a successful business career, Gloria focused on raising their two children, Melanie (born in 1971) and Vincent (born in 1977) from their home in Omaha, Nebraska. She maintains stability by preparing a family Southern family dinner of roast, collard greens, and cornbread. While Herman Cain promotes his book and debates other Republican primary candidates, Gloria remains at home supporting her husband out of the spotlight.

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