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hilton family tree
Hilton Family Tree
  Since the civil war, the Hilton family tree promoted hard work and an entrepreneurial spirit daveling in banking, retail and eventually what they are known today as the successful owners of a coast to coast luxury hotel chain. As the son of an Norweigian farming immigrant, Conrad Hilton founded the Hilton Hotels, making the fortune that his heirs used to follow their passions. Paris Hilton and her little sister Nicky now are the face of the Hilton family. Paris chose to follow her mother's family line and go into modeling and acting, while Nicky directs her energy to business, and even has tried to make her forefathers proud by developing her own line of hotels called Nicky O. While the Hilton sisters live the life of fame and fortune, all their blessings come from the hard work of the very talented Hilton family tree.

Hilton Sisters Biography
Paris Hilton Biography (b. 2/17/1981)
The Paris Hilton Biography begins with her birth into a successful hotel chain and socialite family as Paris Whitney Hilton in February 17, 1981. Nicknamed "Star" by her mother, Kathy Richards and maternal grandmother Big "Kathy" Dugan, Paris Hilton aspired to follow the family business of acting instead of becoming an entrepreneur like her father's Hilton family tree.

Paris began her career as a model for Donald Trump's modeling agency, "T Management" after graduating high school. Working into her role as a party princess, Paris joined her little sister Nicky at exclusive rocking parties and red carpet premieres taking in the party life style along the way. A sex tape title, "One Night In Paris" circulated across the Internet of her most intimate moments with then boyfriend Rick Solomon. The sudden exposure increased her fame status which turned into an acting career starting with a scripted reality series, "A Simple Life" with then best friend, Nicole Ritchie. Paris Hilton's famed party lifestyle cultivated into numerous arrests. She keeps on kicking with her reality TV status while paying for her crimes with community service.

Nicky Hilton Biography (b. 10/13/1983)
The Nicky Hilton biography intertwines with her sister Paris, but proves that Nicky aspires to show her family business talents instead of providing entertainment for the masses. Nicky grew up acting as a famous party princess and model like her sister, but found her passions in fashion design. Nicky designed original handbags for a Japanese handbag company owned by Samantha Thavasa.

In 2006, Nicky set her sights on mirroring her grandfather Conrad Hilton's success by starting her own chain of hotels called Nicky O. Unfortunately the real estate bubble burst a year later and the company flopped leaving Nicky sued for breach of contract. We are certain that Nicky will keep trying to live up to her entrepreneurial family roots and continue to make the Hilton name a success in the business world.

Hilton Family Tree
William Barron Hilton I Biorgaphy (b. 10/23/1927 - )
The descent of a long history of entrepreneurs, Barron Hilton took his father's hotel chain to new heights and invested in his own passions. In World War II, Barron served his country as a military photography. He later worked his way up in the Hilton family business as the Vice President under his father, then succeeded his father as President after his death. Barron contested his father's will securing a settlement of stock in his father's company of which would have been owned by the Conrad Hilton Foundation to be used for philanthropic purposes.

Barron Hilton assumed the role of president of the Carte Blanche credit card firm, owned a company producing orange juice, and directed a company that leases jets and invests his fortune in an oil company based in Texas. Most notably Barron Hilton founded the San Diego Chargers. The fruit of the Hilton tree did not dry up when Barron Hilton became its caretaker.

Conrad Hilton Biorgraphy (b. 12/25/1887 - d. 1979)
The founder of the Hilton hotel chain, Conrad Nicholson Hilton laid the foundation for his family fortune. His immigrant father provided a great business learning environment for Conrad with a string of family businesses, but Conrad wanted to make more of an impact on the world. After taking over the family general store, at age 21, Conrad earned a seat in the New Mexico Legislature in 1912After serving public office, Conrad Hilton served his country in World World II.

Upon returning home, he attempted to earn a living as a banker. Seeking opportunities during the oil boom, Conrad moved to Oklahoma. He eventually raised enough income to invest in a set of hotels. He bought his first hotel in 1919 and his first Hilton Hotel in 1925 in Dallas, Texas. Conrad Hilton marketed the Hilton Hotels to the business traveler emphasizing luxury and its coast -to- coast presence.

After building his fortune, he understood the need to give back and developed the Conrad Hilton Foundation. Upon his death in 1979, Conrad Hilton left a meager portion of his estate to his heirs, with the rest of it left to his foundation. His son Barron Hilton contested his father's wish.

August "Gus" Halvorsen Hilton (b. 8/21/1854 - d. 12/3/1861)
Gus Hilton grew up within a farming family in Ullensaker, Norway. He emigrated to America in 1870 where he met and married his American born bride, Mary Genevieve Laufersweiler. Gus thrived as an entrepreneur, supporting his family with a variety of small businesses such as a bank, post office, general store, and a small hotel. While his wife raised their children to pray to the lord, Gus taught them how to make money.

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