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hugh hefner family
Hugh Hefner Family
The Hugh Hefner family tree laid the foundation for Hugh to become a media mogul in the adult media industry. Although his parents wish for Hugh Hefner to become a missionary, they still supported his dream of publishing Playboy Magazine by investing towards its first issue published in 1952. Even beyond that Grace and Glen Hefner chose to raise their sons in the bustling city of Chicago, Illinois where Hugh Hefner opened the doors to the first Playboy Club in 1960. This is the family biography of Hugh Hefner telling you how his family members is every dream come true and help shape social dynamics of the world we live in.

Hugh Hefner Biography
Hugh Marston Hefner (born. April 9, 1926)
Hugh was born to be a magazine publish and social activist. His mother, Grace Hefner, spread her love of print media to her son as a former high school yearbook editor. Hugh Hefner and his brother, Keith Hefner, enjoy writing short stories while locked away in their rooms. As a teenager, Hugh began a club called, the Shudder Club for sharing Horror stories among his young friends. Before the end of the Shudder club, Hugh published 5 issues of his own horror story magazine aptly titled, The Shudder.

After college, Hugh married his first wife, Mildred Williams. His way of life changed when Mildred broke his heart by cheating on him while he served in the Army during WWII. Hugh and Mildred Hefner had two children, Christie and David, before separating when Christie was only 5. From that point, Hugh reinvented himself as a debonair ladies man about town. After building a career in journalism, Hugh left his secure job at Esquire to venture out and create Playboy Magazine.

In order to market and fund the successful Magazine, Hugh started The Playboy Club. On February 29, 1960, the first Playboy Club opened its doors in Chicago, Illinois. It was marketing genius, because Hugh Hefner sold keys to the club doors as a per year membership. Only 20% of the key holders even visited a club, but Hugh sold approximately 1 million keys per year. The Playboy Club successfully funded the growth of the Playboy Magazine.

Graduating from print media, Playboy Enterprises ventured into DVD sales and television programming. In the late 1960s, television shows like Penthouse Playboys and Playboy After Dark further sensationalized the Playboy brand. Hugh moved into the Playboy Mansion and created a life any man would long to recreate.

Making the Playboy business a family affair, Hugh's eldest child, Christie Hefner Marovitz assumed leadership roles in the company, eventually succeeding as the CEO. Christie married an Illinois State Senator, but did not give any grandchildren to her father, Hugh Hefner. In the 1990s, Hugh married Kimberly Conrad and shares two sons with her, Marston Glenn and Cooper Bradford. The Playboy Mansion transformed into a family friendly environment during those years, but Hugh later returned it to its Playboy glory after moving out the mother of his kids in later years.

Hugh Hefner Family Tree
Father - Glen Lucius Hefner Biography (1896-1976)
Glen Hefner shares a mix of German and English descent with his family. When tracing his mother's family line, he is a direct descendent of Plymouth Rock Governor William Bradford. Born in Nebraska, Glen joined some of his father's family in Chicago where he raised his children with his wife, Grace. Glen took business courses in college and found work in Chicago as a CPA for the Advanced Aluminum Company and also did bookkeeping for the Austin Methodist Church. Although Glen was a very stable father, he was also a workaholic, leaving not much time for bonding with Hugh and his younger brother, Keith. The depression era of the 1930s did not allow for many freedoms from work, since everyone who did work were lucky to have a job.

Paternal Grandparents
f: James Marston Hefner ()
    f : Marion Hefner ()
    m : Sarah Jane Butler (1836-1926)

m: Lois Nina Householder ()
    f : John Householder ()
    m : Lorena Virginia Woodword ()

Hugh Hefner Mother - Grace Caroline (nee Swanson) Hefner (1895-1997)
Throughout her life, Grace projected a very refined, but progressive demeanor. She grew up on a farm in Nebraska. Her father was a strict disciplinarian, but her mother showed a softer side and raised her family in the church. Grace was sheltered from the negative influences and enjoyed singing gospel music. She and her husband, acquired an education at Wesleyan College. Grace moved with her husband to Chicago, IL where they raised their two sons with Puritan beliefs. Although Grace did not approve of Hugh's choices to pursue a career as an adult magazine publisher, she still wanted him to do what made him happy. Grace Hefner invested in his company with . When Playboy Enterprises went public, she subsequently became a millionaire. Grace lived her final years of life in Arizona.

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