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The Jennifer Lawrence Family

jennifer lawrence family
The Jennifer Lawrence Family
The Jennifer Lawrence family includes her parents, Gary and Karen Lawrence. The Hunger Games star is making herself a name as the hottest actress in Hollywood with films like The Hunger Games and Silver Linings Playbook. Jennifer Lawrence grew up in a small town in Louisville, Kentucky as the youngest and only daughter to her parents, Gary and Karen Lawrence. The upbringing and family tree of Jennifer Lawrence explains why she succeeded as a dramatic actress at a young age. Her childhood filled with adventure and fun is a great recipe for a succesful actress and profound story teller.

Jennifer Lawrence In The news : After taking a break from the spotlight, Jennifer Lawrence is promoting the sequal to her biggest hit, "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire," Based on the popular novel series for young adults, the kids that survived the last 25 Hunger Games return for round 2, putting Katniss in the middle of the fire again.
The Hunger Games Star Starring in the Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence was not afraid to challenge her limits physically and emotionally. Not only can Lawrence deliver a line so brilliantly, but she also possess an athletic prowess to play characters like Katniss from The Hunger Games.

Jennifer Lawrence Biography
Jennifer Shrader Lawrence (b.Aug 15, 1990 [Louiville, Kentucky])
Parents : [father - Gary S. Lawrence] and [mother - Karen (nee Koch) Lawrence] Jennifer Lawrence grew up in the town of Louisville, Kentucky with one love, to tell stories. She enjoyed typical childhood fun, such as horseback riding and kid nights at the neighborhood YMCA. Her activities in high school included cheerleading and field hockey as well as appearing in dramatic church plays. At the age of 14, Jennifer begged to start a career in entertainment which meant moving to New York City.

Before her parents would permit her to pursue a career in acting, they insisted that she finish high school. That challenge was met with vigor when Jen Lawrence completed high school two years early. Little did her parents, Gary and Karen, know that their wonder daughter would wow the talent agents in NYC and quickly won parts on such television shows as the Bill Engvall Show and later in movies like Winter’s Bone and X-Men : First Class. The academy granted the phenomena a nomination for her role in the X-Men saga.

Jennifer Lawrence Family Tree
Jennifer Lawrence Mother - Sarah Elizabeth (nee Woods) Knight
  (b. B. 1956 [Kentucky] )

A spunky little blonde Southern lady, Karen Koch Lawrence is described by friends as having a heart of gold. Jennifer receives her entrepreneurial spirit from both her mother and father. Karen satisfied her daughter's desire to try her chops at acting in NYC in 2004. Little did she know, her daughter would make a career out of it at such a young age. In interviews, mother and daughter joke that Karen read book, Winter's Bone years before Jen received the role. The very intuitive mother insisted when she finished the book that this was the role for her daughter. Jennifer Lawrence jokes in Oscar interviews that her mother claims Jennifer's first acting role while in high school was as a prostitute. Surely Jennifer Lawrence gets her sense of humor from her mother.

In 1985, Karen started a kid's summer day camp in Louisville, Kentucky called Camp Hi Ho. At the camp, kids fish, swim, do arts and crafts, and experience other adventures in the camp fort. The camp helps many dogs and cats find home with the kids attending the camp through the promotion of their pet barn. Today, Karen, her husband, Gary, and son Blaine run the camp together which runs from June to August.

Maternal Grandparents :
f: Charles Koch
m: Carolyn Koch

Jennifer Lawrence Father - Gary Shrader Lawrence (b. 8-1-1956 [Kentucky] - ?)
Where his wife Karen gave Jennifer her spunkiness, Gary Lawrence comes from a legacy of University of Kentucky basketball players. His father David Lawrence played as the team co-captain in 1935. Later, he worked in the Administration for the University. Today, Gary helps his son and wife run the children’s day camp called, Camp Hi Ho.

Paternal Grandparents :
f: David Lawrence (b. 3-18-1912 - d. 1-10-2000)
      Played basketball all through school and even served as the captain of the University of Kentucky basketball team. If Jen Lawrence had not fallen into acting, she like her father and brother would have attended his alma mater. After college he served in the US Navy during World War II. He owned a family pig farm where they would hold summer family picnics and worked as an administrator for the University of Kentucky.
m: Doris (nee Shrader) Lawrence (b. 4-29-1916 d. 11-6-2007)
      Worked as a teacher for the Jefferenson County Public Schools in her hometown of Kentucky. Very civic minded, she served as president of the University of Louisville Women's Club.

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