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jessica simpson family
The Jessica Simpson Family
   The colorful and cute Jessica Simpson family reigns supreme in the world of Pop Princesses. Simplson is now the new mommy of a baby girl born on the 1st of May and named Maxwell Drew Johnson. The fashion diva, Jessica Simpson is also marrying her reality show spunk with her fashion entrepreneurial spirit as a host on the new reality series, Fashion Star. This Angelic princess can succeed in business, on stage, on the big screen, and in the reality spotlight all because she is supported by an amazing network of family and friends. Who are the family members of Jessica Simpson and how did they shape her into the

With her picture perfect Texan sister, Jessica and Ashlee Simpson share a family gene for worldwide super stardom. The Jessica Simpson family markets its trademark long blonde locks and curvaceous body while crooning out bubble gum pop and country hits. On the other end of the family tree, Ashlee Simpson shares a spunkier vibe with her fans while composing her own rock hits and attracting a rock love match with her former husband and baby daddy, Pete Wentz. Keeping it all in the family, the success story of the Jessica Simpson family begins with the entrepreneurial vision of its father and manager, Joe Truett Simpson, or otherwise known as Papa Joe Simpson.

Jessica Simpson Biography
Jessica Ann Simpson (b. July 10, 1980 [Abilene, TX])
Parents : [father - Joseph Simpson] and [mother - Tina Simpson] Growing up the daughter of a Baptist minister, Jessica Simpson first marketed her amazing vocal talents as a Christian singer. While her father passed out her demo tapes at her Christian concerts, Tommy Motola of Columbia Records eventually heard the demo and signed Jessica to a pop music recording contract. Joe Simpson's mother, Joyce Adams, provided the initial investment for her granddaughter's first demo when the first Christian company to sign her went bankrupt. Joyce, Joe, and Jessica's hard work was the pivotal spark to start the astronomical Simpson success.

While on tour promoting her first record, Jessica met her first husband Nick Lachey, a singer for the popular boy band, 98 degrees. Jessica's father, Joe dreamed up the MTV reality series, Newlyweds : Nick and Jessica that ran from 2002 until 2003. The success of the reality series solidified Nick and Jessica as household names. Jessica's dumb blonde comments about tuna and housework set her apart from other female pop singers peers. Sadly the stressed caused by the show also sparked the annulment of Nick and Jessica's marriage.

After many years of hard work, Jessica seats herself on top of a mountain of success as a fashion and fragrance designer with product placements in high class stores like Macey's. Jessica also added big screen actress to her resume with major roles in Dukes of Hazard, Employee of the Month, and Blond Ambition. In 2008, Jessica moved to Nashville and began a country singer career by releasing her album, actress, and now a country singer and went on to do other films like Employee of the Month. In 2011/2012, Jessica announced her engagement and new baby news with NFL player, Eric Johnson. In February 2012, Jessica will launch her new TV reality TV series, Fashion Star airing on NBC.

Jessica Simpson Family Tree
Joe Truett Simpson (b. February 15, 1958)
Amazingly Joe Simpson began his adult family life as a Baptist youth minister Heights Baptist Church in Richardson, Texas. Apparently, the same personality traits needed to sway young hearts to the lord can be used in music label board rooms to sell a young singer's talents. Once Joe's oldest daughter, Jessica, earned her first real recording contract with Columbia Records, Joe never looked back on his old life in the ministry. Joe Simpson works his entertainment career making magic under his company, Papa Joe Film and Television. Joe produced some of Jessica's film projects, such as Employee of the Month and Blonde Ambition. Branching out from the family career making business, Joe began producing the drama series, Women's Murder Club in Fall 2007 for the ABC television network. In addition, Joe connected with Calvin Goldspink, a British pop singer. Also venturing in the restaurateur business, Joe plans to open a Daisy Duke restaurant that will parade female servers wearing the trade mark Daisy Duke jean shorts.

Paternal Grandparents :
f: Rev. Curtis T. Simpson (1920-1985)
m: Joyce Alice (nee Adams) Simpson (1922-?)

Jessica Simpson Mother - Tina Ann (nee Davis) Simpson (b. January 18, 1960 [Waco, Texas])
Acting as the heart of the Simpson family Tina was born and raised in Waco, Texas. She met her husband, Joe while he was her youth group minister. On August 19, 1978, Joe and Tina Simpson wed while she was only 18 and he, 20. Tina supported husband and daughters by first acting as a home school teacher for Ashlee. She eventually took on the task of traveling with Ashlee on her concert tour, while her husband focused on transporting Jessica to her engagements.

Maternal Grandparents :
f: A.E. Drew (b. ? [?] d. ?)
m: Dorothy Drew (b. ?)

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