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The Jimmie Johnson Family

jimmie johnson family
The Jimmie Johnson Family
Jimmie Johnson with wife, Chandra, and daughter, Genevieve Marie.
The Nascar racing golden boy, is the famous member of the Jimmie Johnson family. His parents Gary and Cathy Johnson worked hard to create fun and enjoyment in their three sons lives by taking them camping and dirt bike racing on the weekends. Who knew this working class family of dare devils in California would produce a future racing world champion.

Today, Jimmie is married to a blond bombshell model, Chandra Lynn Janway and for years has driven the #48 Lowes Chevrolet for Rick Hendricks Motorsports. How did Jimmie Johnson's childhood and family tree shape his path to the big steep ovals? We will sink into the intriguing Jimmie Johnson family tree story.
New For Jimmie Johnson : Jimmie Johnson and the Lowes racing team won the Great American Race at the Daytona 500. He has done well at Vegas, Pheonix, and Bristol. Go JJ!

Jimmie Johnson Biography
Jimmie Kenneth Johnson (b. September 17, 1975 [El cajon, Califnornia])
Parents : [father - Gary Johnson] and [mother - Cahterine (nee Dunnill) Johnson] Jimmie Kenneth Johnson starts his racing biography with his birth in 1975 to Gary and Cathy Johnson of El Cajon, California located about 15 miles North of San Diego. The Johnson's raised their three sons Jimmie, Jarit, and Jesse in a two bedroom home, which at one time was replaced by a trailer when times were tough. The family enjoyed weekends camping in the desert while their boys raced dirt bikes. On Jimmie’s 4th Christmas morning, he woke up to a 50CC bike his father built with spare parts. At the age of 5, he was racing and won his first championship when he reached the age of 8.

After a number of local kids died in the dirt bike races, Jimmie’s father switched Jimmie to trucks. Jimmie honed his skills in the desert and eventually bought his ticket in 1997 to Charlotte, North Caroline when he turned 21. On the East coast, Jimmie sold himself by working hard in each level of racing from AMA to trucks to Busch cars until he caught the eye of Rick Hendricks. In 2002, Jimmie earned his seat in the #48 Lowes car and has not left it since. While partnering with Jeff Gordon , Jimmie Johnson won his first Nascar Cup title in 2006, then continued to dominate the race world with more titles in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010.

In 2010, Jimmie welcomed his first child, a little girl named, Genevieve Marie, with his wife, Chandra. Jimmie proudly notes that her initials are GM.

What's New For Jimmie Johnson : Jimmie is starting in the lucky 13 spot at Bristol. He is a pick for the win with his experience racing at the beating and banging small oval track.

Jimmie Johnson Family Tree Members
Jimmie Johnson Father - Gary Earnest Johnson (b. August 10, 1952 [Calinfornia])
Gary Johson brings a sense of adventure to his sons after being raised by the ultimate adventurer, a merchant marine father. As a heavy equipment operator and truck driver for tire manufacturer, BF Goodwrench, Gary could not feed his children with silver spoons, but he did even better, he filled them with excitable experiences. Little did Gary know when he was trucking his wife, sons, and dirt bikes to the desert, he was raising a future Nascar champion!

A huge break in Jimmie Johnson’s career path was his father’s unique way of striking up a friendship with the father of the then motocross champion, Rick Johnson. The two men struck up a race in their trucks on a back road. When they reached the gate of the campground, the two men shared beers and united in friendship. Jimmie looked up to the then 10 year old Rick Johnson as a role model who had connections as well.

The Johnson family was so invested into the racing scene that Gary jokes about storing four bikes at one time in their master bedroom. The room was so crammed that one of the bikes was repurposed as a night stand holding Gary’s alarm clock.

Paternal Grandparents :
f: ? Johnson (? [?])
      Jimmie Johnsons grandfather was a merchant marine and eventually settled his family in California after many years at sea.
m: ? Davidson (?)
      Wife of a merchant marine.

Jimmie Johnson Mother - Catherine (nee Dunnill) Johnson (b. June 20, 1955 [CA])
Like her husband, Gary, Cathy was raised by a military father who was born in Kansas, but eventually settled the family in El Cajon, California. Cathy kept the house, but earned extra money for the family driving the #4 bus for the Lakeside Union School District. I guess you could say Cathy Johnson drove a numbered vehicle for money before her son, Jimmie.
f: Captain Floyd Eugene Dunnill (b. July 16, 1925 [KS] d. October 1, 1996 [CA])
      Like Gary Johnson's father, Cathy's father was a military man finding work and adventure on the sea.
m: Barbara Jane (nee Golden) Dunnill (b. December 1926 [CA])
      Wife of a naval captain and said to be very energetic in her later years.

Jimmie Johnson Wife - Chandra Lynn (nee Janway) Johnson (b. July 16, 1978 [OK])
Jimmie Johnson’s wife was born Chandra Lynn Janway in the state of Oklahoma. An all American girl, Chandra attended the University of Oklahoma earning her degree in business administration. After graduation, she moved to New York City to work with the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency. While in NYC, Jeff Gordon introduced the blonde model to his buddy, Jimmie Johnson. The couple married in Charlotte, NC in November 2004. Together they started the Jimmie Johnson Foundation. In 2010, Genevieve Marie entered their lives to complete their loving family.

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