NFL Football Quarterback Family Trees :
Joe Flacco Family

joe flacco family
Joe Flacco Family
Top : Joe Flacco's Parents Steve and Karen Flacco with their 6 children
Below : Joe Flacco with wife, Dana Grady Flacco, on their wedding day
The Joe Flacco family tree includes of his wife, Dana, parents, Karen and Stephen Flacco and his newborn son, Stephen Flacco. Joe Flacco joined his brothers as professional athletes from New Jersey when he was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens as their starting quarterback. The Flacco family is deeply rooted in the state of New Jersey and has a long history of producing sports stars. For instance, Joe Flacco's younger brother, Mike Flacco, found fame on the baseball diamond and was drafted by the Orioles in 2008. Their brother John Flacco played football for Stanford University.

Although, the Flacco family has become famous everyone remains grounded and does not flaunt the new found wealth of its NFL super star. The family prefers to remain private and enjoy an evening together eating some of Karen Flacco's popular Italian lasagna and a good game on the tube.
Joe Flacco and Football This Week:Joe Flacco stayed focused on the game today even though his wife Dana was giving birth to their second son, Daniel. She called him in the locker room before the game to tell him that she and their newborn son were okay. Go Ravens!

Who are the Joe Flacco Ancestors? The Joe Flacco ancestry is of Italian American. Joe Flacco’s grandfathers were teammates in the 1950s when they attended Camden Catholic High School in New Jersey together. The Flacco and Madden families remained friends through the decades. Eventually, Karen Madden and Stephen flacco, Joe Flacco’s parents became high school sweethearts and joined the families.

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Joe Flacco Family Tree
Wife - Dana Grady Flacco Biography (born ? (New Jersey) )
Joe Flacco's new bride was born Dana Grady. The couple ran in the same circles in high school and eventually started dating during their senior year. Dana went to college and earned a degree that enables her to work as an X-ray technician for Cooper Hospital. Dana and Joe welcomed their first child, a son named Stephen Flacco (after Joe's father) in June 2012. Father - Stephen Flacco Biography (born ? (New Jersey) )
Joe Flacco's father played baseball for the University of Pennsylvania. He returned home to marry his high school sweetheart, Karen Flacco. He supports his family with a job as a mortgage broker and the owner of the Wharton Investment Network.
Paternal Grandparents
Grandfather - Joe Flacco

Grandmother - Laura Flacco

Karen (nee Madden) Flacco (? (New Jersey))
Joe Flacco's mother was born Karen Madden in New Jersey. Joe is the eldest of Karen Flacco's 6 children she gave birth to and raised in their Audobon, New Jersey home.

Maternal Grandparents
Grandfather - Thomas Madden - born ?

Grandmother - Barbara Madden

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