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john travolta family
The John Travolta Family
Daughter, Ella, John, wife, Kelly Preston,and son, Jett
The John Travolta family contains parents John Travolta and Kelly Preston with their 3 children, including diseased son, Jett. Before becoming a family man, John Travolta lead a life directed under the big lights on stage.

Fully supported by his parents, Salvatore and Helen, John Travolta dropped out of high school at 16 to pursue his dreams on Broadway. We all fell in love with his character, Vinnie Barbarino, from the 1970s ABC television show, Welcome Back, Carter. Later, John Travoltaís star brightened evermore with big screen roles like, Grease!
While his star kept brightening on stage, the small screen and the big screen, he continues to suffer tragic losses from family members. Who are the family tree members that shaped the man John Travolta was to become? His ancestry connects his motherís Irish side with the Italian limbs of his father, Salvatore Travoltaís family tree. John Travoltaís roots definitely show he had a firm foundation for being a success on stage.

John Travolta Biography
John Joseph Travolta (b. Feb 18, 1954 [Englewood, New Jersey])
Parents : [father - Salvator Travolta] and [mother - Helen Travolta]

The youngest of 6 kids, John Joseph Travolta was born to Helen and Salvatore Travolta on February 18, 1954. From the start, John enjoyed acting, especially with a mother in love with the craft. Growing up in a suburb of New York City, John was drawn to the lights of Broadway. He dropped out of school at 16 to seek his dreams which lead him on an uphill swing. After various television roles like Welcome Back, Kotter, John Travolta hit the big screen with an unheard of 3 movie deal for Saturday Night Fever. While filming, John lost his long time love, Diane Hyland and his mother Helen Travolta from Cancer. He sought out the religion of Scientology to understand his feelings on these dramatic events. John Travolta bounced back from the pain to film more hit movies like Grease and Urban Cowboy.
In the 1990s, John Travolta met and fell in love with the Yin to his Yang, Kelly Preston. Together they practice the Scientology religion, even for their first unofficial marriage ceremony in Paris France. Together they raise three children, Jett, Ella Bleu, and the newest son, Benjamin. In January 2009, the family suffered a deep loss when Jett experienced a seizer that led to his death.

John Travolta Family Tree
John Travolta Mother - Helen (nee Burke) Travolta (b. 1912-1978)
John Travoltaís mother was raised Irish Catholic, but was very ambitious and creative. In 1931, Helen broke swimming records when she traversed the Hudson River. Later she tested her chops as an accomplished singer and actress being a member of the Sunshine Girls. Later, she taught High School English and Drama and helped run a local summer theater. Meeting her sonís success, Helen Travolta earned a role in Saturday Night Fever as well in 1977. The following year, she died of cancer.

Maternal Grandparents :
f: William Burke (1886-1930)
m: Charlotte Burke (1890-?)

John Travolta Father - Salvator Travolta (b. 1912-1995)
Salvatore Travoltaís first passion was football. He went as far as playing the quarterback for a semi professional football team. Settling down to support his family, Sal co-owned Travolta Tire Exchange, located in the Travolta familyís nearby town of Hillsville, New Jersey. After living a long life watching his children and wife flourish on stage and in night clubs, he passed away in 1995.

Paternal Grandparents :
f: Salvatore Travolta (1879-1950)
m: Josephine (nee Marsala) Travolta (1880-1950)

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