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Faye Jon and Jesse Kellerman

Faye, Jon, and Jesse Kellerman

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 If ever you are searching for an American Jewish family maintaining their beliefs while making positive changes in the world, you need not look any further than the Los Angeles home of Johnathan and Faye Kellerman. In the mid 1980s, Johnathan and Faye Kellerman leaped from successful careers in clinical psychology and dental surgery to unleash their talents as mystery writers. Even with all of the acclaim, Jon and Faye Kellerman still managed to raise four exceptional children with intellectual minds and genius literary skills that help them make a difference in their world as well.

Dr. Johnathan Kellerman published his first novel titled , When the Bough Breaks, in 1985. Then his wife, Dr. Faye Kellerman joined her husband as a substantial contributor to the literary world with the release of her highly acclaimed freshmen novel, The Ritual Bath, in 1986. Then after many years of working on successful solo projects, Faye and Johnathan Kellerman unveiled the product of their collaborative minds, Double Homicide, which was released in 2004.

The Father : Johnathan Seth Kellerman
Born : August 9, 1949 in New York City, New York
Parents : David and Sylvia Kellerman

Although Johnathan Kellerman was born in New York City, his parents moved him to the opposite coast where he grew up in Los Angeles, California. While pursuing a major in psychology at UCLA, he helped pay for his education by working as a cartoonist for UCLA's newspaper publication, called The Daily Bruin. Always rising to excellence, John Kellerman won a Samuel Goldwyn Writing Award for fiction during his senior year at UCLA. Remarkably, John Kellerman received his Ph.D. in Child Psychology by the age of 24.

Johnathan Kellerman established a gifted career as a child psychologist before starting his world renowned mystery series. While connected with the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, Johnathan Kellerman speer headed the research in regards to the emotional aspects of children spending much of their childhood in hospitals while afflicted with Cancer. In 1980, Johnathan Kellerman first introduced his literary talents when he published a medical text, Pyschological Aspects of Childhood Cancer. After understanding the parents of the children he studied deserved a version of his findings that they could understand, he published Helping the Fearful Child the following year.

After realizing he had a passion for writing, Johnathon Kellerman created a fictional protagonist, named Alex Delaware. Like John Kellerman, Alex Delaware also holds a Ph.D. in psychology that gives him the edge required to solve the crimes Kellerman dreams up for his books. In 1985, the Alex Delaware series began with the publication of When the Bough Breaks. Johnathan Kellerman's first stab at crime fiction gave him a position on the New York Times Best Seller list and solidified his professional status as a famous best selling mystery author.

Dr. Kellerman continues to juggle his authorial deadlines with his role as the clinical professor of pediatrics and psychology at USC's Keck School of Medicine. Respectfully, Dr. Kellerman uses his gift of writing and knowledge of the medical field to champion such causes as the need to find a resolution of the United State's health insurance problems. For example, Dr. Johnathan Kellerman submitted an opinion article to the Wall Street Journal in April 2008, titled The Health Insurance Mafia.

The Mother : Faye (Marder) Kellerman
Born : July 31, 1952 in St. Louis, Missouri
Parents : Oscar and Anne (Steinberg) Marder

The Steinberg surname of Dr. Faye Kellerman's mother, Anne, is prominent in St. Louis, where Faye Kellerman was born. Mark C. Steinberg is a notable citizen of St. Louis due to his philanthropic activities. The city of St. Louis even dedicated an ice rink in this famous Steinberg's name.

Although Dr. Faye Kellerman was born in St. Louis, Missouri, she spent most of her childhood in the affluent town of Sherman Oaks, California. Faye Kellerman received an undergraduate degree in Theoretical Mathematics from UCLA. Also from UCLA Faye Kellerman obtained a doctorate in Dental Surgery. A career in the oral health field did not continue to interest Faye as much as her desire for writing.

After taking some time off proceeding the birth of her first child, Jesse Kellerman, Faye Kellerman davvled mystery writing with well received short stories submitted to various magazines. In 1986, Faye Kellerman took the next step by publishing her first novel, The Ritual Bath, which earned her the Macavity Award for the Best First Novel from the Mystery Readers of American. The Ritual Bath was the start of a long series of books focusing on the fictional adventures of Peter Decker and Rina Lazerous as they solved crimes. While her husband John Kellerman is inspired by his background as a child psychologist, Faye Kellerman infuses her life experiences as a Jewish mother of four into her famous Decker/Lazerous mystery series.

Faye Kellerman also enjoys writing historical novels, such as Straight Into Darkness, a dramatic mystery set in Munich, Germany between World War I and World War II. Basing a novel within the confines of German history was not a goal of Faye Kellerman. Faye Kellerman grew up harboring a disdain for anything related to Germany due to the acts of genocide inflicted on the Jewish people during the Holocaust. Even with these personal beliefs, Faye Kellerman accepted an invitation to meet the masses of people from Germany who love her novels. This journey of atonement helped Faye Kellerman alter her view of the German people living in Germany today and influenced her desire to research and publish a historical novel based in this European country. Faye Kellerman also credits her father, Oscar Marder, a US Army veteran who served in World War II, as her muse when crafting the story for Straight Into Darkness.

The Kellerman Chidren
The Garden of Eden - 5 CDs, Abridged  Enjoying the craft of writing together as a family, Rachel and Ilana Kellerman collaborated with their mother to write the short story, Luck of the Draw, a cute little tale about a family's experience with a lottery winfall, masterfully told from three different points of view. Like his creative younger sisters, Jesse joined forces with his mother for the wicked short story, Mummy and Jack, a clever tale about a son who has an unhealthy devotion to his mother. The Kellerman family shares these stories in Faye Kellerman's short story anthology titled, Garden of Eden and Other Criminal Delights, released in 2006.

The Eldest Child and Only Son - Jesse S. Kellerman - Born September 1, 1978
Raised and educated within the Orthodox religion, Jesse Kellerman spent the summer in Israel before starting his undergraduate work in psychology at Harvard University. Jesse Kellerman began becoming serious about his passion for writing while working with the students in the drama department at Harvard. Upon graduation, Jesse Kellerman earned a Masters in Fine Arts (MFA) degree at Brandeis University two years later.

Jesse Kellerman always showed promise that he had inherted his parent's aptitude and passion for writing. A family tale tells of a young Jesse Kellerman presenting a series of books to his doting parents, titled Apple of Danger and Orange of Danger, written with crayons and bound by staples. As he advanced through school, Jesse Kellerman put his dream of earning a living as a writer aside to persue other endeavors. Most parents would be frightened when their child changes career courses especially after obtaining an undergraduate degree from a prestigious institution like Harvard. However, if you understand the life of his parents, the apple did not fall far from the tree, so to speak.

Emerging as a playwright, Jesse Kellerman won the Princess Grace Award for his work in theatrical writing. Then in June 2004, Jesse Kellerman bagged his first mystery novel publishing contract with Putnam for creation, Sunstroke. As noted on his blog, ten days later, Jesse Kellerman married his lovely wife, Gabriella. Together they share an apartment in New York City.

The Eldest Daughter - Rachel Diane (Kellerman) Kessler - Born 1982
Like her older brother, Jesse, Rachel Kellerman underwent a private Jewish education, then pursued a career in neuropsychology. While studying at the University of Pennsylvania, met her future spouse, Johnathan Kessler. Johnathon Kessler is the son of Rachel and Dr. Fred Kessler of Beachwood Ohio. Since their wedding in 2006, the happy couple of introduced the next generation of Kellerman children into the world.

As of March 2008, Rachel Kellerman is on the faculty of the psychology department at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her published research in 2007 and 2008 relates to the study of how well subjects perform every day actions in response to such psychological disorders as Alzheimer's Disease and Schizophrenia.

The Second Daughter - Ilana Judith Kellerman - Born 1986
The second daughter of Faye and Johnathon Kellerman, Ilana Kellerman graduated in 2007 wtih a psychology degree from Bernard College, a college for women located in New York City. Upon graduation, Ilana earned a position as a teacher and full-time research assistant in the Bernard Center for Toddler Development.

The Youngest Child - Aliza Kellerman - Born ?
The youngest of Faye and Johnathan Kellerman's four children, she still attends high school. Her mother, Faye Kellerman, notes Aliza Kellerman as her source for topics concerning today's teenagers, such as You Tube and Myspace that Faye Kellerman uses in her novels. The parents and her older brother are quoted as saying that Aliza's talents as a writer are very advanced for her age. Therefore, do not be surprised if the family dynasty of best selling mystery writers, includes the work of Aliza Kellerman someday.

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