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jon huntsman family
The Jon Huntsman Family
Jon with wife, Mary Kaye and children
The Jon Huntsman family tree is filled with notable business and political leaders with its family roots in the state of Idaho and Utah and the Mormon faith. Jon Huntsman Jr resigned from his position as the Ambassador to China under the Barack Obama administration to try and move his own family into the White House. Jon Huntsman Jr. and his wife and First Lady of Utah, Mary Kaye, share 7 children and rich business and political legacy. What is the agenda of Jon Huntsman? Who are his Mormon parents and grandparents? This is Jon Huntsman Jr’s biography and family tree story.

Jon Huntsman Biography
Jon Meade Huntsman (b. March 26, 1960 [Redwood, California])
Parents : [father - Jon Huntman Sr.] and [mother - Karen (nee Haight) Huntsman]

Jon Meade Huntsman Jr was born on March 26, 1960 in Redwood, California to an extremely entrepreneurial and affluent family. Although Jon Jr had the family genes to make a difference in the world, he rebelled and dropped out of Highland High school to become a keyboard player for a punk rock band called The Wizards. After realizing his future was not in music, Jon Jr. recharged his family legacy as an over achiever by earning his GED and then college degree from the University of Utah.

In the 1980s, he worked alongside his father and younger brother, Peter working for the family chemical business his father found decades before. After a stint as CEO, Jon Jr. gravitated towards politics. He served in the Administration of 4 presidents including Reagan, both Bushes, and President Obama. In 2004, Jon Jr. won the race for Governor of Utah. He and Mitt Romney who helped rejuvenate a fledgling 2004 Winter Olympics held in Salt Lake City, Utah improved the economic stability in Utah. In 2008, the people of Utah showed their appreciation by electing him again as their governor with 74% of the vote.

Mary Kaye Huntsman Biography
Mary Kaye biography begins with her birth as Mary Kaye Cooper in 1960 Florida town. In 1975, Ms. Cooper’s parents transplanted the family in Salt Lake City, Utah. Mary Kaye immediately struck up a high school romance after the two shared a job at a local pie shop. Mary Kaye supported her future husband when he decided to drop out of school and become a band roady playing the keyboard. Mary Kaye earned college degree while working as a dental assistant. Mary Kaye continued to support her husband throughout his business, then political career while raising their 7 children.

As the First Lady of Utah, Mary Kaye took on many causes near and dear to her heart, such as Bag of Hope, a childhood diabetes organization prompted by her own daughter, Libby’s, diagnosis of Type I diabetes. While in China, Mary Kaye took a stand against ads sensationalizing smoking for women after her own sister, Susan, died of lung cancer at the age of34. Currently, Mrs. Huntsman champions childhood causes and is an advocate of international adoptions after adopting a child from China and then India. Many believe this beautiful blonde bomb shell will be a great asset as First Lady and may develop a following as a future political leader herself, much like Hillary Clinton.

Jon Huntsman Family Tree
Jon Huntsman Father - Jon Meade Huntsman Sr. (b. June 21, 1937 [Idaho])
Jon Sr. was born in Blackfoot, Idaho to a homemaker mother, Sarah, and a teacher father, Alonzo Huntsman. His father moved the family to Palo Alto, California, so he could pursue his graduate studies with Stanford University. Jon Sr. thrived in Palo Alto shown by being named the Student Body President of his high school graduating class. Later, he trekked across country to earn a business degree from the prestigious Wharton School of Business University of Pennsylvania while using a Zellerbach Scholarship. Before starting his business career , Jon Sr. served 2 years in the United States Navy.

Jon Sr. married Karen Haight Huntsman who mothered their 9 children while he pursued a business career. His entrepreneurial nature led him to found the Huntsman Container Corporation in 1970 which later evolved into a public international scaled company called Huntsman Corporation. A chemical company, Huntsman Corporation earned market success with the invention of the Styrofoam egg carton and the Styrofoam containers that hold sloppy McDonalds Big Macs. During the 1980s, Jon Sr shared control of his company with his two eldest sons, Jon Jr. and Peter. In 2012, Peter Huntsman serves as CEO along with the guidance of his father.

Jon Huntsman Paternal Grandparents :
f: Alonzo Blaine Huntsman (1910 [UT] - 1990 [UT])
      f: Gabriel Alonzo Huntsman (5/30/1886 [UT] - 1909 [UT])
      m: Nellie Melville (11/16/1890 [UT] - 7/1977 [UT])
m: Sarah Kathleen (nee Robinson) Huntsman (5/6/1876 [UT] - 2/4/1926 [Utah])
      f: Joseph Alfred Robinson (1876 [UT] - 1950 [UT])
      m: Mattie Keith (1876 [NC] - 1925 [UT])

Jon Huntsman Mother - Karen Christena (nee Haight) Huntsman (b. ?)
Jon Huntsman’s mother, Karen, was born into a devout Mormon family. Like her husbands family, it is full of entreprenuers and business leaders. Her father David Bruce Height served the Quorum of the Twelve as first an assistant and then an elder. He supported his family of 5 with a Hardware Business and as Mayor of Palo Alto, California.

Jon Huntsman Maternal Grandparents :
f: David Bruce Haight (1906 [ID] - 2001 [CA])

      f: Hector caleb Haight (1867 [UT] - 1916 [IN])
      m: Clara Josephine (nee Tuttle) Haight (1874 [UT] - d. 1945 [UT])

m: Ruby Olson (b. 4/28/1900 [UT] - d. 12/15/2004 [UT])
      f: Peter Olson (1862 [UT] - 1889 [UT])

      m: Christina Maria Larsen (1869 [UT] - 1933 [UT])

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