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The Jordyn Wieber Family

jordyn wieber family
The Jordyn Wieber Family
Mother - Rita, Father - David and one of 3 siblings, brother, Ryan.
Until the Summer of 2012, the Jordyn Weiber family has been the best kept secret in the state of Michigan. Like a rocket, little Jordyn Wieber blasted her way as a young all around artistic gymnast to being an anchor on the US Olympic gynastics team, along with her team mate, Gabrielle Douglas. and above all, America's new sweetheart. Known as Jo Jo, the gymnastics community is so happy with US Gymnastics team's gold medal won at the 2012 London Olympics.

The Jordyn Wieber family holds the recipe for success in the gym, on the track, field and even in the board room. Father, David Wieber leads a health care technology firm. Mother, Rita Wieber, expands her career as a registered nurse to be a contributing sports columnist, author, and marathon runner.
Jodyn Wieber is the Wieber familyís third child alongside, sisters Lindsay and Krya and older brother, Ryan Wieber, a high school football quarterback and freshman at Central Michigan University.

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Jordyn Wieber Biography
Jordyn Marie Wieber (b. July 12, 1995 [DeWitt, Michigan])
Parents : [father - David C. Wieber] and [mother - Rita Wieber ]

Jordyn Wieber began her gymnastics career when she toddled into a gym at the age of 4. In interviews, her mother, Rita Wieber, admitted that she didnít realize Jordyn had the chance to be competitive until the age of 7 when she earned a spot on the Diamond Team. At an extremely fast pace, little Jordyn Wieber attracted attention at meets while she performed skills way beyond her years with her petite little body. Quickly and by the age of 10, Jordyn Wieber, reached the top level of the Junior Gynastics elite. In 2006, Jordyn won the Visa National Championships securing her spot on the National gymnastics stage. Today she blasts away her competition in world events traveling as far away as Tokyo Japan.

Jordyn Wieber Family
Jordyn Wieber Mother : Rita M. Wieber (b. Aug. 11, 1963 [Michigan])
An All American girl herself, Rita Wieber excelled as a track and field jumper for Central Michigan University. She met her future husband in college while studying to become a registered nurse. Her and her husband David share four children, Lindsay, Ryan, and Kyra in addition to Jordyn. Along with her nursing career, Rita Wieber works as a physical therapist and even contributes to a health information column in the Lansing State Journal. After Jordyn won the Visa American Cup in 2008, Rita began outlining her first book, Gym Mom, a guidebook for parents introducing their children to a life in competitive gymnastics.

Jordyn Wieber Father : David C. Wieber (b. Feb. 15, 1962 [Michigan])
Parents : [father - ?] and [mother - ?]

Jordyn Wieberís father, David Wieber was born in Michigan in 1962 and attended Central Michigan University where he met his future wife, Rita. His sports career consists of playing high school football, but enjoys cheering all of his athletic children on to bigger and greater feats. David Wieber earned an IT degree at Central Michigan University and made his way up the ladder starting as a software developer. Today David Wieber excels as the Michigan Director of Operations for Optum, a health care technology firm in Lansing, Michigan.

Lindsay Wieber (b. 1987 [Michigan])
Jordyn Wieberís oldest sister, Lindsay, is working towards a medical degree at Michigan State University.

Ryan Wieber (b. 1993 [Michigan])
Jordyn Wieber's older brother, Ryan Wiebier, graduated from DeWitt High School in Michigan as the star quarterback on the football team. He is a Freshman t Central Michigan University, the same school both his parents and older sister, Lindsay attended.

Krya Wieber (b. 2000 [Michigan])
Jordyn Wieber's preteenage little sister that loves to shop with Jordyn and steal the clothes from her closet. Kyra Wieber plays soccer.

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