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Justin Bieber Family
  The Justin Bieber family tree consists of Justin, his divorced parents including mother Pattie Mallette and father Jeremy Jack Bieber. Justin Bieber's Dad, Jeremy, fathered Justin's sister, Jazmyn, and brother, Jaxon Bieber.
Through the power of YouTube, the Justin Bieber family star now owns the hearts of every tween girl around the world. Writing the pages of the Justin Bieber biography at the age of 17, wherever Justin Bieber goes, whether it be a mall appearance, a stadium concert, or an awards show the teen girls flock and the teen boys do their best to emulate his signature hair cut and moves. The Bieber clan quickly became one of America's famous families and loved by all. To learn more about Justin Bieber, we need to uncover the Justin Bieber family tree. What family influences helped to lay the foundation for Justin Biebers magical musical and dance talents? These talents led him to keep the recording industry profitable and to star in his first 3D movie, Never Say Never, a story about his unbelievable life of tween stardom.

Many members of the Justin Bieber family are talented in music, including his father Jeremy Jack Bieber. His mother, Pattie lets him experience the hip hop side, while his father, Jeremy, provides an edgy rock influence. It was only a matter of time before, Justin Bieber shined on the big stage with such hit songs as, Baby, You Smile and Justin Bieber's duet with Jaden Smith, Bigger.
What is happening with Justin Bieber in 2013? Justin turned 18 this year and is going through an on and off again relationship with his childhood girlfriend, Selena Gomez. After a few instances of heart break over the break up with Selena, the couple was spotted together in Norway. A picture of the two of them briefly showed up on Justin's twitter account. Wish him well!

Justin Drew Bieber Biography
Born : March 1, 1994 in Stratford, Ontario, Canada
Parents : Jeremy Jack Bieber and Patricia (Pattie) Lynn Mallette

The Justin Bieber biography begins with Pattie Mallette met Jeremy Bieber at the very young age of 18 and gave birth to Justin in Stratford, Ontario Canada. The couple split up when Justin was 2 years old due to the stresses of marrying young. Justin's mother bought him a drum set at the age of 4, then he quickly progressed to learning to play piano at age 7, and the guitar at age 10. When Justin hit middle school, he learned to play the trumpet.

It was no secret that Justin had an aptitude for playing musical instruments, but Justin amazed everyone with his singing voice at his hometown singing contest called the Stratford Star. Justin Bieber's proud parents posted videos of the singing competition on YouTube where the video became a viral hit. So much of a hit that music industry executives, including former child hip hop singer phenomena, Usher, signed Justin Bieber to a lucrative record contract.

Justin Bieber's mother moved him and her to Atlanta to be where the action is in America. Now Justin packs stadiums and is a staple performer at every award show. Justin Bieber is the most known for his hang over the eyes hair cut that he shuffles with a quick nod of his head. All of the tween boys across American and Canada now sport this haircut. You know you have made a mark when everyone in your generation wants to dress like you and wear their hair like you. Justin is already being romatically linked to other teen sensations, such as Selena Gomez the star of Disneys Wizards of Waverly place.

The Mother : Patricia (Pattie) Lynn Mallette
Born : 1976 in Ontario, Canada
Parents : Bruce Dale and Dianne Dale

Known as Pattie Mallette, Justin's mom has been his main caregiver since his birth. She inspired his initial love for music by buying him a drum set at the age of 2 and putting him in his first lesson at the age of 4. As his biggest fan, Pattie Mallette submitted Justin's video singing a Neyo song onto YouTube. The video became a wild viral sensation and triggered Justin Bieber's popstar career.

Pattie travels with Justin to all of his appointment, but when she cannot her wonderful mother, Diane steps in. Bruce and Dianne Mallette help Pattie wherever they can to raise Justin into a well adjusted young man.

In 2010, Playboy asked Pattie to pose topless for one of their magazine issues for a reported ,000. As a devout christian mother, this will not ever happen. Besides, Pattie is far too busy to entertain a career in the adult entertainment fashion industry.

The Father : Jeremy Jack Bieber
Born : 1975 in Ontario, Canada

justin bieber family  Jeremy Jack Bieber started a family with Justin's Bieber's mom at 19, but the union ended when Justin turned 2 years old. Although the marriage to Justin's mom ended, Jeremy still remained a major part of his son's life. While Justin's mom, Pattie, played Boys II Men songs in the house, Jeremy introduced Justin to classic rock. This interest in classic rock lead to Justin's love of guitar.
Jeremy Bieber's major interest is online gaming with the game of spades. Recently, Jeremy married his second wife Erin Bieber. Wtih Erin Bieber, Jeremy gave Justin a baby sister, Jazmyn-Julian (born in 2008) ,and a brother, Jaxon (born November 20, 2009). When Justin visits his family in Statford, Ontario Canada, he takes little Jazzy with him on press interviews, definitely keeping his career a Beiber family affair.

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