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The Katie Holmes Family
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Katie holmes family
The Katie Holmes Family Tree
Parents Martin and Kathleen Holmes and with daughter, Suri Cruise.
Katie Holmes found fame on the small screen playing Joey Potter on the teen night time drama, Dawson’s Creek. In 2005, she wowed everyone around the world with her whirl wind romance with Mission Impossible star, Tom Cruise. The Katie Holmes family expanded with the birth of her first child, Suri Cruise in 2006 and her marriage to Tom Cruise in 2008.

Katie Holmes rocked her family paradise by filing for divorce from Tom Cruise after only 5 years of marriage. Ironically, her father Martin Holmes could help Katie in the best way possible, as her divorce attorney. The world excitedly waits to see how the modern day War of the Roses plays out in the New York City divorce courts.
While Katie Holmes transitions into this new phase in her life, who are the close family members that support her claim as a single mom? Who are the people that form the branches of the Katie Holmes family tree?

Katie Holmes Biography
Katie Holmes Cruise (b. December 18,1978 [Toledo, Ohio])
Parents : [father - Martin Joseph Holmes Sr.] and [mother - Kathleen A. ( nee Stothers) Holmes ]
Katie Holmes grew up in a devoutly Catholic family as the youngest of 5 children to Kathleen and Martin Holmes in Toledo, Ohio. Her mother served her family as a dedicated homemaker and community volunteer while her father practiced law as a divorce attorney. Katie graduated from Notre Dame Academy, an all girls Catholic school and the alma mater of her mother, Kathleen. Her siblings include Tamera (born 1968), Holly Ann (born 1970), Martin Joseph Jr. (born 1974) and Nancy Kay (born in 1975).

Katie began her entertainment career as a model which led her to New York City where she hooked up with an agent. She played roles in small budget films before landed her most famous role as Joey Potter on Dawson's Creek, which ran from 1998-2003. Katie graduated from the small screen to star in films like Batman Returns.

In 2005, her life entered the Cruise effect when she began a very public relationship with Tom Cruise. Within a years time, they were engaged on top of the Eiffel Tower and greeting their daughter, Suri into the world on April 18, 2006. In November, the couple referred to by the media as TomKat exchanged vows in Italy on November 18.2006.

Since Suri's birth the Cruise family has led a somewhat private life. However, Katie found time to run the New York Marathon and act in the Arthur Miller Broadway play All My Sons.

Katie Holmes Family
Martin Holmes(b. 1945 )
What is it they say? –- You marry men like your father. Many believe Katie’s first husband Tom Cruise was a control freak, but her father Martin Holmes tops the control freak cake. He raised his 5 children in a very strict Catholic family home, expected nothing but the best for their futures. Martin Holmes graduated from Marquette University and then went on to obtain his law degree from University of Toledo College of Law. Currently, Martin is a partner in the Toledo Law firm, Schindler, Neff, Holmes, Worline & Mohler, L.L.P. where he specializes in many different types of law including matrimonial law that helps him legally support his daughter in her high profile divorce.

Kathleen Holmes (b. 1947)
Kathleen lovingly supports her 5 children as a homemaker while her husband found success in the courtroom. She now spends her time spoiling her grandchildren and taking part in philathropy efforts.

Suri Cruise(b. April 18, 2006])
Suri Cruise is Katie's only child, fathered by Tom Cruise. She was 7 pounds, 7 ounces, and 20 inches long. Most close family members are already calling her Little Katie. The press has nicknamed her TomKitten. Now Miss Suri is the prized diamond that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes will fight over in their divorce.

Jackie Craft (b. 1925])
Jackie Craft is a beloved grandmother of Katie Holmes living in Ohio. In 2009, she underwent an operation to amputate her leg after suffering complications due to her cancer illness. Katie was acting on broadway, but surprised her grandmother with a surprise visit on a late night jet ride.

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