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katy perry family
The Katy Perry Family
Katy Perry with Husband Russell Brand, and parents Keith and Mary Hudson
  As one of Barbara Walter's 2011 most fascinating people, the Katy Perry family is very entertaining from rocking out in stadiums to spreading the prophetic gospel message in mega churches around the world. Born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson to Keith and Mary Hudson, the famous pop star was reinvented by Capitol records and took her mother's maiden name of Perry. Katy her her siblings (Angela and David) grew up with reformed hippie parents who turned into evangelists to support their family in the 1980s. Katy Perry learns how to be flamboyant from her parents, while they enjoy the notoriety in order to fill seats with eager patrons of their unique Gospel message.
Ironically, her parents speak ill of their famous daughter's career and choice of marriage during their speeches, but fully take advantage of the public relations bonanza that Katy's career brings to the Keith Hudson Ministries.

Katy Perry Biography
Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson (born. October 25, 1984)
Parents : Keith and Mary (nee Perry) Hudson

Born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson to Mary and Keith Hudson on October 23, 1984 in Santa Barbara, California. Katy comments in interviews that she did not have a "normal" childhood. Her parents fully restricted access to popular music, books, and television shows. The only book permitted to be read to or by the children in the home was the Bible.

Katy Perry's musical interests were sparked when her older sister, Angela, took an started vocal lessons. Wishing to be like her big sister, Katy used her sister's vocal tapes and materials herself, showing off her own vocal abilities. First, Katy recorded a self titled Gospel album in 2001. She hit the mainstream pop scene with the song, I Kissed A Girl. after she evolved from the gospel music scene.

As a reaction to many years of being oppressed spiritually by her parents, Katy removed the parental shackles and unleashed her innovative creative side with fun costumes and musical lyrics. All the while her parents condemned her choices in books and sermons, but basically profited from her success on a bigger stage. Katy Perry explains her relationship with her parents as one that each are different, but agree to coexist without trying each other. On October 23, 2010, Katy Married Russel Brand, a British comedian and actor with a colored past much like her father's.

Katy Perry Family Tree
Katy Perry Father - Keith Hudson (b. Sept 1, 1948)
Keith Hudson grew up in 1960s California living it up as a LCD dropping hippie. In the 1980s he married his wife and began a new age evangelical ministry that would take him to many parts of the world delivering his spunky Gospel message. He explains his sudden change in lifestyle from a revelation from God to him inside an Apple Orchard in Wenatchee, Washington. He first started the Christian Oasis Center, but now call the Life Christian Church in Irvine California home. He wrote the book, Cry and tours around the globe with wife, Mary, preaching the gospel and degrading their daughter's choices in life. It is just part of the family business to Katy. Keith Hudson's famous line is "I Kissed God, and I Liked It!" playing off of his daughters famous song lyrics.

Katy Perry Mother - Mary (nee Perry) Hudson (b. )
Like her husband, Keith, Mary grew up as a wild child who loved to travel. Mary Hudson reportedly dated Jimmie Hendricks in the 1960s and even married a man in Zimbabwe before meeting and marrying Keith Hudson. Mary believes she has the power to heal people with her delivery of the Gospel message. She wrote the book, Smart Bombs, a spiritual guide. In 2012, she plans to drop another book title, Joyful Mother that Katy is not very happy about because it promises to disclose some deep dark family secrets she would rather not be marked in print.

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