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Logan Thomas Family

logan thomas family

Logan Thomas Family
The Logan Thomas Family welcome the start of the 2013 Virginia Tech football season under the leadership of #3 senior starting quarterback, Logan Thomas. Logan Thomas takes his place in a Virginia Tech quarterback legacy following record breaker Tyrod Taylor and the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, Michael Vick. Virginia Tech Hokies coach, Frank Beamer, has molded Logan Thomas into a future NFL quarterback with the help of Logan's christian values and unrelenting family support. Logan was made in the USA and so are these Virginia college gifts too!

Logan Thomas was born into a family of college athletes with christian values stemming from his mother, Kim Thomas to his grandfather Cliff Thomas and even a legacy at Liberty University.
The events in Logan Thomas' family history show how his family helped shape him into a promising Division I college quarterback with a very bright future!

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Logan Thomas Biography
Logan Lamont Thomas (born. July 1, 1991)
Born Logan Lamont Thomas in Lynchburg Virginia to young Liberty College parents, Kim Thomas, and a biological father not choosing to be a part of his life. For the first 12 years of his life, Logan was raised by his mother and grandparents, Cliff and Cheryl Thomas. The family knew they had a future star athlete due to his large size and love for sports balls, even at the age of 3. Logan's first love was the sport of basketball. Thankfully, his mother Kim and high school football coach Jeff Woody guided him to choosing football from the beginning. A story told by Logan states that his mother took him to his first Timberlake football recreational league practice. On the first day of football recreational league practice, he was not a fan of the football workouts, but his mother insisted that he complete the season because she already paid the fees. Any parent can understand that! Well giving it a chance helped him love the sport, thankfully for all of us. His mom's sister, Dina McCray, proudly tells the story about Logan's relationship with her Logan's grandfather, Clifff Thomas. Mr. Thomas would arrive home from work and sit in silence to read the paper. A young Logan would gather his grandfather's shoes, place them in front of him and stare at him until he moved to take Logan outside and throw the football.

Another Virginia Tech athlete selected by Frank Beamer, Zach McCray is Logan Thomas's cousin, but is actually much more like a brother. Zach McCray is credited with talking his cousin into transfering from Timberlake Christian School to Brookville where they could play for the Bees together under head coach, Jeff Woody. Brookville High School, located in Lynchburg Virginia is definitely on the map for college recruiters as the football program continues to churn out exceptional grid iron athletes.

When Logan Thomas reached his senior year at Brookville High School, he was nationally ranked 19th best in high school football athletes. He also had a potential college career in basketball, but Coach Beamer of Virginia Tech won out among many football and basketball scholarship offers. Many believe it was a no brainer that Logan chose to play for Virginia Tech because Logan would be playing with his brother like cousin, Zach, and be close to home playing for a team that is the most loved college football team of the residents of Lynchburg, Virginia.

Logan Thomas Family Tree
Mother - Kim J Thomas Tarazona (born 1969 )
Kimberly Thomas was born in 1960 and attended Jefferson Forest High school in Bedford County, VA where she graduated in 1987. Kim Thomas attended Liberty University and played volleyball for the Lady Flames. Not surprisingly, she is very tall, standing at 5 foot 11 inches, but some reports are at 6 foot 1 inches (possibly in heels). She graduated from Liberty in 1991 and had Logan in July of that year.

Kim Thomas supported her son by working nights at the Lynchburg Juvenile Detention Center. Logan Thomas' mother's experiences with the kids at the detention center prompted her to work hard to mold her only son into a skilled leader, so he would be successful in life. Logan's mother shared the raising of Logan with her parents until she married her husband, Eddy Tarazona when Logan was 8. Logan calls Eddy dad and his biological father, "The other guy". Eddy moved to Virginia from Miami, Florida. He lived in Miami after emigrating from Peru. Eddy Tarazona helps Logan stay grounded and appreciate all of his talents and the benefits his talents provide. When the Thomas-Tarazona family is out and about, people cannot help but notice how much Eddy Tarazona is dwarfed by his wife and son. Logan Thomas's mother jokes that God has a sense of humor.

Father - Name Unknown (born ? - )
Logan Thomas's biological father has not played much a part in Logan Thomas's other than to give him some good genetics. He attended and played sports at Liberty University with Kim Thomas. According to Logan, his biological dad did not have much to do with him after Eddy Tarazona entered the family unit. Later his father tried to cash in on all of the pubilicity around Logan choosing a college alma mater, but his advances were not well received. According to Logan, the man he calls "the other guy" now lives in Maryland.

Maternal Grandparents - Cliff and Cheryl Thomas (born ? - )
Logan Thomas's grandparents were very supportive and actively helped his mother raise Logan from his birth. Cliff and Shirl were both abandoned by their parents in the 1950s and grew up together at the Presbytarian Home in Lynchburg, Virginia. The couple learned good Christian values from their early years and understood how important it was to be a positive role model in their grandson's life. Cliff shares with Logan his stories of playing football in the 1950s for the a team called the Shoeless wonders, named for the fact that the players played football in bare feet. Logan Thomas' aunt fondly remembers Logan insisting that his Grandpa Cliff throw the football with him each evening after Cliff Thomas arrived home from work. Cliff and Cheryl proudly sat through games and even practices showing their talented grandson their love and support.

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