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The Lolo Jones Family
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Lolo Jones family
The Lolo Jones Family
Lolo with mother lori and 3 other siblings
The struggles experienced by the Lolo Jones Family during the 1980s helped create an Olympic champion. Lolo Jones is favored to win the 60m 100m hurdles at the 2012 London Olympics. Her mother, Lori Jones will be by her side like she was every day of Loloís life as well as her 5 other siblings.

The Lolo Jones family fell into poverty when her father , James Jones, was sent to jail for alleged drinking and driving and other charges. In the end, Lolo Jonesí childhood struggles helped her put her life into perspective and not give up when she experienced setbacks on the track.
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Lolo Jones Biography
Lori "Lolo" Jones (b. August 5, 1982 [De Moines, Iowa])
Parents : [father - James Jones] and [mother - Lori Jones]

The biography of Lolo Jones begins with her birth on August 5, 1982 as Lori Jones. Lori goes by Lolo because Lori is her motherís name too. When her father went to jail for various offenses, the large mixed race family became fully supported by her mother Lori. Eventually, the family lost their home and moved into the basement of a Salvation Army Shelter. Her mother had to move the family around quite a bit requiring them to change schools too.

In high school, Lolo foresaw running as her way out of poverty while still in high school. She chose to not move with her family, so she could remain at Roosevelt High School where lived with a host family. Her guardian, Kim Walker, inspired Lolo to also play the Cello in the school orchestra and maintain a very high GPA. After graduation she went to Walkerís alma mater, Louisiana State University where she linked up with her running coach Dennis Shaver.

Shaver molded Lolo into an unbeatable force on the track. Lolo competed in the Beijing Olympics, but a costly error blocked her from winning the gold medal. Lolo is expected to finally realize her dream of a gold medal in the London Olympics!

Lolo Jones Family Tree
Lolo Jones Mother - Lori Jones
  (b. B. ? [Iowa] )

Lori Jones is of Scandinavian birth. With the absence of her husband due to imprisonment, Lori worked constantly just to keep her family together. She is the mother of 6 children, 4 sons and 2 daughter, including Lolo.

Lolo Jones Father - James Jones, Sr. (b. ? [Iowma])
James Jones, Sr. is of African American and Native American ancestry. His occupation is the Air Force. However, he suffered from alcoholism which led to his imprisonment for drinking and driving and other offenses. His absence in Lolo Jones life creates quite a struggle for her mother and siblings. f: ? (?)
m: ? (?)

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