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The Manning Football Brothers with father, Archie, and Mom, Olivia
Cooper, Peyton, and Eli
 The famous Manning football family contains a couple of Super Bowl winning NFL quarterbacks (Eli and Peyton Manning), their dad, Archie Manning (former quarterback for the New Orleans Saints), mother Olivia Williams Manning and older Manning brother, Cooper Manning.

Manning Football This Week : Broncos are in minicamp and making the last minute touches to their team. Still waiting on finalizing deal with Damaryous Thomas who is missing from training camp. Go Broncos!
So much so, Peyton Manning and Eli Manning were both drafted by the National Football League (NFL) and dominated their competition as Super Bowl worthy quarterbacks like the Tom Brady family in New England.

In 2007, Peyton Manning lead the Indianapolis Colts to a Super Bowl victory. Doing the football player shuffle, Peyton Manning now plays for the Denvor Broncos, taking Tim Tebow's coveted spot on the team. Eli Manning mirrored his older brother's success by leading his team, the New York Giants, to a super bowl victory against the Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in 2008 and then replicated the Manning magic in 2012. Wouldn't it make the ultimate Super Bowl History story, if both brothers managed to face off against each other on a historic Super Bowl ticket with Broncos vs. NY Giants?

The Father : Archie Manning
Born :May 19, 1949 in Drew, Mississippi
Parents : Elisha Archibald "Buddy" Manning II and Sis Manning

Elisha Archibald Manning III, born May 19, 1949 as the first child of Buddy and Sis Manning in Drew Mississippi. Although Archie showed professional athletic talent at an early age playing Varsity for six years, starting in the seventh grade, his mother always made sure he understood that a quality education was the driving force for his future success. Upon graduating high school, Archie earned the opportunity to play baseball professionally, but instead he decided to take a football scholarship to play for Ole Miss.

After losing his father to suicide during the summer after his sophomore year of college, he almost quit school to help support his family. Archie's forward thinking mother pushed him to return to Ole Miss and complete his education. After graduation, Archie signed with the New Orleans Saints where he led the team as its quarterback for eleven years. During his time with the Saints, Archie and Olivia greeted the arrival of their three sons, Cooper in 1974, Peyton Manning in 1976, and Eli Manning in 1981.

Archie Manning was traded to the Houston Oilers and then found a home with the Minnesota Vikings before eventually being forced into retirement because of a thyroid disease in 1985. He remains connected to his football roots by supporting his sons football careers and doing periodic radio broadcasting spots for the Saints.

The Mother : Olivia Williams Manning
Born :May 19, 1949 in Drew, Mississippi
Parents : Cooper and Frances Thomas Williams Manning

Not much is written about Olivia Manning other than the fact that she was a Mississippi Beauty Queen and the matriarch to the latest football dynasty. After digging deeper, Olivia Williams Manning was born into an affluent business family in the town of Philadelphia Mississippi during a very racial charged era. According to a statement made by Sid Williams, he and Olivia Manning's ancestors started out as Mule Traders. In 1907, the family settled in Philadelphia, Mississippi and opened the Williams Brother Store, a small town mercantile store. The Williams Brothers Store still keeps its old world charm by employing butchers that cut meat, hoops of cheese, and slabs of bacon to order everyday.

Olivia Williams Manning was born and raised in Philadelphia, Mississippi. In 1961, her hometown suffered from negative national media attention due to its controversial handling of a racially charge court case regarding the murder of three civil rights leaders found dead in the small southern town. The town officials appeared not acknowledge the evidence that most believed should have easily convicted the people eventually charged for the murders. The dastardly events sparked the production of the famous civil rights movie, Mississippi Burning.

Olivia Manning was blessed with a loving and well educated mother to help her become the woman she grew up to be. Even up to her death in October 2006, Olivia Manning's mother, Frances Thomas Williams still worked for the family business, The Williams Brothers Store. According to her obituary, published in the Meridian Star of Philadelphia, Mississippi, she was a very accomplished woman for her the circumstances of her time. First of all, she displayed her athletic talents by being honor as an All State Basketball player in high school. While receiving a college education at East Central Junior College, she was crowned the May Queen. Before settling down to marry her husband, Cooper Williams, she made history as the second woman in Mississippi to earn an airline pilot license in 1941. Obviously the Manning brothers did not just earn their drive to suceed from their father's pedigree alone.

The Manning Family
On the home front, Archie and Olivia raised their three sons in a posh 19th century mansion located in the affluent garden district of New Orleans. At the time the children were growing up, the Manning family neighbors included Anne Rice, the author of famous vampire novels, and Tennessee Williams. Despite living in such a large home and surrounded by such wealth and privilege, the Manning family still had to overcome obstacles life threw their way. Throughout the years, the family remained loyal and supportive of each other which is the key to why they have succeeded for generations.

While playing for Isadore Newman High School, Peyton led the team as quarterback while Cooper took the position of wide receiver. Towering over his opponents at 6 foot 4, 185 pounds, Cooper marked an impressive record with a 4.7 speed in the 40 and never dropped a single pass during his Junior year of high school. Cooper Mannings hopes for a college football career ended when he suffered a devastating sport injury while still in high school. With his family's emotional support, Cooper found success with a career in the world of stocks.

Cooper Manning enjoys cheering for his younger siblings at sporting events that now force him to travel all over the country. Sharing Cooper's happy spirit for his family, Archie and Olivia Manning take pride in knowing that at least one, if not both, parents were in the stands at each and every game played by their three sons.

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