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Michael Jackson Family

With a young Micheal Jackson as the lead singer, the most popular black family music group, The Jackson Five, became a widely popular music act during the late 1960s and early 1970s. The family musical group's talents blossomed in the family home perfecting where they all perfected their entertaining abilities together as a family.

The five older Jackson brothers in a family of nine children (Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, and Michael) formed the group under the strict guidance of their father, Joseph Jackson, in the small town of Gary, Indiana. Until the family act hit it big, Joseph Jackson supported his wife, Katherine Spruse, and their nine children as a former boxer employed crane operator for the Gary US Steel Company.

How the Jackson Five Began
In his early days Joe Jackson played steel guitar in a group with his brother, Luther, called The Falcons. The Jackson children grew up listening to their father play classic sons on his guitar. Joe Jackson learned about his older sons' interests in music when one of the strings broke on his guitar indicating that his sons were sneaking the guitar away to play it.

The event of stealing their father's steel guitar prompted Joe Jackson to buy his sons their own instruments. Later the Jackson patriarch took advantage of his sons' extraordinary musical talents by forming a family quintet called the Jackson Five.

The Jackson 5 boy group originally comprised of only the three older Jackson brothers, Jackie, Tito, and Jermaine, joined by two close family cousins. About a year later the two cousins were replaced with Marlon and Michael. At the youthful age of six, Michael out shined his older brothers with his astounding singing and dancing ability. Joe Jackson made the executive decision to push young Michael to the forefront as the lead singer of the Jackson 5.

How the Jackson Five Became Famous
Joe Jackson slowly managed the Jackson Five to its historic success through hard work and strict discipline, which was brought out later at as critical factor in tell all books and movies explaining the beginnings of the Jackson Five. The Jackson 5 first performed in a local night club, called Lucky's, in their hometown of Gary Indiana. After performing on the road at various talent shows and fairs, the Jackson 5 earned notoriety after winning an amateur night competition hosted by Harlem's Apollo Theater in 1967.

In 1968, the Jackson 5 outgrew their first record label, Steelworkers Label, a small Gary Indiana company. The family band signed with Motown Records and rocketed to the to the top of the charts with hits as I'll Be There and I Want You Back. At the height of their fame, the Jackson 5 debuted a new variety show on CBS Television called the Jacksons. Through this television endeavor the Jacksons are noted as the first African American family to host a variety show on network television.

Michael Jackson Family Today
As the children in talented Michael Jackson family grew older, they gradually rebelled from Joe Jackson's hard core influence to the point that they released him as their manager. Michael and Janet are the only solo acts to hit it big in the record business. Other family members wrote books about the family and starred on reality TV shows in England.

Michael experienced a string of legal battles over accusations for child molestation that ended in aquittals and pushed him to seek quiet refuge outside of the United States. Sadly on June 28, Michael Jackson passed away from cardiac arrest. The world still morns his death while awaiting more clarification on the cause of his death.

As for the baby sister, Janet Jackson, she experienced negative publicity after exposing her breast Super Bowel as part of a stunt with Justin Timberlake, but she continues to pump out more albums after years of success as a solo artist. As a family, they made a mark in our culture that will never diminish.

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