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The Michael Phelps Family
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michael phelps family
The Michael Phelps Family
Mother - Mother,Debbie, with sisters Hilary and Whitney
Facing off against Ryan Lochte in the US Olympic trials, Michael Phelps is swimming his way back to his fourth Olympic appearance in London. The Michael Phelps family, including his mother Debbie and sisters Whitney and Hilary Phelps, offers him the support he needs to become the most decorated medalist in the Olympics.

The Phelps kids get their drive for success from their mother Debbie and their athletic prowess from their father, Michael Fred Phelps. Who are the members of the Michael Phelps family that stand by this amazing Olympic swimmer? We learned that swimming is a sport shared and dominated by Michael Phelps older sisters too. The sky is the limit for the Michael Phelps family!

Michael Phelps Biography
Michael Fred Phelps (b. June. 30, 1985 [Baltimore, Maryland])
Parents : [father - Michael Phelps] and [mother - Debbie Phelps ]

Michael Phelps was born in Baltimore Maryland as the third child and only son to Debbie and Michael Phelps. After his older sisters found success in the pool, Michael began swimming at the age of seven. The beginning was rough as he feared putting his head under the water, but once he overcame his fear of the water, the big hand and footed kid started breaking swimming records.

At the age of 10, Michael Phelps set a national record for his age group. Then at the age of 15, Michael Phelps became the youngest male to make a US Olympic team in 68 years. Although Michael did not win any medals in his first Olympics, he continued to make the team and racked up 16 metals for his sport. In the London Olympics, Michael Phelps is expected to win enough medals to be labeled as the most decorated Olympic Athlete in US history.

Michael Phelps Family
Michael Phelps Mother : Debbie Phelps (b. ? [?])
Michael Phelps mother, Debbie Phelps, married her childrenís father after dating him in high school. She first found work as a middle school teacher, but eventually assumed the position as the high school principal. After years of marital problems, Debbie divorced her husband and took on the full responsibility of raising her three children. Debbie and her 2 daughters attend all of Michael Phelps swimming events to cheer him on to victory in the pool.

Michael Phelps Father : Michael Fred Phelps (b. ? )
Michael Fred Phelps passed on his athletic abilities to his three children, Hilary, Whitney, and Michael. During his high school and college years, he played football and almost earned a spot on the Washington Redskins. His profession is a state trooper. Sadly, he does not have much of a connection with his son, Michael.

Hilary Phelps (b. 1978)
Hilary began swimming when her brother, Michael was born. Hilary swam at the same Auquatic club and went on to swim for the University of Richmond. Hilary prides herself at being an Ironman Triathlete. She also started a lifestyle website and brand called Genuine Joy focused on spreading joy through exercise and cultural discussions. While her brother, Michael, tackles his fourth Olympics, Hilary will be blogging about his life and progress.

Whitney (nee Phelps) Flinkinger (b. April 15, 1980])
Whitney Phelps is Michaelís older sister who is a very accomplished swimmer too. Whitney became a finalist for the 1996 Butterfly in the 1996 Olympic trials. She set many swimming records at UNLV. Whitney married Bob Flickinger and is a mother to a daughter named, Taylor, and a son named, Connor.

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