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michele bachmann family
Michele Bachmann Family
Who are the members of the Michele Bachmann family tree that laid the foundation for this Iowa born princess to set her sights on the coveted Presidential Address on Pennsylvania Avenue. With a mother working as a bank teller and a father earning a paycheck as an engineer for Honeywell, Michele grew up in a modest middle class American home. Her mother, Jean Johnson promoted her daughter's education knowing that education was the key to success. After winning tea party favor, Michele Bauchman plans to win the republican primary and roll over President Obama for the ultimate American prize, being the first female President in United States history.
As the proud mother of 5 children with husband Marcus Bachmann (Lucas, Harrison, Elisa, Caroline, and Sophia), Michele Bachmann has deep family tree roots in Iowa with European ancestors emmigrating from Norway. Her 4th generation paternal grandparents, Melchior and Martha Munson sailed to Quebec Canada from Norway in the 1857. After moving from Quebec to Minnesota and the Munson family then settled in Dakota Territory. After some extremely harsh winters, the Munson family finally settled in Iowa where the Munson family lived for generations to come. Michelle Bachman was then born in April of 1956 in Waterloo, Iowa to Jean and David Amble.

Michele Bachmann Biography
Michele Marie Amble Bachmann (born. 4/6/1956)
The Michele Bachman biography began with her birth to David and Jean Amble in April 1956 as Michele Marie Amble. The only daughter in a family of four, the Amble family lived in a modest home in Iowa of which they earned rental income on the top floor. Eventually, Michele Bachman's father moved the family to Minnesota when he acquired a good job with Honeywell. The financial boost ended when her parents divorced leaving the mother to support Michele and her brothers in a $4800 yearly salary as a part-time bank teller.

At a very young age, Michele met and married her husband Marcus Bachmann. Together they raised 5 biological chidren and influenced the lives of 23 foster children. Marcus Bachmann makes a religious statement by opening two christian counselling clinics.

Michele Bachman studied Tax Law at William and Mary College eventually working as a tax attorney for the IRS. Michele's say it like it is, but with clarity, speaking skills earned her notoriety as a public speaker. Now as a congresswoman representing Minnesota, she is pushing her way to the top as a tea party hopeful.

Michele Bachmann Family Tree
Father - David John Amble Biography (born 1929 - )
When Michele was four, David Amber studyed for an engineering degree. After uprooting his family from Iowa to Minnesota to take a good job with Honeywell. Not long after, he divorced Michele's mother and moved to California, leaving his family behind.

Paternal Grandparents
Thomas Wilhelm Munson (born 1880)

Anna T. Munson (born 1903 in Kansas)
Michele's grandmother, Anna Munson, shared her republican views amongst a family of devout democrats. According to Michele Bachmann, her grandmother Munson was well versed in business in politics due to her subscription to the Wall Street Journal.

Mother - Arlene Jean Jonhson (Born 1932)
Michele Bachman's mother, Jean, was left to support her family on a meager bank teller salary from the First National Bank in Anoka, Minnesota when she and her husband divorced. She later remarried. Jean Johnson always believed that education was the answer for advancing from your circumstances. Michele soaked up her mother's ideas and sought to have it all as a mother and an educationed professional.

Maternal Grandparents

Oscar Casper Johnson (Born 9/30/1886)

Larua Overa Thompson (Born 11/7/1895)

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