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The Miley Cyrus Family

miley cyrus and family

The Cyrus Family
Miley Cyrus with her parents, Billy Ray Cyrus and Leticia Cyrus
and Miley Cyrus's 5 siblings (Trace, Noah, Brandi, Christopher Cody and Braison Cyrus)
  The Miley Cyrus family contains parents Leticia and Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley's five Miley Cyrus siblings : Trace, Brandi, Christopher Cody, Noah and Braison Cyrus. The Cyrus family began its rock star family life in Tennessee when Billy Ray exploded as a country star with his single, Akey Breaky Heart. Later the father-daughter team of Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus performed together on Disney's Hannah Montana . The Cyrus family will forever be America's one of famous families and loved by all. Even though the Hannah Montana series ended, Miley Cyrus still keeps her career alive as a family affair by touring the world singing and making movies with her mother, Leticia Cyrus, and grandmother, Loretta, by her side.

On the family front -- Sadly Miley's parents Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus are getting divorced. The world is learning what molly and twerking are through her new hit song. Instead of sitting on a wrecking ball or dancing with a foam finger, Miley now decided to sing next to a big screen digital cat. What will Miley do next?

Miley Cyrus Bio - Life Story Of Destiny Miley Cyrus
 November 23, 1992 in Franklin, Tennessee
Parents : William Ray Cyrus and Leticia Ann Finley

Miley Ray Cyrus, born in Franklin, Tennessee as Destiny Hope Cyrus, has lived a very eventful life for her young years, but remains grounded by a supportive family. Miley started out as a shortened version of the nickname, "Smiley", bestowed on her by her father because she was always such a cheerful little girl. In 2008, her name was legally changed to Miley Ray Cyrus. Her grandmother, Loretta Finley, still chooses to call her Destiny.

Miley Cyrus' Explosive Career :
Miley began her acting career with a few guest spots on her father's television Series Doc. Hitting the big screen, Miley, credited as Destiny Hope Cyrus, earned the role of "Young Ruthie" on Tim Burton's 2003 fantasy drama, Big Fish. Her career rocketed when her new television show, Hannah Montana, premiered with the highest rating in the Disney television history. Her famous character secretly splits herself between two identities, the pop music star named Hannah Montanna and the everyday kid known as Miley Stewart. Miley exploded on the tween music scene with her sold our concerts for the Hannah Montana : Best of Both Worlds Tour.

Miley Cyrus - Surrounded By A Supportive Family :
miley cyrus mother
The Finley Women
Miley, Leticia, and Loretta
  In an effort to keep family stability, the Cyrus family all moved from their 500 acre ranch, aptly named Singing Hills outside of Nashville, Tennessee to the Cyrus family's compound located in Los Angeles, California.
Miley Cyrus keeps her family close by forming a traveling enterage includes her mother as manager, uncle as bodyguard, and grandmother Loretta Finley and sisters Brandi and Noah for moral support. Maybe this focus on family will keep Miley safe from the perills that tainted the lives of child stars like Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears.

Billy Ray Cyrus Biography
Born : August 25, 1961 in Flatwoods, Kentucky
Parents : Ronald Ray Cyrus and Ruth Ann Atkins

Billie Ray Cyrus matured from being a carousing muscian to finally settle down as a positive father figure for his six children. His grandfather, Eldon Lindsey Cyrus, provided influenced Billy Ray with his 48 years as a pentecostal preacher after Billy Rays parents divorced when he was five years old. Billy Ray had the opportunity to follow three completely different life paths which included professional baseball player, a Pentecostal minister, or a charging after a music career. Billy Ray entered Georgetown University on a baseball scholarship. The musical calling won because Billy Ray dropped out of college to start his first band, "Sly Dog" with his older brother, Kevin Lynn Cyrus.

Chasing a musical dream :
While building his music career, Billy Ray met and married his first wife, Cindy Smith. The marriage lasted from 1986 until 1991. Cindy helped co-write with Billy Ray some of the songs on his hit album, Some Gave All. One of the songs, " " stemmed from when Cindy disposed of Billy Ray's belongings on the front stoop of their home after she had finally had enough of his late night carousing. As reported by Billy Ray in People magazine, Cindy could not deal with the pitfalls of climbing to the top which including many career setbacks and his infidelities while touring. Billy Ray believes that if Cindy could have endured another few years of his immature antics, they would have still been together today.

Becoming A Positive Father Figure :
Billy Ray hit it big in 1992 when his chart topping single, "Achy Breaky Heart". By that time he had spawned two children and met his future wife, Leticia Finley. Billy Ray accepted responsibility for his son Christopher Cody Cyrus whose mother is Kristen Luckey. After meeting Leticia Finley and sharing his next child, Destiny Hope Cyrus, with her, he started to want to settle down live a more quiet life on their Ranch in Nashville Tennessee. Billy Ray married Leticia during a quiet ceremony on their ranch on December 1993. Later, Billy Ray adopted Leticia's older children, Brandi and Trace. Then the couple added Braison Chance Noah Lindsey to their happy family.

Reentering The Spotlight :
Gradually, Billy Ray reentered the spotlight with some new roles, a new album and starting a charitable organization. He found a home as the star of short lived television series, Doc,. In 2005, Billy Ray Cyrus tried his acting chops in the theater with his role as Frank Butler in Annie Got Your Gun, showing in Toronto Canada. Today Billy Ray Cyrus uses his celebrity to promote his charitable organization, aptly named the Billy Ray Cyrus Foundation. Keeping it in the family, Billy Ray named his father, Ronald Cyrus, as a founding chairman for his foundation. Billy Ray has received multiple awards for his achievements raising money for Toys for Tots and the Red Cross Disaster Relief fund. Most notably, Cyrus raised money as a celebrity dancer on "Dancing with the Stars".

His Father - Ronald Ray Cyrus (July 10, 1935 - Feb. 28, 2006)
Ronald Cyrus was raised as the youngest of seven children raised in a family with deep Pentocostal beliefs.Ron Cyrus earned fame as a democratic politician and public servant in Green Up County, Kentucky. He began his public service with the United States Airforce serving in Japan. After ending his military service, Ronold Cyrus found employment as a rigger with the Armco Steel Ashland works, which lead him to serve as an executive secretary and treasurer of the famous labor union, AFL-CIO. From 1975 until 1996, Ronald Cyrus served eleven consecutive terms in the Kentucky House of Representatives. During his time as a Representative for the state of Kentucky, Ronald Cyrus had the honor of working as a Regional Representive for the head of the Federal Reserve Board, Alan Greenspan.

Ronald Cyrus married Billy Ray Cyrus's mother, Ruth Ann Atkins, in . Together they produced Billy Ray and his brother, Kevin Lynn Cyrus, born in November 16, 1959. The couple divorced when Billy Ray was five. Later Ronald Cyrus married Joan Marie (Douthat) Ward in July 17, 1970. The marital union produced a daughter, Angela Leigh Cyrus, born on January 19, 1972. Ronald Cyrus remained active in the Big woods Community Church until his death in 2006 to lung cancer. Miley Cyrus wrote the song, "I Miss You," as a tribute to her grandfather, whom she lovingly called "Paw Paw".

Miley Cyrus Siblings and Mother Tish
cyrus family
The Cyrus Family
  Celebrating their pastoral roots and cyrus surname, the entire Cyrus family enjoys spending time together and attend church every Sunday as a family. Most of the remaining Cyrus family siblings show promise as talented actors and muscians. For the most part, the images and stories presented about this amazing family appear to be very wholesome. The Cyrus family presents a breath of fresh air from constant negativity reported in the media about other celebrity families.
The Mom - Leticia "Tish" Ann Finley Cyrus - Born 1961
Leticia Cyrus grew up in Ashland, Kentucky. A bit of a rock and roll groupie, Leticia was attracted to muscians that led her to give life to Brandi in 1987 and then Trace, with Baxter Neal Helson, in 1989. Once she met and shared her first child with Billy Ray Cyrus, she settled down and he married and adopted her two older childern as her own. Today, she works as Miley Ray Cyrus's manager and tours around with her mother, Loretta Finley.

The Half Sister - Brandi Cyrus - Born 1987
Brandi serves as the eldest child in the Cyrus family. Her musical talents include playing the bass guitar.

The Half Brother - Trace Cyrus - Born 1989
Trace serves as the eldest son in the Cyrus family with a biological father named Baxter Neal Helson from Brentwood, Tennessee. He expresses his musical side as the singer/guitarist for a band called Metro Station.

The Half Brother - Christopher Cody - Born April 1992
Christopher Cody is the special gift from a short relationship Billy Ray Cyrus had with Kristen Luckey, a waitress, in during his touring days. Christopher Cody chooses not to shine in the spotlight on his famous family, so you will find very few pictures or stories published about him.

The Little Brother - Braison Chance - Born Summer 1994
Braison Cyrus takes after his father's love of sports by choosing to play basketball over any musical endeavors. He sometimes makes appearances at events with his sister Miley.

The Baby Sister - Noah Lindsey Cyrus - Born January 2000
As the youngest member of the Cyrus family, little Noah has already making her way into show business. She played a part in her father's video, . More recently, Noah guest starred on Hannah Montana.

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