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The Missy Franklin Family
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Missy Franklin family
The Missy Franklin Family
Melissa Franklin with her parents Dick and D.A. Franklin, MD
Olympic swimmer, Missy Franklin is America’s sweetheart inside and out of the pool. The Missy Franklin family has cheered her on to the Olympics and is sharing her with the world in London. Born in America to Canadian parents, Missy is the daughter of a former professional football player, Dick Franklin and an accomplished medical doctor.

Her mother introduced Missy to water during a Mommy and Me swimming class when she was only 6 months old. Her happy smiling baby now trains in the same Colorado gym as football player Tim Tebow and is setting records at the Olympics. Who are the members of the Missy Franklin family tree that provide the foundation for Missy to be such a successful swimmer?
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Missy Franklin Biography
Melissa Jeanette Franklin (b. May 10, 1995 [Pasadena, California])
Parents : [father - Richard Franklin] and [mother - D.A. Franklin, MD]

The Missy Franklin biography begins with her birth in Pascedena, California. Her parents immigrated to the United States from Canada before giving birth to Missy. Eventually Missy made her hometown, Centennial, Colorado. Missy has trained with Coach Todd Schmitz at the Colorado Stars Swim Club ever since she was seven years old. Missy’s parents remained determined to make swimming secondary, so Missy could enjoy a normal childhood. While other prodigy swimmers flock to swim states like Florida, Missy remains in Colorado. This recipe for producing world class swimmer paid off.

At the 2012 London Olympics, Missy earned the nickname, ”The Missile” while she smashed multiple world records with her explosive backstroke. Everyone is excited to see these teenage swimming phenomena will decorate her neck with many more gold medals.

Missy Franklin Family Tree
Missy Franklin Mother - D.A. (nee ?) Franklin
  (b. B. ? [Canada] )

D.A. Franklin is credited with starting her daughter’s swim career with a Mommy and Me swim class when Melissa Franklin was just 6 months old. The proud mom says that Missy went under the water and came up smiling when the other babies cried in fear. From that day, Missy’s family pool became her preferred playroom. Ironically, DA says she grew up afraid of the water.

DA Franklin is a medical doctor. She first worked as a family doctor, but now works as a consultant for the State of Colorado in relation to the developmentally disabled residents. She also juggles the management duties for her daughter’s swim schedule.

Missy Franklin Father - Richard "Dick" Franklin (b. ? [Ontario, Canada])
Born in Ontario Canada, Richard ”Dick” Franklin began his career as an All-American football player for Saint Mary’s University. In 1969, Dick hit the big time when he played for a Canadian Professional Football team called the Toronto Argonauts.

After a career ending injury, Dick resumed his education by earning his MBA and meeting his future wife, D.A. Franklin. Dick’s job with 7UP brought him and his wife to the United States, or Missy could be winning medals for Canada right now. Dick has worked as an executive for many notable organizations, such as Reebok and 7UP, but today is the director for a clean-technology company. f: ? (?)
m: ? (?)

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