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The Misty May Family
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Misty May family
The Misty May Family
Misty with her parents Butch and Barbara May
The Misty May family is full of Olympians whether it be for volleyball, tennis or even baseball. Misty’s part Hawaiian father, Butch May, was born in Hawaii, but his volleyball dreams lead him to the mainland where he eventually connected with Misty May’s mother, Barbara Grubb May, a tennis player turned volleyball player.

Misty May played her first beach volleyball match at the age of 8, partnering with her father in a Muscle Beach Tournament. She went on to be a powerhouse volleyball player in high school, college and then as a professional Olympian. The Misty May family tree glows with athletic talent and now their star family member is going for her third gold medal in the finals again April Ross and Jennifer Kessy in a USA vs. USA final at the 2012 London Olympics!
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Misty May Biography
Misty Erie May-Treanor (b. July 30, 1977 [Los Angeles, California])
Parents : [father - Butch May] and [mother - Barbara (nee Grubb) May

Born into a beach volleyball family legacy, Misty Erie May made her debut on the sand volleyball court playing in a Muscle Beach tournament with her dear old Dad, Butch May. The family practically lived in the sand at Muscle Beach since her parents owned Victorio’s Pizza Stand for 3 years. Misty went on to be an outside hitter for her school.

Also in high school, Misty May earned awards as a track and field high jumper holding her own with future professional athletes in the sport. During her college years, she played the position of setter and earned the accolade of Player of the Year. Hitting the professional ranks, Misty teamed up with Keri Walsh to win two gold medals for Beach Volleyball in Athens and Beijing. In 2004, Misty met and married her husband, Matt Treanor who plays catcher for a professional baseball team.

Misty May Family Tree
Misty May Mother - Barbara (nee Grubb) May
  (b. B. ? [California] )

Misty May describes her mother as her rock. She really lived her life how she wanted to live it. Her parents set her on a path of being a professional tennis player like other members of her family and marry well. Barbara fell in love with a beach bum that converted her to the playing the game of volleyball instead. She accompanied her sister, Betty Ann, to compete at Wimbledon in 1970. When she finished college, she eloped with her husband, Butch. The couple worked a pizza stand on Muscle Beach during the summer months and on weekends for three years. Barbara died of cancer in 2002 before she could see her daughter win her first gold medal at the Athens Summer Olympics in 2004.

Misty May Father - Robert "Butch" May Jr. (b. Nov. 7, 1941 [Hawaii])
Before Butch May became Misty May’s father he lead a very adventurous and impressive life in the world of volleyball. Born in Hawaii to parents Robert May Sr, and Mele May, Butch envied the prestige and skill of the local volleyball players at an early age. By the age of 16, Butch earned respect on the volleyball court and was directed to learn more about the game from exceptional coaches of the game. By the time he finished high school, Butch sold his surf boards and flew to California where his journey to become an Olympic champion began. In 1968, Butch May realized his dream by becoming a member of the US Mens Olympic Team.

Butch paid the bills by working in an MGM photo lab, but spent most of his time on Muscle Beach competing in mixed doubles tournaments and enjoying the star power the beach attracted. After marrying and divorcing his first wife, which he had his first son Brack, Butch met and married Misty May’s mother, Barbara. He converted her from a tennis player to a volleyball player. Her parents were not happy that their daughter changed her career plans to make a life with what they considered a

Paternal Grandparents :
f: Robert May Sr. (?)
      1/2 Hawaiian andWorked as an electrician for the US Navy in Hawaii
m: Mele May (?)
      1/4 Hawaiian and Worked as a medical clerk at the Tripler Army Medical Center

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