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The Mitt Romney Family
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mitt romney family
The Mitt Romney Family
Mitt Romney with wife, Ann Romney, and children and grandchildren
The Mitt Romney family tree shines in the spotlight as Mitt Romney accepts the Republican nomination for President of the United States at the Republican National Convention with Paul Ryan as his VP running mate. To really know what Mitt Romney can offer America, we must discover the branches of his family tree history or the people that shaped him and the family he shares with wife, Ann Lois Romney and his Romney children Taggart, Matthew, Joshua, Benjamin, Craig Romney.

Mitt Romney passed on his keen business sense to his 4 of his 5 sons who are all successful in real estate developing and managing corporate investments. He shares a career in politics with his father and both maternal and paternal grandfathers of which many ran and served public office in their times.
Other public figures in his family tree include an uncle, a former Chicago Bears quarterback from the 1920s, and his mother Lorena, an aspiring actress. To go even further into the Romney family history, the Romney name comes from a 4th century Patron Saint of England, St. George, who is also known as the Dragon Slayer. Overall, it is not surprising that Mitt Romney would carry himself well as a politician of presidential quality.

Mitt Romney Biography
Willard Mitt Romney (b. March 12, 1947 [Michigan])
Parents : [father - George W. Romney] and [mother - Lenore Romney]

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Mitt Romney was named after his Uncle Willard and his father's cousin and former Chicago Bears quarterback. While Mitt's ancestors struggled to support their polygamist life styles, his father performed well in business to raise his family as the CEO of American Automakers and the Governor of Michigan. Mitt attended one year of Stanford before traveling to France for Mormon missionary work, a legacy of his family members. Upon returning to the United States, Mitt acquired a degree in business and law through Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School. Unlike other presidents or presidential worthy candidates, Mitt Romney excelled in the world of education.

This excellence promoted him also to business excellence. For many years, Mitt Romney worked for the Boston Consulting Group (or BCG) as a management consultant helping fledgling companies improve their profitability in the marketplace. Driven to help the Mormon Community, Mitt Romney accepted the challenge to make adjustments to the business plans for the 2002 Winter Olympics held in Salt Lake City, Utah. The success of the games helped shed a positive light on the Mormon people living in the state of Utah.

Immediately after the Olympic success, Mitt Romney returned to Massachusetts to obtain the office of Govenor.During his short term in office, Romney Massachusetts Health Care Reform Law that he continues to explain during his tour of the United States. In 2008, Mitt lost the Republican nomination to John McCain. He hopes to beat out his new challenges during his 2012 battle for the Republican Nomination.

Ann Lois Romney Biography
Like Mitt, Ann Lois Davies grew up in an affluent family headed by her father, a self-made businessman born in Wales, England. Ann and Mitt met while attending the same elementary school located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Mitt and Ann were inseparable until Mitt graduated first, from high school, in 1965. Mitt followed the path set by his father, George Romney, which included separation from Ann while he served as a missionary in France. At the urge of her future father-in-law, Ann Romney chose to convert to the Church of Ladder Day Saints to fit into the mold chosen for Mitt's wife. Upon graduation from high school, Ann attended Brigham Young University, but eventually chose to attend a university in France to be closer to Mitt for one year. She returned home and tried to resume life without her true love and dated other men at Mitt's request. When Mitt finally finished his missionary work and returned to the United States, he reconnected with Anne and the two were married after a short courtship.

Anne spends her free time riding horses. As the First Lady of Massachusettes, Ann took part in various charitable activities while raising their 5 sons. In 1997, the Romney family were dealt the challenge of Anne's diagnosis of Multiple Scoliosis. The neurological disorder has not held the couple back. Now they push on with the wish to finally occupy the White House.

Mitt Romney Family Tree
Mitt Romney Children - 5 Sons
Mitt Romney and his wife Anne raise 5 very successful son.
  • Taggart Romney - Born in 1970, lives in Boston and shares 3 children with wife, Jennifer. Taggart Romney is the managing partner for Solamere Capital.
  • Matthew Romney - Born in 1971, lives in San Diego and shares 3 children with wife, Laurie. Matt Romney is the Senior Vice President of Capital Markets for Excel Trust, Inc.
  • Joshua Romney - Born in 1975, lives in Salt Lake City and shares 3 children with wife, Jen. Josh Romney is real estate developer.
  • Benjamin Romney - Born in 1978, lives in Boston and shares a dog with wife, Andelyne. Ben Romney is Doctor of Internal Medicine.
  • Craig Romney - Born in 1981, lives in San Diego and shares 2 children(Parker and Miles) with wife, Mary. Craig Romney is a Real Estate Developer newly relocated from New York City.

    Mitt Romney Father - George Wilcken Romney (b. July 8, 1907 [Mexico] – d. July 26, 1995 [Michigan])
    George Romney is one of many sons born to Gaskell Romney and Anna Amelia Pratt born on a Mormon colony in Chewhuahua, Mexico. His family and many other Mormon families moved to Mexico in hopes of practicing their faith without government intervention. They managed to spread the Mormon faith throughout Mexico and into South America. His family ran from their Mexican homes to the United States during the Mexican Revolution. During the Mexican Revolution, many of the Mormons including George Romney's family ran back to the United States. Eventually, Gaskell Romney sued the Mexican government and won $9,000 as retribution for losing his home and property in Mexico. This windfall helped George Romney earn and eduction and a financially successful life in Michigan. George Romney, raised the American Automakers Company out of financial ruin. George Romney proved his worth as a businessman when he became the CEO of American Motors and brought out of the brink of bankruptsy. His hard work and connections paid of when the people of Michigan elected him into the office of Governor during 1963 and 1969.

    Mitt Romney Paternal Grandparents :
    f: Gaskell Romney (9/22/1971 [UT] - 3/7/1955 [Utah])
          f: Miles Park Romney (8/18/1943 [IL] - 2/29/1928 [Mexico])
          m: Hannah Hood Hill (7/9/1942 [Ontario] - 12/29/1928 [Mexico])
    m: Anna Amelia Pratt (5/6/1876 [UT] - 2/4/1926 [Utah])
          f: Helaman Pratt (5/31/1846 [KS] - ?)
          m: Anna Johanna Dorothy Wilcken (7/25/1854 [Germany] - 6/22/1929 [Mexico])

    Mitt Romney Mother - Lenore Lafount (b. 11/9/1908 [Utah] - 7/7/1998 [Michigan])
    Lenore grew up in a very public Mormon family. She aspired to become an actress, but her future husband, George Romney swayed her into raising a family with him. She enjoyed the spotlight as the First Lady of Michigan.

    Mitt Robmney Maternal Grandparents :
    f: Harold Arundel LaFount (1/5/1880 [Warwick, England] - 10/21/1952 [Michigan])
    Appointed by Presdient Calvin Coollidge to serve on the Federal Radio Commission in Washington DC. At this time he moved his family from Utah to Washington DC
          f: Robert Arthur LaFount (3/9/1956 [Worcester, England] - d. 2/10/1940 [Utah])
          m: Emily Ethel Hewitt (1/19/1861 [Warwick, England] - d. 1956 [Utah])

    m: Alma Luella Robison (b. 8/19/1882 [Idaho] - d. 9/8/1938 [Utah])
          f: Charles Edward Robison (1845 [IL] - 1883 [UT])

          m: Rosetta Mary Berry (1843 [MI] - 1918 [UT])

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